Board Meeting Notes 04-23-13

Live Show meeting feedback – talk to AW or AT if you know of anyone who you think should perform. There will be another meeting next week on Tues at 4.

Apparently someone has never signed the log for his show. Is he even doing it? Adam will look into this.

BREAKING NEWS: WE WON A PIZZA PARTY!!! May 7th. Thank you, Issy, for collecting our award.

Tabling for Usdan – We have enough volunteers, can store the stock in the WSA conference, and keep the money in mail boxes. Bring stickers to sell for a dollar.

Mailing is almost ready to go out, we have 5 or 6 more promos but we need more.
Every board member should make one. Contest for best promo. Issy will send out email. Remind people to talk about it on air. Communicate more with staff.

Some issues with email listserver.

Manic Productions – Pick 5 shows for ticket giveaways.

Advocate party! – Music Directors have cars! Meet up at 6 at the station, to be back at least by 9.

Commencement and Reunion Open House plan – VT will make sure we are on the event schedule, BM will find the contact. AT will talk to RD about Red & Black catering.

Scan all the posters/letters of intent for Election Projection! Someone should moderate it – AT. She will bring the quacker. VT will make a ballot. KC will send out an email about the scanning, say that they can send their poster directly, mention that tech director is open, and that everyone will have to make a minute speech. If you are running for multiple positions, multiple speeches.

Awards for people who have done exemplary service for the station, and for 5 year anniversaries. AT will contact Sam to ask where the information from last year is.


Still need to move the records to the Goodwill.  KC will email the people who need service hours seeing if any of them can drive the van/help load and figure out a day to do that. Fun opportunity to go to Goodwill!

J and A will be at COL dinner next week. Cap’n Cohen will take the helm.

Cardinal Printing traded us underwriting to print our letter, and they folded it and put in envelopes!

Grateful Dead talk – the poster is “groovy”.  April 30th. Mickey will make the promo tomorrow. Interview with John is all set up. Mad props to MC!!
Megapolis was super cool, highly recommended, future WESU kids should volunteer to get in for free. You get to meet cool people.