Board Meeting Notes — 11/1/16

WESU Board Meeting — 11/01/16

Parent’s Weekend:

  • Was awesome! We raised over $300. Great success, thank you Beth + Wyatt for all the organizing!
  • Should we make more permanent labels for the objects around the station? Zazie is on it

Pledge Drive:

  • Mailing all went out on Thursday night and we are starting to get more money coming in
  • Tabling in Usdan with shirts next week–Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Wyatt will make a spreadsheet for that (Beth will check out WesCard stuff too)
  • Do we want a newsletter every week to send out board emails and reduce the number we send out?

Staff Meeting:

  • This Sunday!
  • Bringing up pledge drive goals + harassment policy updates
  • We have a serious staff meeting attendance problem–should send out a staff email to people (Julia)


  • Things are going well–still looking for people for Tips & Tricks. Looks like Abby, Babe, and Bryan could help out
  • Sexual harassment policy went well at training, most people were pretty receptive to this
  • Written exam given November 13th–will draft some questions for that


  • Listserv is all updated now
  • Maybe people’s emails have started going to spam?
  • Spinitron calendar still isn’t looking quite right–but Babe says he went through and updated it all–he will check again
  • No update on the app

Website Update:

  • Someone in training is revamping the WESU website on Friday morning–avoid posts on Friday morning

Music New Releases:

  • Finding a list for exemptions
  • Checking on this could be a service hour activity
  • Announce this to the staff again

Radio Free America:

  • Potentially a free alternative to StreamRewind–looking into this


  • Wyatt and Ben G will work on this soon


  • In the midst of writing the press release–might hold off on writing it
  • Ben G and Abby will also write a follow-up email
  • Reaching out to different music groups on campus? Beth will think about reaching out to other groups for pledge drive
  • Press release for the fundraising dinner needed

Bryan/Fundraising Dinner:

  • Promo made by Lara
  • Not enough tickets sold yet–promotion through press release by Beth!
  • We could poster around Middletown–Beth can make this and take care of it
  • Bryan will reach out to the CFA about putting images up on the monitors
  • Ticket giveaways don’t seem to be getting much interest–bring this up at the staff meeting to see if there’s interest


  • Looking into music exemptions but it isn’t on the continuing shows thing–we can fix this for next semester’s application

Ben G:

  • Budget approved! More buttons!


  • It’s Helly’s birthday! Happy birthday!
  • More people are interested in helping out and joining
  • Blog has been updated yay!