11-06-12 Board Meeting Notes

WESU Board Meeting Agenda
-Ben looks like he spent a vacation in the south of France

-Door propage/vandalism
-need to alert staff (get across that we were vandalized because someone propped the door open, be on top of door openings, make sure you call PSafe at the end of the night)
-mailbox ripped open
-contacted D and B on Friday nights to see if they had guests; they both said they didn’t come through the front door
-the last DJs didn’t call PSafe when they were vacating the premises

-Record Fair Thanks Mickey!!!!!!! “I thought we were over that” -Mickey
-$885 total take for the Fall Record Fair (down about $100 due to Sandy)
-Silent auction wrap-up? $25 dollars from the station
-Lee would really like us to pick a Spring date so he can follow up with vendors and book them now.
Either Saturday April 13 or Saturday the 27th (Sunday of WesFest? Would be bad to have it during Zonker, MICKEY TALK TO LEE!)
-Need to get rec fair stuff in studio x straightened out. Perhaps consolidate? Donate classical to goodwill? Make it so someone can get out of the elevator if need be.

-MTVU update
-MTVU: Monday November 19th, 4:30 pm, whoever can come, come!

-take pictures of what’s going on at the station
-Virgil will start an account (after he cleans up the Facebook-by combining the page and the place)
-everyone will be able to contribute to this (send out password to staff VIRGIL)

-Our website
-add an events link
-MD could have their own blog
-add a right column with an events calendar
-list of other posts could be on the right
-Adam W. savvy with web skill/Dan N.

-Studio reservation board Can we refine this process?
– Suggestion to add a special color for recurring weekly reservations
– add a color – code/instructions next to board (Virgil’s doing it)
-designate a color for the weekly ones (black)-email board and let them know if you want us to reserve your space
-Virgil will email the staff with the final rules of the system
– Reminder to board members to make sure dates have been updated during board hours

Lecture series… GREAT JOB SO FAR!
-Any talk about his help for our pledge drives? Avery will email with him
-Could get Wait, Wait if we find a place in our lineup
-How many in audience?
-We should get lecture series videos on university archive/media itunes U (university content). Email Jen Carlstrom (Avery’s looking into it)
-videos from first two lectures on YouTube and the website
-Virgil will make FB event for Lynn tonight
-Ian Mackaye is into coming actually (Concert Committee is agreeing to pay $1,000 for it); Frank into working with us to do this

-there are differences between what’s on the test and what’s in the training guide (thanks Mickey!)
-Adam (Avery will talk to him): make an addendum to training guide with these answers
-testing takes place after Thanksgiving
-butt-ton of trainees

-WESU concerts series?
-can have anywhere open to the public!!!!!!!!!!!
-lots of places are free, Beckham is probably the most expensive (could be backup space for a concert in the CFA green)
-if have concerts in a space connected with residential halls, need to hire security staff
-Higgs, Mara, Sidewalk Dave in. Mr. Muthafukin eXquire-all three have replied saying he’s available (3-5,000), Foxygen (5,000-said come in April or potentially before their tour)
*start talking to the Concert Committee (Mickey can email about intentions, Jesse and Mickey will go to Concert Committee on Sunday)
-Mary email saying Concert Series taskforce after next week’s meeting (6:45)
-check out Red and Black open mic (check out if there are openers that are good, talk to Rob, tap into something that’s already set up and in the works)

-Code of conduct
-ask staff for feedback
-Mikey’s suggestions re testing

-CD – shelving project
-Have someone manage it (Avery will email staff to see if anyone wants to help with the carpentry aspect)-good service opportunity for trainees

-Music purchasing –
-Adam and Jesse-email staff for suggestions (Chazelle suggested more Jamaican music)
-use some of this money ($2K) for next year’s CMJ delegates?

-Middletown remix
-How can we get DJs to play Middletown remix sounds? In jive (want us to play our featured sounds of the week)? Maybe cut sandwiching shows before and after the Jive (DJs might have a hard time with this)? Weekly PSA?
-May 11 event? Can we broadcast sound track to flash mob (sound could be coming from boom boxes tuned into WESU-this was pitched over air already without our approval. Not cool. We can’t make that commitment today)?

-T-Shirt designs
-two t-shirt designs only (type club and sz)
-Avery will email staff saying submit design by next board meeting
-talk to the type club with critique

-Pledge drive is one month away! Time to get started pulling this together.
-Need to decide on premiums
-Need to get mailing ready to go out in advance
-Phone schedule (trainee svc hr opp)
-matching donors?
-Doug Berman? Customized Recorded pitches for WESU from him and Car Talk crew? Live would be amazing!
-pledge drive taskforce (VP and P-brunch!!!!-plus Virgil)
-Sponsoring of Atlas Sound (running a promo, make it open to the public, throw our name on it, work as a test run of what it’d be like to be promoting a show through the station without a lot of work on our part): Cool! Dylan is down (tickets $10 for non-students? We can’t run promos for a for-profit event unless we’re benefiting from it-10% could go to us, other options)-Dan’s on the bill!!!!!!!!!!