4-10-12 Board Meeting Notes

Avery volunteers to take notes.

BS, RS, and AD are not here.


SL is doing his thesis and he is crzy. He has been living in the board room and for the love of god he has made such a mess!


AW got a bunch of siiiiiick albums which he added. He’s going to put something on Wesleying about the record fair real soon. If you want to get something on Wesleying, send it to AW or Ben FItzelle.


JS sez CMJ works.  We have concerns over a certain trainee.


BM has done the facebook event, and the screens in usdan and weswings are displaying something about the record fair.


MC cleared 17 gigabytes on the computer! Wooo! Also made a promo with AT.  Wants to work on eventually replacing studio A computer. Also M.A. was having trouble uploading something in studio c, could  be MA, could be studio c computers fault.


MB made a poster- It’s SO BIG AND GREEN. She used gorilla clue and it got all over her hands. It looks a little like the record fair is on april 5th, but hopefully people will be smart and realize that date has already passed. She has a list of volunteers and she’s gonna organize that and send that out. She put in Ben as a DJ(!) she’ll confirm with food vendors, etc.


We all start watching a trainee through the security camera.


Back to meeting.


Lee was talking about preloading before the fair. Lee with volunteer his car.

WHERE is the WHEEL? The Spinny one! For the raffle.


MC and AT will look at Usdan tonight.


The training materials for the summer program will be easier to access.




DN made a lot of promos. SL helped. Actually flopsy helped. We should do one for earth day! We should do one for MC’s birthday.


Pledge drive. WHEN IS IT? We discussed this before but we all forgot. Beeeeen can you explain it? Basically, for a number of reasons, it is somehow April 15th! It’s a little daunting to do it right after the record fair. With this time we can try to send out a mailing list to past donors and get phone scheduling together. Still, this is a little late to start.


MC is concerned that he won’t be able to have access to studio b for training if we change it to April 21st.  Sam proposes that we change it back to April 21st.  Not a lot of enthusiasm behind him.

How did this whole thing come about? We don’t know.


Actions about M.O.

Ben has talked with her and with her boss. It upsets her but doesn’t change anything. Now Ben will keep an eye on her.

If anyone is interested, they Community Health Center is interested in people who can help out with tech stuff, and Ben wants to put together a list for them.


Still trying to figure out how this pledge drive malarkey came about. We still can’t. Maybe this decision was reached last semester?

We are searching our email inboxes. We got nothing.


Did Mickey ever get a key? No. It’s waiting for him at public Safety. Ben F got one.


Student activities fair table for Wesfest. 11-2 on Friday. Mickey and Dan can split it. Sam will be there anyway, setting up sound. Adam would do it but he’ll be in NYC, where he will probably be found by Josh.  Mickey will bring program guides.


Adam locks self out and it takes forever for his key to work.


We work out who will lead tours for Wesfest of the station on Thursday and Friday.


Record fair set up on Saturday, which Sam will help set up, but he will be out of commission for  Sunday, which is Zonker Harris day (he is the nephew of Zonker Harris)


Mary has 8 people to help with setup, including Mary and Lee. We need to recruit staffers and trainees to help on Saturday.


Mary and Ben can work it out on Thursday and solidify a volunteer base


Bryan walks in. He has a goatee now.


We should send out an email reminding people of the pledge drive.


Music purchasing blance- a few sub-MDs requested money and they are still waiting to hear how much they can spend. Tbere have been a few amazon orders, including the Smile box set, which was $200. Ben and Jesse have go to talk this over.


Tshirt colors. ALL IN FAVOR OF BLUE> wait no! Ben sez the designer prefers black. This changes some votes.


Oh we are confused because we voted twice. Sam exercises his power and decides BLUE. Then he takes it back and holds vote again.

4 for navy.  4 for black. AT abstains.

MB says that she thinks we should switch it up, since our shirt last year was black. Bryan casts vote in favor of puke green.



Avery votes black. Bryan votes blue.  Sam switches votes. Mickey switches votes. Bryan tells Avery to switch votes again.



Staff members want to be on links page. Ben Fitz should learn how to set up the wordpress pages for the staff.


Spinitron followups on the list that Mickey made to ensure people are filling stuff out.

Bryan suggests that we send out a nice, polite, staffwide reminder.

We need to let them know that they might loose their status if they do not comply with Spinitron. Ben will write personal appeals, with help from Sam.


We return to the dates of the pledge drive. Bryan’s thoughts? Bryan had moved it because of training and stuff, but he and Mickey can roll with any changes.  Soooo….VOTE to change the date of the pledge drive to April 23rd .

6 for

2 against

2 abstaining


Now the pledge drive is the end of this month.


Bryan will let people know about the changes right after this meeting.