Board Meeting Notes — 5/2/17

WESU Board Meeting — 5/02/17


  • Pink on pink for the board? YES! Give list of sizes to ben M.

Summer programming:

  • Xandra is going to listen to some Pacifica episodes
  • Ben M. reports someone called about why the second hour of 1A isn’t played?
  • Rearranging some programming but all seems to be in shape!
  • Summer board? Included in email about staff meeting
  • Wesleyan classes who have been producing shows: one class is trying to create website w/ audio files — get those files on the WESU soundcloud account — we need to archive more on the soundcloud!

March for Education email:

  • They want a WESU representative at their meeting
  • Do they want a psa?
  • Response: happy to spread the word.


  • Pledge drive promos!!! Ya’ll gotta do em

MASH sept. 9th

  • Wants us to broadcast live? Not likely -> don’t want to interrupt regular shows
  • Would like to host a spot!
  • HN: work w/ WESU for sponsorship and promotion — mash is in collaboration with bookstore and thinks that WESU would be a great bridge because it is already involved with Wes and community → how to get students to be on campus but connect the community and campus with music
    • Dream would be livestreaming into the bookstore
    • WESU physically w/ bodies or tabling or record sales represented
      • Broadcasting via instagram in the bookstore
      • We can frame ways to promote the event — support of WESU comes from the CFA
      • WESU tabling w/ merch, records, banner


  • Wants to host a WESU benefit event at his banquet / fully catered and staffed space
  • Make sure there is a specific cause
  • Talking to alumni, university people


  • People need to sign up for practicals!

C email:

  • Abby will send out the email about 9/11 WUC tomorrow!

Meeting on Sunday:

  • Send out a reminder via email!
  • Elections — 2 min tops for speeches — Abby will time it
  • We will need ballots — Babe will bring them!
  • paul !!! the ice cream guy will be there!

Potential for WESU vintage t-shirt shop!!!

  • A lot of tshirt design options now
  • Opportunities to do custom stuff
  • They would maintain website and sales and would just send us checks — 50/50 above cost
  • Individual DJs could do shirts! So cool!
  • Ben M. will start planning and start up during the summer
  • There will need to be a launch — but not step on toes of pledge drive

Board Meeting Notes–4/25/17

WESU Board Meeting — 4/25/17

9/11 WUC:

  • Finalizing plan moving forward, hoping to reach a compromise and work together on this
  • Introducing the guests is a big problem for people on the board. People want the show to recognize its complicity in the guests’ more controversial opinions and thoughts. We definitely owe C an email asap!
  • Concern about promising a show spot to C and then not being able to grant it to her. Concerned about someone needing to add or not add that show at the given point in time. Solution to give C our concerns and invite her to do training. She can reapply once that’s over, and the show will be reviewed again hoping to see a demonstrated change in the show/an acknowledgement of concerns. 
  • Making it clear that it’s a new show application and we’d be treating it as such with a new show and making a conscious effort to treat this show fairly
  •  Determining this would be the job of the Program Director’s job and also Public Affairs Director, but would go to the board if there’s disagreement. Ultimately then would be up to next year’s board of directors.
  • Important to frame board’s thoughts as concerns rather than stipulations–avoiding a checklist of stuff for the show to do because we are not interested in controlling the show.
  • This should also lead to us creating long-term public affairs codes for the coming years. Important to look at long-term solutions to problems such as this.
  • Hadley and Ben G. working on a concern document and we’ll send it to the rest of the board before next week’s meeting
  • What will be the training timeline? Not looking for reintroduction into the summer program. Maybe better to have her train in the fall so that there can be a conversation about the show application if need be. And it would be beneficial for her to go through an official training in the fall with community members.

The Mash:

  • This event is happening in the fall, and HN wants to collaborate with WESU
  • He might also just want our name on the event.
  • The only thing is that we can’t stream from a business because it’s a commercial incentive.
  • Wyatt will invite him to next week’s meeting!

Staff Meeting:

  • Not this weekend but the following weekend.
  • We need people to run for the board!
  • The deadline for letters of intent is one week before the meeting.
  • Abby will send out an email to the staff letting people know about board meeting election. Send an email roundup!

Pledge Drive:

  • Pledge drive promos are in there says Lara!
  • Pledge drive promo contest happening now–they are due two weeks from today!

R&C Event:

  • People want to do a senior week event. Beth will send Ben M who wants to stay and what the event is. Beth will also get it registered!


  • There are tests on the board room table. 20 people did not show up to take the written exam! People will be coming to board hours. Put them in her mailbox when you’re done.


  • Father John Misty sent a station ID–wow!
  • Helly will forward to the board!

Board Meeting Notes — 4/4/17

WESU Board Meeting — 4/4/17

Public Affairs Director:

  • Welcome Xandra! Got her set up with a key to the board room. Thanks for stepping up! Her board hours will be on Friday.
  • But Wyatt doesn’t have a key yet 🙁 c’mon, Wyatt!
  • Beth’s mom made cookies for us. Wow, thanks Beth’s mom!


  • Reception is tomorrow, Wednesday, 4-6pm in the Zilkha Gallery! COME ON OUT! It will also be up all week.


  • Amy Goodman
    • Trying to book Usdan 108 for Amy Goodman but ran out of available event bookings for Wyatt–can someone else book it? It looks like it is already booked.
    • Right now we have Beckham booked! But we are worried that this might be too big.
    • What is Usdan 200? DFC? But it is lunch time at noon.
    • We could book two spaces and then decide which one to pick in a week when we see how many people might be coming.
    • Decision is to stick with Beckham
    • Ben G will respond to ET, and we have the bookstore as a backup
    • We need a press release and promo for this! The time is set for 12-1:30pm.
    • We will also need a Facebook page and poster for this.
    • Question of admission for Amy Goodman. What about a pay what you want sliding scale? That way we would not turn anyone away and we could use Ben G’s venmo for donations there.
    • We can pull out the donation box!
    • Who can make a poster for Laura Walker and Amy Goodman event? Wyatt will make a very simple one.
  • Change in time for Laura Walker
    • They want a change in time from 12:30-1:30pm. Wyatt has a room booked, it’s in Downey 113.
    • Do we have posters for this event? No, we don’t. Could be a lunchtime series poster with both Laura Walker and Amy Goodman on it? Wyatt is on it.
    • How many people can come? We are expecting it to be somewhat full, around 30 people.
    • Unfortunately it seems like community members cannot come. Email the staff telling them that they can come, though.
  • Record fair is coming up this Sunday!
    • Someone else just signed up with a car for setup/breakdown. We need one more person to do DJing with vinyl but otherwise we are basically set. Worst comes to worse, Wyatt can do the last DJ spot.
    • Abby will send out an email to tell people about the Laura Walker event and for the DJ set.
    • Will we be okay with load-in/load-out? We always need more help! But we have enough cars.
    • Logistical challenge: the road race on Sunday. We are in contact to figure out how this will affect us. As long as we can be done by 10:30, we are clear for load-in. At 11, they will shut down High Street until 1pm. Ben M will reach out to all vendors in advance. How will vendors get to us? CL’s advice is to advise people to park outside the Goldsmith Family Cinema, so we will need big signs to direct people. We want to make sure we can get people to the alternate parking lot. These details should go on our Facebook events and they should go out to all the vendors (Ben M will do that).
    • Beth, post on social media/FB event page with the DJ lineup!
    • Flyers? There are some full-sized flyers that Ben M made over break, and we need to get them out around campus. Wyatt can do that Thursday.
    • Beth and Helly will be there on Sunday!

Pledge Drive:

  • Finalizing merch designs. Need to get all of our premiums in order so that the mailings can get out.
  • Bumper sticker made by Wyatt. It’s super cool! How much will it cost? It has a lot of colors. Ben M will look into it too.
  • Colors for totes?
    • We are thinking about doing black on the normal canvas bag design.
    • What about an extra color? It doesn’t seem like it will cost any extra. We might just stick with the normal canvas bag design because it might be more popular.
    • Tote bag order needs to go in tonight and we’ll have it for the record fair.
  • Colors for shirts?
    • Design that Julia/EA made is done. And it’s SO good! Beautiful!
    • What about colors for this? We don’t need to make the decision tonight, but we are thinking white-on-black. Ben M will send out the original design and board members can mess around.
    • For the older shirt design, it would translate well to white-on-black. Or white-on-navy?
  • PR for the pledge drive needs to be sent out by Beth shortly!


  • One more week of classes, going well. About 30ish people are still in training, which is great.
  • Tips and tricks email will be sent out to the staff soon.
  • Hoping to have the practical exams relatively early this year.

Rosie Dawson:

  • It was great to have her at the staff meeting! That was a really exciting thing to have at the staff meeting.
  • She is still on campus and the work is being made for WESU. We are hoping to get one one-hour show or two one-hour shows that can be broadcast over the summer.
  • Another class is happening that Abby is in that needs a lot of radio support (Responding to Political Turmoil). Every week, they have a guest speaker or two (professors) and they talk about a moment of political turmoil. Every student in the class will interview one of the professors and Abby will help create a one-hour episode for each one.
    • There will be about 15 episodes for this and 2 episodes for Rosie Dawson, so we can try to fit that into the summer schedule

WESU Board Notes — 3/28/17

NOTES! live ! from board meeting!

  • Wyatt/Events:
    • Only 5 more spots to fill for record fair volunteer positions!!
    • Laura Walker: Currently just a student event, but trying to make it registered for community
    • WESU record fair facebook event: there are two events w/ different hosts → might as well just leave it as is, more visibility
    • Wyatt made an amazing new bumper sticker!
    • Amy Goodman event: Wyatt can help organize but can’t actually attend — April 24th
    • Record fair: We are making posters this weekend, and Lara will make different promos, Beth working on a press release
      • Lara made a new promo for the Record Fair
    • Can’t use the parking lot for WESU BBQ — but Ben M is working on it w/ Public safety — woohoo will be fun!
    • WesFest: April 14th 2:40-3:40 — on schedule, it will be an open house for prospective students
    • Rosie Dawson: producer with BBC — she is coming to the staff meeting!
  • Pledge drive!
    • Merch:
      • Shirt: new design is done! — Julia plans to bring the design during her board hours on thursday
      • Recycled design: the orange one from two years ago but it will not be orange — how about white and brown?
      • Middletown Youth Radio Project shirt? — trying to get the kids to design it or might recycle a shirt design. But will hopefully have soon!
      • Tote bag! Do we have money for it? We want to use the blue shirt design for the tote bag — need to get it soon so we are going to talk to Ben M
    • Promos:
      • No promo competition for pledge drive right now, sadly–but people make promos!
  • Hadley / Program
    • Two people have dropped their show! Bring this up at the staff meeting
  • Babe / TECH
    • Calendar set through the end of April–great job!
  • Message from David Bauer about WESU by-laws
    • Address the concerns at the next staff meeting — we are always open for discussion — invite people to board meetings again — people should voice their opinions! We are an elected board and people can come to any of our board meetings, board hours, see our board notes, … etc
  • Discussion of potential meeting with CL — frustration w/ board dynamic–how can we solve this?
  • We have a lot of events to bring up and discuss at the staff meeting–Amy Goodman! Laura Walker! Record fair! WesFest open house!
  • 9/11 WUC
    • Ben M : need to work on mapping a compromise
    • We also don’t want to babysit/constantly monitor the show
  • We still need a community liaison — mention at staff meeting

Board Meeting Notes — 3/7/17

WESU Board Meeting — 3/7/17

Meeting with CC of 9/11 Wake Up Call (These notes are more of a play-by-play than a summary since it was a very long discussion):

    • We are in a new meeting space outside Ben M’s office because we have many guests this meeting. Three DJs and Rick are also here. Thank you everyone for coming!
    • CC would like to hear about the evidence and justification for not airing 9/11 Wake-Up Call. Response that over the past year or two, people have been listening to the show and found guests or people whose clips that have played on the show that we don’t find credible and we don’t want to provide a platform for those voices. We don’t think those opinions or voices have been investigated. Specific concerns are guests who espouse beliefs that the Holocaust or Sandy Hook did not happen.
    • CC says that she never had a guest on the show who doesn’t believe the Holocaust or Sandy Hook happened. Abby points to James Fetzer as an example, but CC says that she never mentioned his websites or promoted him in other way. Abby also points to Christopher Bollyn, who has never been on the show but whose work has been promoted on the show. She notes that Bollyn has talked about the “Jewish-controlled media” and that he has written for a publication noted by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a “hate group,” but CC challenges that the SPLC may not be credible.
    • CC is concerned about guilt by association, but the board is concerned that guests on the show are promoted as credible but are not credible. Abby says that we don’t believe WESU should be a place promoting such voices unchallenged. CC does not understand or agree with those concerns.
    • H, a DJ, says that she is questioning how this investigation into the 9/11 Wake-Up Call show started. Is it one person who heard one show? She is also concerned about guilt by association. H has guests on all the time about mental health and is concerned about having to account for everyone’s views. Where are the guidelines?
    • Adam wants to draw a distinction between all of the things, saying that CC did not preface the speech by Fetzer by acknowledging his questionable views about Sandy Hook or the Holocaust. CC agrees that she doesn’t do that with any of her guests, but Adam argues that the context of the guests is very important and has been ignored on the show, not only in Fetzer’s case but in many others as well. He compares the incident to recent events at Middlebury College and how context about the guest in that incident was provided. CC says she would be open to providing more context and recognizing other harmful and dangerous things they have said in the past.
    • Ben M saying that Adam’s concern is understandable, but he thinks that everyone is going to react however they are going to react. The proper response is to bring attention to the host in order to find a compromise. He wants to take into account the board’s, listeners’, and the producer’s concerns.
    • Adam says we can agree that the process was flawed but that we should focus on what we can do in this moment, which is why we are meeting with CC in the first place.
    • Abby thinks that we disagree on individual claims, but we are arguing guilt by association because we are saying that the guests are not credible and espousing hateful views. The board is concerned about the presentation of guests, which is CC’s responsibility on her show. Ben M explains the board’s concerns, saying that there are guests promoted by the show that the board is not comfortable with the station promoting without question or scrutiny. CC disagrees, saying that Fetzer is a credible guest since he is a professor and she has not found anything to fault on what he said on her show.
    • Lara says additionally that we have limited spots for syndicated programming so we wanted to fill those spots with shows that we feel proud of and don’t have concerns with.
    • Ben M saying that the evidence is not representative of the entire spectrum of the show and that the show has been widely supported by listeners. He suggests a disclaimer for the show.
    • Adam is worried that he doesn’t feel as if the show is adhering to the mission statement, and Lara adds that the political climate of what “marginalized perspectives” means has changed in the nation. Lara says that we feel like the guests being legitimized on this program are doing harm to marginalized communities in this country, not necessarily on the show but in general. She says that if she tuned in and heard Alex Jones without any questioning of his beliefs, she wouldn’t tune into the station again. Adam also says that 9/11 truthers should not be thought of as marginalized voices because they are not systematically oppressed by the state, denied housing, denied jobs, etc. It’s hard to equate two different marginalized perspectives in that 9/11 truthers is not an identity being discriminated against.
    • L, a DJ, observes that the show has been on for seven years but it is still a syndicated show, which reflects a larger issue that it hasn’t become a WESU show. He believes despite having fundamental disagreements about the content that the station has an obligation to do right by the show because of the length of time it has been on air. has an observation about the syndication part. Another DJ, M, agrees, saying that CC has expressed willingness to tweak her approach which shows good faith.
    • In order to reach a compromise, Adam says that we need to understand each other’s rationale.
    • Responding to L’s concerns, Zazie Zazie says that for our schedule first we put in the programs that we do in-house and everyone goes through a show application process and we review them all. A syndicated show has no review process, and we just change it every year depending on what fits best for that. There is no mechanism for reviewing it. The other changes made this year were done without any review. That’s how this programming decision happened because there isn’t a review mechanism for syndicated programming. She says that ethical concerns are always a factor in programming decisions, including the decision to reduce NPR programming.
    • Abby says that we are not banning CC from being a staff member or having a show and therefore that we could review the show in the future. CC would even be willing to never air these guests or programs again.
    • H reads the mission statement, which says that WESU airs material generally absent from the airwaves and provides opportunity for social and political engagement. She says that this show fits in with that. As a community member and producer and host, H feels very left out and very confused. What are the criteria for filling or not filling the other syndicated slots? She is concerned about board turn-around every year and wondering about how we are going to think about things that will change from year to year because the students change. It leaves some DJs in a state of confusion as to what is going on and what we can refer to for help. Abby agrees, saying we should talk more about board continuity.
    • CC states again that she doesn’t think the guests she has on are uncredible. Wyatt brings up the idea that people who espouse anti-semitic or xenophobic views might be uncredible. We get to a point where we might simply disagree on these issues.
    • Beth is saying that this conversation has been happening for six weeks, so her suggestion is to look towards the future but the problem cannot be solved in one meeting based on its past. She expresses disappointment in communication, but wants to move forward with more clear discussion.
    • Ben M is saying that the board’s concern is if CC is having people on the show who are known as anti-semites, it is necessary to acknowledge those things during the show. It’s about asking those guests the hard questions. Ben M’s suggestions are to create a disclaimer (which we should be doing for all public affairs shows), to offer varying viewpoints, and to say if you take issue with anything you hear please let us know if you find it inappropriate. CC expresses that she is open to these ideas. Ben M also suggests that she go through the training program to create standards for her and her show and a process for review through show applications. If we are a community station, our biggest standard should be to respect each other and have an open communication.
    • Ben G says that he is open to Ben M’s suggestions but we still need to figure out what those ideas and changes would be to properly address the board’s concerns because, at the moment, CC is willing to compromise but does not understand or agree with why the board is concerned. Beth agrees, saying that the conversation can’t be over after all of these weeks of debate.


  • A proposed solution during the meeting: sending CC our concerns and outlines of what we would like to see, CC responding to those concerns in a detailed and concrete manner, and having her go through station training and a show application process to see if our issues have been addressed.
  • Zazie addresses other concerns that CC has said that the board’s decisions are influenced by outside sources in emails. The board says that there is no one influencing them, and that these allegations have been off-putting and threatening. CC apologizes after L also insists that this is not the case.


  • Ben M is asking for any last perspectives to hear from before we wrap. We are not at a place where we can make a plan moving forward. The board needs to regroup and where we are with this moving forward but this lays out a path. This may take awhile since students are on spring break the next two weeks.
  • Ben M says it is a natural thing to have a problem like this. It is important that we have a public affairs guideline to prevent situations like this. The guidelines should in the long run prevent situations like this.

CS Production Help:

  • Will anyone be here over the summer? CS wants someone to help her with production stuff, but no one in the room knows of anything. She should email the staff, but we will keep looking.

Board Note Discussion:

  • Board notes kept as a resource and abbreviations for privacy, but they are open for anyone who asks. We need to make sure they are up to date and very clear and specific but the abbreviations need to stay in there for confidentiality.


  • WesFest is coming up and Beth booked it! It is April 14th and she applied for an Open House like we did during Parent’s Weekend. It would be 1-2 hours. This is a Friday.
  • Beth also says that staff members joining the discussion today was great and we should do that more. It would be great to have a united staff of WESU so that we can all be on a similar page.

Record Fair:

  • We need to get a Record Fair FB page out there before spring break hopefully. Wyatt will do that before spring break and Lara will get a promo out there.
  • Vendor with a disability wants to use the first floor since he can’t use elevators, but we will make space for him on the floor and move some of the tables upstairs. Wyatt will forward the info to Ben M.


  • Room for Laura Walker is in Downey with a capacity of 50 people. It’s lecture style but still small enough to be cozy. It is April 7th, Wyatt just asked if it would be okay to open up the conversation to community members.
  • Wesleyan events staff said that the parking lot for a block party is no-go because of safety concerns, but Wyatt and Ben M want to talk to CL about it. The other idea would be Andrus, but we want it to be a community engagement thing instead of just geared to students. So we should talk to CL about this.

Spring Break:

  • If stuff happens over break, Helly and Ben G will be here for the second week.


  • Spring break programming looking good – still a number of open spots.

StreamRewind Issues:

  • Ben M didn’t have a problem making an account yesterday, but new members are telling Babe that they are having trouble making an account.
  • It might be a glitch since it is working now. Seems like it could be working now.
  • Babe says that the calendar is good through the end of April now.

Studio B Desktop Files:

  • Where did all of these files go? All the desktop files are gone, which has hurt some staff member’s files.
  • It must have happened between last Saturday and now. Ben M will alert staff that we shouldn’t save stuff on the desktop or delete people’s work.

Bumper Stickers/T-Shirts:

  • The sooner the better for these things, especially since we are getting back from break so late.
  • Wyatt will get the bumper sticker to us very soon.
  • The mailing is going out over break, so we will need these designs very soon. Starting on-air pitching right when we get back.
  • Julia says that the shirt is almost done, but that we should have it done by the weekend. She will send what we have to Ben M right now.
  • We are also thinking about a tote bag with last year’s T-shirt design.
  • Do we want a normal/classic one? Yes, we could throw that together very easily. We will look at the normal/classic ones in an email and decide then.

Board Meeting Notes — 2/28/17

WESU Board Meeting — 2/28/17

Sexual Harassment Policy:

  • Zazie finalized the policy and added a link to Wesleyan’s One policy. Everyone is fine with the it. Will update as an appendix to the sexual harassment policy.
  • Zazie will go over it at the staff meeting and then send out the policy afterwards.
  • The policy has already been added to the training test. Will be added to the application stating that staff members have read the policy.
  • DC will be at the staff meeting to go over this.

Staff Meeting Agenda:

  • Send out an email making it a point for people to come out to this meeting (Abby will do this).
  • Update on: spring break programming, sexual harassment policy, public affairs guideline, WUC discussion/concerns, events (record fair, LW event), and training.


  • LW is coming to Wesleyan on April 7th, so she will do a talk at 5pm on that day. We are still looking for a space for the talk, perhaps a Wyllys classroom?
  • Wyatt will make a Facebook event pretty soon–the event will be open the public!
  • Will look into food a little bit, says Wyatt.

Spring Break Programming:

  • It’s early, but it’s here! The sign up sheets and the email will be up and ready this Thursday so people can figure out the schedule for spring break.
  • Also, tell people to start thinking about if you want to run for board and if you want someone to take over your show!


  • Julia says it is going well, about 35 people so far. Things are good!

Public Affairs Guideline:

  • Bryan will share it with the entire board.
  • We will read the mission statement of the public affairs programming at the meeting. And then we can share that we are writing guidelines in support of that mission statement right now. Remember to stress that the code is not to cut anyone down but rather to support our programming.

WUC Program:

  • Almost completed doc with evidence. Abby will complete.
  • Still some concerns expressed with the premise of the document since many statements were not made on WESU just by guests who were featured on WESU. Other concerns being that the examples pointed out are not the majority of the show’s content.
  • Counterargument is that the station is still serving as a platform for those views and is legitimizing the guests’ expertise, which people find problematic for the station. The board’s decision does not attempt to vilify the show or the host but rather that it does not meet the mission statement of WESU by providing platforms to these views.
  • People have reached out to the board with complaints, and the board appreciates that and is listening to those arguments. There is still agreement that the board can recognize and appreciate these opinions but do not necessarily need to agree with them, although they do warrant further discussion.
  • Feeling among many that the show is not in the best interest of those who are affected by anti-semitism or who have loved ones in Sandy Hook or the Ukrainian occupation who could be hurt by providing a platform to that rhetoric. Some of the anti-semitic rhetoric is part of a very long and dark history that shouldn’t be ignored.
  • Decision though to honor C’s request for a meeting, hearing her perspective and helping to clear the air. Important too that the board is not at all talking about banning her from the station or telling her that she cannot go through training to become a staff member, too.
  • People also deciding it would be important to bring up at the staff meeting because some DJs may have concerns about the decision. Will leave about 15 minutes at the end of the meeting for discussion. We want to encourage people to let us know their thoughts/concerns, and to encourage people to come to our board hours to talk it over more too.

PSA Updates:

  • Bryan reached out to St. Phillip’s house, and a PSA is up now.
  • Lots of new promos are up, too! Lara is still waiting for the rest of board members to make a promo for their show.

Tech Update:

  • Babe wants to discuss Streamrewind because the CAPTCHA is blocking people from making accounts, and the organization didn’t respond when Babe first reached out.
  • Reminder to Babe to fix the Streamrewind calendar for March. Adam will reach out to him.
  • Babe is on it. Will do it within the next 24 hours.

Board Meeting Notes — 2/21/17

WESU Board Meeting — 2/21/17


  • Lara is telling everyone to make a promo! We need one now.
  • At the next staff meeting, Lara will point at everyone who doesn’t have a promo and it will be embarrassing so do it before then.

Quick Sexual Harassment Training Update:

  • DC replied to Zazie and will work on a schedule that she will send over sometime later this week. If we don’t hear from her by the end of the week, we will email again, but she said she can come on March 5th and do a 15-20 minute session.
  • Will finalize sexual harassment policy next week.

Public Affairs Standards:

  • Bryan drafted a public affairs code and we will discuss it next week. Will check with Bryan to see if we can share it with everyone, to get rest of the board’s thoughts in.
  • At the meeting, we want to be able to talk about it and say that we are working on it, but not to rush it and have anything finalized. We should maybe present the document as something working and so that we can get their input. Emphasize that it’s not new rules to follow just a clarification of community standards.
  • We could present it as a working draft and invite whoever wants to from a community standards meeting.

Press Release:

  • Spring press release is sent out! Thanks, Beth.

Stranger Danger:

  • Talking about an uncomfortable encounter at the station last week, and we should send an email out to the staff reminding people about being careful during late-night shows.
  • Make sure you walk with a buddy, get a ride if you can, be attentive of the DJs before and after you, never let anyone in the station who shouldn’t be there. We should also have a sign on the door saying “stranger danger” so that people know that people not associated with the station should not come bother late-night DJs.
  • Abby will write the email and send that out.
  • Ben G will put a sign up Thursday.

Training Updates:

  • Training is starting very soon. Interest meeting happened on Sunday and we currently have 38 names on the list. Training will be Sunday at 2pm and Monday at 7pm. If anyone else is interested, please email
  • Julia went to the Student Activities Fair but no one was there.
  • Training is starting this Sunday, 2/26.


  • We have a program guide printed and it’s out so early. This is great. Hadley’s a star.


  • We have a ouija board design to start with by EA for T-Shirt. We don’t want to write ouija right on it for copyright purposes. Need to still draw the rest of the border of the ouija board. Could include Connecticut at the bottom of the board.
  • Wyatt designed a bumper sticker and it could be black/white, but we could do two-color designs. Still needs some work. For the first one, we need to make WESU text bigger. We could print one or both, depending on pricing.
  • Are there deadlines for printing these? No hard deadline (other than the pledge drive) but usually we can get T-Shirts within a week and bumper stickers within two weeks. We should aim to get those things done in the next two weeks before spring break starts.
  • Kids from MYRP are going to come and do drawings to main a T-shirt. MYRP is also thinking of doing a bring your parents to the radio event (and could get funding from us, or a donation, or SALD).

Programming Discussion:

  • Thank you to everyone for collecting things on the Google Doc–a few people still need to add a few things.
  • Ben M expressing that it’s unfortunate that there has been a disconnect. We all want to be on the same page with this, and he is excited to see the document/evidence we’ve provided. Just trying to make sure that everyone is being treated fairly, seeing from multiple different perspectives. Striving for better communication, and everyone’s concerns are out of concerns for the station and the communities we serve.
  • Very difficult situation. A goal is to aim to be aspirational and productive rather than closing the doors. Hoping that problems with shows are focused on content not subject-matter.
  • Adam saying we want to always be on the same page with the entire board moving forward.
  • Beth also brings up that we want to focus on transparency with the board and how we are demonstrating to staff and listeners that we are making informed decisions. Making the board accessible to people on various issues that we are making decisions about.
  • WESU is and has always been about transparency.
  • Important to always be able to justify decisions made by the board. Lack of transparency, though, was unintentional and that is important to note.
  • This will come up at the next staff meeting and we should discuss how to organize those conversations. Frame the conversation around public affairs guidelines.
  • Email follow-up to C, draft by Zazie.

Events Update:

  • Wyatt emailed LW as a speaker and waiting to hear back from her. Will then follow-up with the Career Center.
  • Let’s come up with a date for the block party BBQ. April 23rd is the date we’ve chosen.
    • Dunk a board member!
    • Beth is interested in collaborating.
    • Ben M will look into the grilling.
    • The city of Middletown has the ShowMobile. We could ask them about that.
    • The idea is that this will be open to the public.
    • We should get music. Could Bossy play?
    • How could we do this to capitalize with the pledge drive? Food vendors!
    • Wyatt will ask Wesleyan Events about the parking lot.
  • Record Fair date has been set for April 9th.

Staff List:

  • Accidental promotion of shows through staff list. Will mention it at the staff meeting just as a small reminder.

Studio Reservation Limits:

  • The limit for studio reservation is 3 hours so remind people to not book it for any longer. You are feel free to stick around for longer if no one is there but do not book it for longer.

Pledge Drive:

  • Do we need to make a starting time for pledge drive? Maybe think about starting around when we get back from spring break in April.

PSA Project:

  • Ben G met with CPE and they are very excited about making PSAs. They will write a script, as with Ben G, and they want to come down and record those.
  • Most PSAs should end with “This message is brought to you by…” with mentions of WESU and the name of the organization.
  • Abby is talking to Active Minds, they are very excited, and are meeting on Sunday.
  • Beth wants to do something with the phone bank that includes senator’s numbers.
  • Adam wants to come down and record PSAs about town hall locations.
  • New PSA about climate change.

WESU Board Meeting Notes — 2/14/17

WESU Board Meeting — 2/14/17

Sexual Harassment Training:

  • Still shooting to have a sexual harassment training on March 5th. Last time we checked with DC, that was still fine but we should reach out to her again and make sure, as well as to meet with DC again to go over final code of conduct/policy changes. Zazie will email.
  • How much time do we want her to take up in the meeting? Preferably around 15 minutes is the consensus.
  • We will email the staff in advance of the meeting letting them know that this will be happening and to strongly urge people to come in order to get the best possible attendance. We will also send out the changes to the code of conduct a week prior to the meeting.
  • Suggestion proposed to have a box on the application for next season’s shows that ask if you have read and agree to the new sexual harassment policy.
  • Next week we will read the policy again, go over it/make final edits, and get final board approval.


  • The interest meeting will be on Sunday, 2/119 at 4pm in PAC001.
  • Julia just submitted a Wesleying post, will be making a FB event tonight or tomorrow, and will also make posters and flyer this week.
  • If any board members want to come to the interest meeting, let Julia know! Lara says she will attend.
  • Julia will also send out a staff email telling the staff to alert anyone who is interested in going or emailing Julia to get the details.

Public Relations:

  • Beth wrote a press release for the spring programming and will be sent out this week.


  • Wyatt is trying to get President of New York Public Radio to give a talk but it would cost a lot of money. He is not sure how much money. He will continue correspondance with her and determine how much it would cost before making a next step, but this would be a really great event.
  • After that, Wyatt will reach out to the SBC for potential funding if it seems reasonable.
  • Potential idea: reach out to Career Center to see if they would be interested in co-sponsoring this event, could be a great way to get funding. Other idea for future speakers: reach out to WESU alums who work at WNYC? Wyatt will look into these, but focus on this talk first.
  • Zazie is interested in helping out with this event.

Pledge Drive Ideas:

  • Still aiming to have a block party this semester, run by Wyatt. Shooting for the end of April as a good goal so it will be warmer. Will establish a specific date at the next meeting.
  • Questions to consider: Who owns the parking lot/who would we need approval from? Probably Wesleyan.
  • Need to be in touch with RD sooner rather than later on this matter for event collaboration.
  • Stuff from last semester: R&B/WesWings brunch, staff promo competition, streaming audio could be a pledge drive pitch, pledge drive concert (could be the same as the block party)
    • Will be discussed fully next meeting.

PSA Project:

  • Climate Ambassadors sent a PSA to Lara to put out over the air–thanks Abby!
  • Julia sent guidelines to WRP and we are waiting to hear what they have made. We should hear back from them soon.
  • Ben G is meeting with CPE staff next Tuesday to brainstorm.
  • Abby will reach out to Active Minds now that she has gotten a PSA from Climate Ambassadors.
  • Should we create a specific folder for these PSAs?


  • Lara urging people: please make promos if they have a show. There are many people in the boardroom who have shows but don’t have a promo for it yet. Fix that this week! It’s so easy!

Programming Discussion:


  • Rick expresses concern that recent programming decisions were presented as both ethical decisions and perfunctory programming decisions. This calls into question the transparency of the board and the governance of the station at large. This is an incredibly important point that must be interested and not taken lightly.
    • Thank you to Rick for coming–starting to work through these questions and decisions together, which is a great start in the right direction.
  • Questions of transparency: why was the decision made when it was? Seemed hasty and unthought from Rick’s end. People acknowledging that it was not a hasty decision but one that was discussed thoroughly at the board meeting though the board notes did not make this clear, and that Ben M sent us the email that we read and we discussed it fully. Lara brings up that the decision was made after programming because it was the first time we could all be in a room together and discuss the issues. Hadley also notes that many programming decisions were made at that time, too, after the schedule was finalized, this was just the one that involved the most discussion and vote.
    • Board acknowledging that this is both an ethical and programming decision and that we should provide further justification. This was not a clear process.
    • Bryan also acknowledging that transparency has been a problem, the board acknowledging why this frustration has built and looking towards how we can fix this and be clearer. We owe this to constituents to justify decisions. Beth echoes these concerns for transparency in order to not have conflicts like this in the future.
    • One of the problems was the board notes that week, which not clear or detailed enough. Ben G to provide more elaborated notes in the future.
  • How do we work to increase transparency then?
    • More detailed board notes
    • Further justification of all decisions, including this one (but all future decisions as well!)
    • Promoting our board hours more. Beth suggests standing up at the staff meeting encouraging staff members to come talk to us about anything any week.
    • More collaboration with Ben M during board hours. Talking more in person in addition to via email.
    • Creating a public affairs code.
  • Elaboration of evidence against programming that Rick & Ben M bring up.
    • The question becomes who is at fault for these beliefs, even if the guests don’t explicitly state them on the show? Bryan argues that even if they don’t say it on the show, if the show urges you to further seek them out and provides a platform for their rhetoric, that he believes that to be a valid criticism. Saying that he doesn’t want a show on the air that debates the merits of zionism/racism. The idea behind that is the host being responsible for their guests.
    • To support the existing evidence brought up originally, Adam mentions Kevin Barrett was also a guest on and promoted by the show (exact episode/date was not provided, will follow up). Barrett has been repeatedly criticized for espousing anti-semitic beliefs that 9/11 was ordered and arranged by Zionist Jews and that America is owned by Israel, who has orchestrated numerous terrorist threats. He has further information of that topic that he will document in more detail than these notes. The Kevin Barrett two-part interview was in July 2014 and July 2011. Alex Jones clips were also played on the show twice, most recently May 25th, 2016–clips were not particularly bad but board members take concern with WESU providing him a platform. Christopher Bollyn was not on the show but on September 7, 2016, she discussed his event being cancelled and urged listeners to check him out–his website that she pointed listeners to includes very anti-semitic content including this article, which blames Jews for countless assassinations and terror attacks.
    • In order to get this in one place and have these thoughts more fully elaborated, these notes are being collected in a separate document with quotes and episode titles/date to present to Ben M. Abby will tell Ben M about that process to keep communication open!
    • We thought that the original evidence was sufficient and clear but was not relayed clearly enough, which is why we are creating a separate, more full document.
    • Other discussion point brought up regarding regarding freedom of speech, with people saying that C can still produce her show, still air it somewhere else, still have it available online for downloads. The argument is not against C or the show existing but rather about WESU providing her an audience and being associated with it. Point brought up, too, that the show does not represent a marginalized group but rather people with an unpopular opinion.
  • Situation with C
    • Many people express regret about the situation and email exchange that occurred with C. Consensus is that we owe her an email response, but that the intention was to always respond but was just not properly conveyed via board notes & emails.
    • The statement she received too was a draft and that wasn’t clear enough. Reiteration that this statement is not intended to be published or posted. A statement will be rewritten after the document with more evidence is made. Never meant to insinuate either that C is a bad person in anyway, just that we don’t support the guests and voices she promotes with her show.
    • What about a meeting with C? Perhaps a full meeting with the board would not be productive or fruitful, but there is discussion about having a smaller group of board members meet with her to explain the decision. This decision will be made more fully next board meeting after we have more of a document and statement, as well.
  • Staff meeting: this will be brought up at the staff meeting, so people talking about how we should bring it up ourselves to explain our actions. We also will have a working draft of our public affairs code at the time to try to explain our thought process.
    • If we bring it up ourselves, the goal is to be transparent and address existing staff concerns. Beth bringing up that this is an issue that people care a lot about and we want to express that we also do care, which we could express with a document and our working code.
    • We will need to be very proactive about timing and scheduling in that meeting to make sure it doesn’t spiral or go over on time, especially since we are also doing the sexual harassment training. Will create a structured idea of how that meeting will go in the coming weeks.
  • Next steps then for everyone?
    • Board members recording criticisms or concerns with the program this week on a separate document to make board justification clearer and to address those concerns. Abby will email tonight and see Ben M in person tomorrow telling him about that process.
    • Bryan will draft some of his thoughts about a public affairs code this weekend for us to look at and discuss next week.
    • Reach out to C after we’ve worked through the document we’re making this week and discuss it again next week, hopefully with Ben M.

Board Meeting Notes — 2/7/17

WESU Board Meeting — 2/7/17

Syndicated Programming Debrief:

  • A quick debrief of decisions from last week and what we want to do moving forward/how to turn this into productive action
  • Ben M expressing concerns about communication and free-speech with the station, as well as not wanting to have a strained relationship with the board
  • Need to work more to loop Ben in more and include him with these decisions
  • Response email to C
  • Need to move into making public affairs standards/codes so that we have set guidelines–how to turn this into a productive step into the right direction

Public Affairs Codes:

  • We started working on this last year but got sidetracked by the mission statement
  • Zazie wants to start working on this and wants people to get involved–Bryan said he is interested in helping out–Abby also wants to be involved
  • The hardest part: distinguishing between views that people disagree with and views that shouldn’t be aired by WESU? Wording is very important but it might be difficult to not make this very subjective–a lot of other stations don’t have this perhaps for similar reasons but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to have a document like this
  • Might be a good idea to ask DB because he has experience crafting ordinances and resolutions for the city
  • Work to make the code aspirational rather than disciplinary

PSA Project:

  • Updates/ideas on outreach and creation
  • Other potential ideas to engage the community: recording live events and putting them on our Soundcloud?
  • Bryan did not hear back from IRIS but did hear back from St. Paul’s House–waiting for approval from their communications department but will then make a PSA
  • Connecticut ACLU is going to send Lara a PSA
  • Zazie recorded a PSA at the refugee training meeting, just to get the ball rolling–we also have guidelines for making a PSA from last year’s class and will then send it to the board
  • Ben G is talking to CPE who is interested, still waiting to hear back from Middle Eastern Student Association
  • Julia talking to Casey from Wesleyan Refugee Project, but they will write scripts and we’ll get them recorded–also said that the Imam wants to get more involved with the campus so we could reach out to him
  • Abby talked to Wesleyan Climate Ambassadors, and a few of them just became Wesleyan DJs so we could work on that

Classroom Collaboration:

  • Professor Tucker is bring a BBC radio producer into the station–she wants to do something with the radio station that but that idea is still in works
  • They want to air something over the summer from the class
  • Professor Weisberg also wants to air interviews from her class over the summer perhaps
  • When we do collaborations with classes, we should strive to produce air-able content
  • We should give them clear-cut guidelines with a set number of episodes and time

Spring Program:

  • CL got the final program guide, a few things need to be fixed, but hopefully we should have that today or tomorrow


  • The training will start late this year because of spring break (will be 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after)
  • Interest meeting will be on February 19th at 4pm in PAC001–will post a Wesleying post when we get closer

Pledge Drive Ideas:

  • New T-Shirt, thinking about also a MYRP T-shirt to commemorate its 10th anniversary
  • Thinking about doing the ouija board design for the tote bag that was made last semester
  • What about a new bumper sticker design? Wyatt will take a stab at it
  • Amazing event at La Boca last year, great job Bryan! This could be a great annual event so that we keep people excited about it everytime it comes up
  • What about a block party in the parking lot? This would be really fun! Let’s choose a date around now: late April so it’s warm. Wyatt will push forward this idea. How difficult would it be to close down the parking lot? We could do a partnership with the Red & Black Cafe so they also get exposure. Would it be a dry or wet event?

MYRP Idea:

  • An open house idea for parents of students–will check in with Ben M re: budget for any pizzas for a potential event

Website Updates:

  • We should get something on the front page!

Music Directors:

  • BMI was reported to
  • In the process of emailing small labels to send us more music–if anyone has any labels you want us to reach out to, let us know!
  • Attempts at making digital copies of albums more accessible to DJs in the studio
  • Putting up a sheet in Studio A for RedScroll requests


  • Why have none of you made promos for your shows yet? Most shows don’t! Lara’s going to make a list of shows that don’t have promos yet

Board Meeting Notes — 1/31/17

WESU Board Meeting — 1/31/17

Spring Program Start:

  • Thank you so much Hadley! You rock!
  • Aux cord issue in Studio A reported last night–update from Tues. night: Aux cord is working again
  • 2 people didn’t show up to their show last night, someone missed their show the night before
  • R said multiple people didn’t show up over winter break–this needs to be addressed at the staff meeting
  • If someone is not there, they need to call/email Hadley, NOT Ben M–we need to let everyone know this at the staff meeting
  • Remind people that the policy going forward is that if you miss your show, it results in suspension
  • Switched up morning programming
  • Beth is writing up a press release for the spring program
  • Cloie is designing the program and it’s almost done–this is going to get out fast! Going to the printer by Friday

Programming Decision:

  • Programming being finalized, so Zazie and Hadley calling for a syndicated show to not be off the air for this upcoming season
  • It is a syndicated public affairs show
  • The show features and does not question the beliefs of multiple concerning guests, including Holocaust deniers (like Christopher Bollyn), Alex Jones (who has written xenophobic articles and is recognized by the Southern Poverty Center)
  • This is not an in-house production and the host is not a WESU staff member
  • We should really think about the public affairs shows that we are broadcasting, and we should apply that feeling consistently–we should set up standards and codes this semester
  • The board unanimously votes for removing the program, replacing it with Building Bridges, a labor union show

PSA Project:

  • Some of our existing PSAs are sadly very dated
  • Start reaching out to student groups and recording this week
  • Create a group of people who want to do this and set a time to record/divvy up student group contacting
  • List of student groups: Wesleyan Doula Project, Middle Eastern Student Association, Wesleyan Refugee Project (Casey), Phone Bank stuff, Jewish Voices for Peace, any sort of mental health services
  • We will work on this individually–make a couple and a few different lengths for each organization
  • Outside student groups: ACLU, CAIR, IRIS (Integrated Refugee and Immigration Services), St. Paul’s House is doing a major fundraiser recently–could also reach out to CT branches of these major groups
  • Potentially put together a list of organizations to donate to
  • 5k run for refugees in New Haven
  • Beth: Phone Bank, Doula
  • Julia: WRP
  • Ben: CPE, Middle Eastern Student Association
  • Abby: Environmental groups
  • Zazie: emailing Kauanui’s class
  • Bryan: IRIS
  • Ben will make a google doc after this–let’s have 2-3 PSAs for next week


  • Taken out all the winter break promos, re-recorded the ones for shows that changed times
  • All of the promos should be updated–if one seems to be wrong, let Lara know
  • We want everyone to make a promo for their show this semester! EVERY. DANG. SHOW.

Board Meeting Times:

  • Tuesday @ 5pm seems to work for everyone except for Babe

Staff Meeting/Sexual Harassment Training:

  • First staff meeting on Sunday!
  • Debbie cannot do the sexual harassment training this Sunday, so we are trying to make it for 3/5/17 with Debbie
  • Sending out policy to staff a week or two before then
  • Modifying staff meetings in general–perhaps moving 1 to 2 meetings a semester?

Board Hours:

  • Let’s figure them out!
  • We figured it out! Ben will update the website once these are solidified