9-11-12 Board Meeting Notes

9/11/12 WESU Board Meeting Notes


-Waiting for MC


-Vote on the Fall Program?

-Board Keys (Both Adams need one-send Ben an email with your name and Wesleyan ID number)

-Shelving plans (CC submitted a lengthy proposal for new shelving for our CDs, looked at places where we could just extend shelves using raw materials. Ben will forward this proposal to the board.)

-Digital vs. extending our CD collection? More on this later.

-Café Italia issues taken care of

-Club Fair this Friday!!!!!! (In front of Usdan. People from 1 until 5-fair is actually from 2 to 5)

-Ben will pull stuff (sign-up sheet, program guides, banner, play songs?, laptop with WESU website)

-MC: 1:30-3:30

-AT: 3:30 to 5:00

-AW contact Bryan about fall training. Also read the constitution.

-Winter drive dates: Monday, December 3rd-Monday December 10th OR Monday, November 5th-Monday, November 12th?

-How to get Radiolab on WESU-Let’s do it!

-How to deal with show absences? There’s a 24 hour notice in the constitution. Is that enough? What happens when no one responds?

-Who’s doing spinitron for automation?

-Making sure everyone has a canned show? Incentivize this.

-What happens when someone emails 2 hrs before show but it gets covered? Follow-up and let them know about our code of conduct.

-Do we need to have a policy around Spinitron?

-Committee to revise our Code of Conduct? Maybe involve the staff in this rather than just board members. A small group can achieve this (8 people). Arrange a time to discuss this:

-Meeting: next Tuesday after the meeting?

-Managing CDs? App for scanning CDs/UPC scanner that connects to a database. App called “Delicious Library.” MDs will explore this possibility.

-Archiving service

-WRTC has an application that will record everything we’re broadcasting, breaks it up into shows (controlled by a google calendar) and makes them accessible for download for an amount of time acceptable within FCC regulations. Downloading might develop our audience. Possibly can get this application for under/around $1,000.

-Music in Public Life Proposal

-Everyone take a look at it! Email Ben.

-They will need help recording/producing shows. Adrien wants in. Isabelle can also help (and possibly AI and MC?).

-Encourage live interviews rather than all pre-recorded shows.

-Middletown Remix

-BM can’t make their meetings but AT can! Last Monday of the month.

-Homelessness Marathon

-National radio event, we participated maybe 10-8 years ago. The goal is to raise awareness of issues around homelessness. A 7 hour broadcast on a Sunday (10am-5pm). It would require people on Sunday being willing to forfeit their shows.

-Do we want this? All-staff vote or board vote?

-email discuss about this

-Develop 12 Suggestions for WESU (Commandments? Something less religious?)?

-visual reminder for frequent mistakes and how to prevent them

-Timing on staff meetings (take the sign-in sheet away after a while?)

-MB email MC the Record Fair timeline

-IM, October 25th, part of our lecture series??

-Right now it’s set to be booked in Eclectic (not accessible to the public). What do we think?

-If we can make it public, is there interest?


-We have all the funding we need to stream this online! We can also record this and upload it.

-Didn’t get funding to feed him.  BUT still meet at 5:45 at It’s Only Natural.

-AT, AW, MC, and MB will go out to eat with him.

wescast.wesleyan.edu is supposedly the website page where we can stream the recording.

-Put up posters, Isabelle update Wesleying!!! Post this to our website?

-Other lectures in the series

-AT’s having problems wrangling everyone.

-We passed the Fall 2012 program

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