Board Meetings 3/27/12

Good evening! These are the collaborative board minutes, courtesy of Adam I and Josh S. They were typed up between 5:03PM and 5:46PM, using Google Docs.


* Everyone is extremely excited about this meeting

* Jesse did nothing except CMJ
* Adam echoed Jesse
* Josh: quality control (making sure we kept gaps to a minimum); “pretty successful spring break overall”

* Mary put together a volunteer list for record fair
Avery: put together public file for pledge drive

* Mickey: went to Berkeley
* Dan most likely made promos
* AD could not be reached for comment
(staff meeting — put on the agenda)
* BR wants to have a links page for Facebook pages etc. — suggested using a wordpress page where people with different accounts could manage their pages — let’s tackle this at the staff meeting, gang

*5:07PM: Let it be known that Ben arrives
* Thanks to John Whalen, you can now see the current show on the homepage! (It even notes that Rob F is covering for Kevin right now

* DMCA compliance — have to put in information for automated shows. [If not, the ‘now playing’ banner will not correctly show the automated playlist.] Tips: go through automated playlist from the day before to see what there is to check and then log. This should be delegated to a board member each day of the week that that board member on duty.
Adrien will get an email out about what shows have been on…and let’s make sure to tap Ben for more direction

* Let’s hit the streets hard with flyers for the record fair. BF started a flyer but it needs more information — Dan put together a promo — Ben F and Mary putting together a Facebook event
* Mary will get her hands on an email list for the record fair
* Board minutes archive: CRISIS MODE – we NEED to get the archived minutes online, for the people.
* Wesfest: WESU willing to host open house/tours? Thurs Apr 12, 11am-2pm; Fri Apr 13, 2pm-4
* Mar 28 tomorrow: who will step up to 7:30 pm for Student Activities Fair meeting? Silence blows through the board room. Like a fucking jet engine. Jesse and Adam will talk to our/their favorite DJs. These men are heroes, much as firefighters.

* WesFest Tours
Friday the 13th Tour: Josh & Mickey (2-4, both of them, awesome job guys).
Thursday the 12th Tour: Mary (11-12:30); Dan (12:30-2)

* PM: wants to broadcast student projects from a recording class
SAM: can we count on you to field this gal? It sounds right in your wheelhouse.

* WESU social. J Cherry, God bless her, is the only one to have stepped up. She comprises the Planning Committee. Cook on Foss Hill? Ben Fitzelle has a grizzille. Dan has multiple grills. B.Y.O.G. — look into this option.

*There have been whispers, in the night, of some kind of awards show at the end of the season
Who is doing the awarding?
Rick: recognition, not ranking. Frame the event as an “everybody wins” thing?
Quantifiable awards could be good, too: “most service hours”/”beardest”, for example.
Cover girl award, as long as that doesn’t anger too many people (cf. gender binary, etc.)

TO MENTION AT STAFF MEETING: * April pledge drive promos needed! The pledge drive begins right after the record fair.

* Training. David Bauer asks if he needs materials. What do we tell David??? WE NEED YOU BRYAN, help us help David!

* 2012-13 Board: Recruiting staff for vacancies. Let’s consider prospective … holes. To be filled. In the board. Boardholes. (Carpentry skills a plus.)

* On the agenda for the staff meeting: record fair, pledge drive, (how to use) spinitron, staff social, board election, promos, t-shirt design

* T-Shirt designs ostensibly due April 1st. We will push it back


* MDs: remind people who have automated shows need to upload their playlists BEFORE their show.

* Cub Scouts coming through, lightening up the station
God bless America