Board Notes 10/1 (belated)


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75th Anniversary Taskforce today at 6:15!


college radio day (MB)  it’s today. Oh well, it’s always college radio day here at WESU! They wanted us to stream “mysterious artist” they only announced today

— never mind, didn’t happen, oh well: “who are they?”


Training (EKM)- Schedule? Email about Sunday? Wesleying post? Who is leading (did EKM email staff?)

— EKM needs help on Sundays and Thursdays, will email all staff

— HR is doing sundays, but still need helper teachers

— Perhaps earlier testing dates

— Check with EKM for the final details

— Ending with Tips n Trick on the 11/17th—following will be a written test

— Pope will make a Wesleying post


Promos (HB)– we still need them!

—  Promos have gone missing! BM will help find them

—  People are coming in

—  Board members should be doing it

—  Sunday meeting we will sternly/push for more promos—a directive!

—  Forward PSAs to HB

Budget  – update from (VT) (he met with SBC yesterday)

—  Money came in! Fully Funded!

Program – VT is working on program guide

—  Coming soon, will be sent out with

Disciplinary follow-ups (EKM) [[MK]]

—  Not really responding, we are looking for some feed back

—  What is her punishment? Suspension?

—  Removal from program?

—  What is her peace offering, coming here and saying sorry and doing service hours?

—  Eliza will go face-to-face

— JB just put on automation, see below for details on coverage

— no response

— but it is and isn’t just his problem

— CM will be looking if she does her task


Promotions (DP): Twitter action?

—Two responses so far


Fall Events? (Izzy) Hard Nips? Where when? FH opening?

—Hard Nips is coming!

— concert in the dining room of Eclectic is a possibility

— Faith Harding opening

— Community members?

— Talk to CL about this, Center for Community Partnerships

— MidWes?

— Mary) WESU coprogram for Earth House show with Earth House show Oct. 23

— Will look into this… Izzy will

— Story telling in the spring izzy rode


Record Fair? (Izzy)  Needs? Staffing – DJ schedule? ben m has scheduled a sound tech.

— Staffing is going well, filling spots this Sunday

— Wesleyan flyering happening soon

— Wesleying post happening soon

— SALD funding next week…


Homecoming/open house?

— No cupcakes, talking to Rob soon



— Waiting on confirmation of DW (3rd delegate), sending emails—no responses yet

— Email about badges, will be forwarded

CT Humanities: (Ben)

— Was invited over!

— Went well, reaching about ‘cause we’re neighbors

— Interest in the history of CT

— Involved:

— become underwriters to promote local happenings they produce

— perhaps create today in CT history type of content

— even  fund us getting access to some other programs not available in the area

— (writers almanac, for example).

— Gwrant Money! super awesome, they seem great

FCC license renewal process (BM)– in process BM can offer insight
— New licensure cycle, its a 7 year cycle
— our legal council is on it, but we have been running the announcements
— its pretty chill so far no snags

absence/automation policy – clear up in code for training manual

— HB will post staff list

— EKM has an updated list on google drive

— Really exchange contact with your show neighbors

— First move is to contact these people

— Emphasize this in training, that automation is not a replacement

— Emphasize recording evergreen shows, not great but it is a better last resort

— Maybe establish how many absences is okay, a threshold?

— With or without a sub

— OR With or without proper procedure

— Or a mandatory minimum attendance? 50 % 70% 90% 100%

— We will keep working on this.


@wesu emails / @gmail (NB) where are we at with this?

— working on it


Bumper CD/playlist? (Ben) New idea – to play between shows  as buffer and promotional tool – would help with promotions for rec fair, special events, underwriting announcements, etc…

— not a new idea in radio, but would really help us out

— transition playlist—but more formal!

— more orchestrated transistions

— help us promote better and make better transitions

— something to think about

—  really easy to make it a cd and a playlist for both use cases

— step towards automated shows between breaks

— increasing automation use


Note to staff on alternating schedule…(BM) Necessary??

Sunday staff meeting (MB)

        — any announcements people want to make?

— no BM, many family responsibilities