11-27-12 Board Meeting Notes

WESU Board of Directors Meeting 11-27-12


Updates/ Old Business

-Tech stuff: BM replaced CD#2 and fixed input and TTs in studio B. Charles fixed TT1 in Studio A.  Ben ordered a new PC per the budget.


-The audio archiving Server equipment is here. Charles hooked up audio feed. Need to coordinate network hookup with developer. Can use it as a pitching point for the pledge drive.

– AI or BS meet up with the guy?


-MB’s going abroad!!

-We need / VP for Spring… IDEAS? We should send an email hoping to get someone to be elected at meeting on Sunday. They could work with/learn from MB up through break.

-EP? ER?

-Does this season count a season on air? Up for debate. Could make an exception? Up to the board.

-Arts Council of Greater New Haven: is offering grants to host an arts event in Hartford. Perhaps we could submit a concert proposal. We have a large audience in Hartford, particularly within the Caribbean Community- more on this later.

-One grant for one event that they’ll pick? Need to check out the details.


-Middletown remix / to be incorporated as jive sound track… / will change weekly… (BM can do this-make a soundtrack for each week)

-Spinitron volunteers?

-CR is doing F and D!

-need strategies to do spinitron for automated shows (talk about at staff meeting); can offer this opportunity to trainees

-Pledge drive (Next Week AAACK!) (**WSHU Pledge drive will be stepping on our toes Dec 1-10!)

-BM working on letter – hope to get it printed and start folding tomorrow (trainees can come in and fold)

-BM working on finalizing premium offerings and donation levels for our donation form and online system.

-A QR code that takes people to the donation webpage

-VT: turn mailing into press release, this appeal letter can be modified into a press release. We need to get this to Middletown Eye, Middletown Patch, Wesleying, Argus, and Wesleyan Connection.

-AT has written a letter to alumni and it will go to 500+ alumni out sometime between now and next Monday

-phone schedule- needs to be created and coordinated MARY!!!!!

-Dougie B! on air! Sat Dec 8 during Car Talk!

-premiums (use “Heist: Who Stole the American Dream” as a premium-for $35); long sleeve, new t-shirt, hoodies ($75) – $88.1 gets you a t-shirt and a hoody- in the future, figure out from a bank who their contact is for community supports

-next time: make a list of what WESU does for the community; matching donations from banks or lawyers possibly (but really we should check out money from doctors/dentists/bars/liquor stores/Metro)

-Textile Graphic talk! We picked T-Shirt Number 4!!!!!, Shirt design, and Hoody design (design 1 wins!!!!!) and colors (black hoody with white lettering)

-T-Shirt colors will be Brown ink “natural” off white?


-Agenda for Sunday meeting:

next year board positions

Need a VP

Sunday staff meeting agenda

Pledge drive Phones / promos / helping with other shows/ resources/ online donor system


-Film screenings: Mike  wants to co-host political documentary series; screen “Heist” and Avery’s documentary that she knows about

-outdoor movie showing (against the CFA)


-Concert Series:

-Concert Committee was “decidedly chill and supportive,” Zammuto (of the Books) is probably going to happen, 60 percent chance of J from NMH (already sold out in Hartford, talk to Manic Productions-Feb. 7th/11th), SD and GH both coming for 200 dollars each, SK accepted for $1,500 but Concert Committee wants to offer $1,200 (dates? January/February-JB will ask for late February); B wants $1,200 and CC will only give us a $1,000 (so WESU needs to front $500 total-could take out of new music budget, could charge public entry, could use record fair money, CS (only available May 7th-the Tuesday before Spring Fling-we in?? sure.)


-Redesigning Website and moving everything over to wordpress (new.wesufm.org is the sample-check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


-Interview with Sidewalk Dave

-he offered to play a free show before the concert series at Jesse’s house possibly open to the board


-thanks adrien for showing up!