Board Notes 3/26/15

T-shirts: designs look great! we have one wacky design and one cleaner design.
WESU temporary tattoos will be a thing.
Bumper sticker/button designs should be finalized within the week.
Board Retreat to talk about the future of WESU: Saturday, 4/25
Julie Bernstein:
-will email poster to trainees interested in flyering.
-press release
-will include Google form for signing up for the workshop in the Facebook event/Wesleying ad.
-Center for Community Partnerships PR? Ethan will get in touch with Ben M. about this.
-other speaker series events: will make individual FB events for each. Look out for a follow-up email about the other speaker events!
-StreamRewind issues: Mizael is trying to fix now.
Thursday at 8, Sunday at 2.
-15-20 DJs signed up to host interns.
-about 100 people on the training listserv right now, the list will definitely shrink
-HR and KC will be helping out with training sessions.
Other personnel stuff:
-new list of staff members/contact info now up in Studio A.
-making a central place for people to upload audio stuff. Possibly combining audio production with an online version of the zine?
-still hoping to contact small labels/bands directly
-Music directors still have a bunch of money to spend (like $1,500). They should reach out to sub mds for help and purchasing suggestions. We usually give BR $100-$200 for Folk, We can offer JV some as well, and ask staff for suggestions. We can purchase anywhere online that takes a credit card but Amazon works good for most online purchases. The MDs usually organize a field trip to Redscroll as well.  Maybe talk to Rick about purchasing at the fair on Saturday?
Record Fair: Looking good! Nice article in Middletown Press today  (front page!!) and a couple of good record donations this week.  300+ have joined the FB event.
-more people have signed up to volunteer. David will go to the training session and get trainees to volunteer.
-The record fairs have turned into our most successful fundraising events of the year we really need all hands on deck.  IMOP (BM here) All Board members (who are not out of town or otherwise committed for the duration of the event) should at least be attending, if not working a shift. It’s called leading by example.
-Publicity: got Wesleying and the Argus covered.
-Other news: vendors space is sold out, records and cds should have been staged for preloading by Ian (workstudy today).
-BM will get cashbox, merch , and price sheets ready to go tomorrow
CMA conference report: it was great! we should definitely send delegates again next year.
Spring pledge Drive: BM suggest a goal of $20K and to start on 4/6 and continue through end of Month (or til we reach our goal) We need a whole bunch of NEW pledge drive promos and the new T-shirt designs to prep the pledge forms on and offline.
-Possible theme: Support the Art of Free-Form Radio.
Student TED Talk-style event: let Becca and Danielle know if you want to be more involved! This event will be an opportunity for students to creatively/interactively showcase ideas that they’re passionate and projects they’re working on. FB event will be coming out soon soliciting student speakers.
Staff meeting on Sunday:
on the agenda so far: Fall pledge drive follow up and Map out Spring Pledge drive, events, training, 2015-16 Board election pitches. Studio defaults (adobe audition). Get in touch if you have other specific agenda items.

Board Notes 2/26/15

Training: Share the Facebook event for the info session:
-KC will help out at the info session + future training sessions.
Production Staff: had their first meeting, signed contracts, very eager.
PR: Art Group talked about ideas for the semester last week, will meet again tonight at 8PM.
-tshirts: a weird one and a less weird one. Will decide what’s feasible in terms of having shirts for individual shows.
-stickers, pens, tote bags??? (we have a tote bag design by VT, maybe we could sell them at the record fair?)
-turning the zine into a larger magazine with more content, maybe once a season/semester. community-building around the magazine: will discuss at Art Group meeting tonight and solidify the plan.
-new Facebook cover photo image needed
-TA will come into the studio with Andreas to produce his show with him, will work on 4-5 evergreen shows.
-Spring break programming is pretty much ready to go.
-Julie Burstein: event space and workshop all set.
-put in a request for an honorarium from the SBC by Sunday.
Pledge drive: receipts and premiums have all gone out in the mail as of today. Ben M will put together a report for the staff to show at Sunday’s meeting.
Public Affairs:
bringing shows into the Pacifica audio port: Mind Matters (in the works), AOA
Sprouts (local stories of national interest): Mind Matters would be a good candidate for this, as well.
Jive at Five: gonna tackle that next.
Other updates: domain name now available: we put in a bid on it for $50, could just make it redirect to
-all in favor of purchasing this domain name
text-to-landline service: people in the studio can read and respond to texts received via the landline #.
-also: text to donation function – if you text a keyword to a certain number, it will lead you to the donation URL on our website. worth it?
     -not a real text to donate system: doesn’t put a charge on your phone bill, which would be more legit/helpful for us.
     -might overwhelm DJs
     -not doing it.
app: need an app where people can tune into WESU’s stream directly without going through a third party (such as TuneIn). should also have a Donate button.
-would be cool if it also showed what’s playing (through Spinitron) + the show schedule + archives.
-should be simple.
talk to Espwesso about playing WESU at the café!
End-of-year celebration: ice cream has worked out in the past, but let’s keep thinking of other ideas.
WESU tent during R&C Week: live DJs, other fun stuff. Tess will talk to the people she works with who help organize R&C week.
+ possibly a WESU concert?
ZE missed his show. Punishment: listen to ALL the rejected music. But really: make a post on the MD blog.
AOA: played music with a few f-bombs in it.
-Course of action? Have a WESU staff member in the group required to listen to the show (specifically the music) before it airs and sign off on it. That staff member will be ultimately responsible.
-everyone on AOA should become a staff member in the long run, become members of our community
-they’ll put together a written agreement about this by next week.

Board Notes 2/19/15

Spring Break Programming: Ethan is putting out schedule, will talk to Tess about a time slot for the grad student who wants to prerecord.
Program guides are out! Folding ensues.
Service Hour Check-in: BG will email the staff as a reminder.
-logging service hours both online and on paper
Training: interest meeting in about 2 weeks. First session right when we get back from break.
Production Staff Meeting: Monday at 5 at the station. Intro to the station/their roles, signing contracts.
Record Fair: start getting promos together
-Facebook event before Spring Break
-1 round of flyers before Spring Break, one round after.
Julie Burstein: all set, we need to start promoting. Will be at CFA Hall, free.
College Media Convention: Tess, Laura, & Becca will email Ben M. about wanting to attend.
Red Feather partnership:
-block of time every week
-recording visiting artists to later air on WESU
-maybe they can provide us evergreen content
-PR director as the liaison with Red Feather – also be in touch with Wild Wild Live
-having a relationship with them so that they’re willing to work with us if we want/need to utilize the space.
-make a graphic/something to make clear on their website that our recordings are WESU recordings
Public Affairs:
-People have been emailing LW about posting their shows on Facebook.

Board Notes 2/12/15

-Hartford Advocate Readers’ Poll: promo will be made with a follow-up all-staff email to publicize it.
-Renaming the Art Mafia: “think pod”????
…“team” also works.
-zine: once a semester or once a quarter, rather than once a month, to amp up content.
Production group: will function mostly as a workshopping space for producing audio.
Someone from Hermes will be doing a write-up about WESU.
-Intro/welcome meeting for production staff: general station info, they’ll sign contracts. (only about 10 people officially have completed everything, some more are almost done with the requirements)
-separate listserv for production staff.
-what’s required of production staff?
     -service hours (have to be production-based: Abby will come up with a list of possible tasks)
     -staff meeting
-production staff can help out other staff members with producing shows (ask at next staff meeting who might be interested in this)
-testing production staff into being full on-air DJs
-updating the staff list: EO will get the updated list to BG soon.
-security update: MR will ask the staff for help.
-app: ask the people who do the tech competition each semester.
-RSS feed for website: MR will look into a WordPress plugin.
-a few people haven’t logged Spinitron playlists.
     -new board hour task: check Spinitron playlists from the previous day, write down the people who didn’t do it. (Collective Google doc.)
     -what about monitoring new releases? -we have enough new releases playing to make a CMJ list each week, so it’s not a huge issue at the moment. still something to watch out for.
-too much mainstream/Top 40 music playing:
     -Ethan will follow up with the show that has this problem, but we will also bring it up at the next staff meeting.
     -drawing the line at Top 40.
     -people should use their own discretion, but we should remind people of WESU’s identity.
     -conclusion: BE BETTER.
-EO met with the event person from the CFA about Julie Burstein on April 8.
     -recording the event? – we can record it ourselves.
-welcome back, Ethan!
-reaching out to smaller labels
     -more curated stuff to supplement what we’re already getting.
     -if anyone wants to see certain artists/labels represented more, let the MDs know.
-posting CMJ charts to the blog: adds every week. (artist, album name, label.)
     -write a short blurb about their two favorites.
     -still catching up, but will get to that in a few weeks.
-CMJ subscription expired: Ben is getting it back.
Other things:
-College Media Convention! (March 11-14) – people are interested! will look into ticket money.
-grad student who wants to do a bilingual show. save some of the empty spring break slots for him and TA can work with him. TA & EO will coordinate.
-RedFeather: they agreed to let Tess handle the non-music side of their recording stuff.
     -for next week’s agenda: let’s talk specifically about how we want to collaborate with them.
-Method video content: advertisement for WESU?

Board Notes 2/5/15

Tentative Board Hours Schedule:
Monday: Ben G., Laura, Tess (?)
Tuesday: Zach, Ethan H. (?)
Wednesday: Abby, Ethan O.
Thursday: Danielle, Becca
Friday: David, Mizael
Program: EO is in touch with late-night shows about transitioning into automated programming.
-Program guide is about to be printed!
Events: Record Fair 3/28/15, DW hasn’t heard from LB
Tech: MR will work on installing new security system.
Personnel: update staff list, figuring out who exactly finished training
-aiming to start DJ training at the end of February.
-low meeting attendance and service hour fulfillment
-send out an email before the next staff meeting: guidelines for completing service hours and meeting attendance.
-checkpoint: 2 service hours by March 6. Start telling people that now. Ben G. will email everyone about this.
MDs (Zach): getting the blog off the ground in both print and podcast format.
-core committee of music people
-better organize the music at the station
-delegate music organization during board hours
-we have money to buy music!
-making sure that people are playing 5 new releases per hour: service hour opportunity for checking Spinitron? ZE will see how EH did this last year.
Podcasting platform: where/how to post things? Soundcloud is one possibility. also look into
-collaborating with other groups on campus: ANR, film department movie reviewing group, RedFeather
-ongoing schedule of production: some want a more consistent schedule (esp. CVs), maybe have a more spread out schedule for students.
-will they remain online forever or just for two weeks?
-who will review the material?
-adhering to FCC guidelines
-groups of 5-6 people for certain kinds of shows
The new people will hereby be known as Production Staff!
Public affairs: we have the opportunity to upload shows to the Pacifica network.
-Sprouts: weekly grassroots show. We could have a contest to determine which Public Affairs show to submit.
-streaming CFA shows: Ben M. will give Laura the contacts of people at the CFA.
-LW and EO will talk about which shows to submit.
Automation: any way we can mix up what plays/add more stuff to the automation playlist?
-talk to Rick about how it works
-start producing more evergreen shows for automation, pull up old shows that could be cool to rebroadcast.
Jive at Five: make it more institutionalized/streamlined. Possibly LW can edit it each week. This could be integrated into the Public Affairs Director job.
Hartford Advocate Readers’ Poll: image campaign
Collaborating more with the CFA: regular CFA show broadcasting performances?
College Media Association Conference: seems interesting/valuable, people will check their schedules
Other things: put up a sign in Studio A about how many station IDs, PSAs, and promos are required per hour. (LW)

Staff Meeting 2/1/15

**Thanks to BG for taking notes at this meeting!**
Ben M:
– Please sign the attendance sheet
– Hope everyone had a great break, thanks to volunteers for ensuring that we have enough live programming – welcome back and Happy New Year!
– Welcome to new staff members! There are 4 of them, woot! (Leana, Al, Eric, and Emmett)
– We exceeded our pledge drive goal. Got an incredible donation at the tail-end of 2014 from an alumni (our engineer in the ‘70s), $8810 donation to WESU there – We made about $30,000 for our pledge drive, best pledge drive yet
– Putting together a report for our next pledge drive that will start in April to help us be more successful down the road
– We can probably get our new mixing board now
– Danielle is at a film class so she is absent today
– Don’t come to the station if your safety is at risk! But if you are in the area and can do your show, please do your best to come in. If you can’t, follow the standard protocol for missing a show
– Importance of having an evergreen show – prerecord some shows that don’t have anything time-specific in them
– Spring season officially starts tomorrow!
– The program schedule is finished. Any questions, ask
– Program guide is done and going to the printer soon. Thanks to Radio Obscura folks!
– Weather is bad tomorrow. If anyone will need coverage then, please talk to Ethan after the meeting
– Reminder about how to find coverage: first, send an email to Ben M or Ethan, check with the DJ before or after you, ask other members of the staff, then finally you can ask an all-staff email, if someone responds to you, send out another all-staff email saying that you found someone, then let Ethan or Ben M know about that; you do get penalized for missing a show
– Evergreen shows, talk to her! It’s a good way to get service hours too
– You can piece together an old show and take together any time specific parts of the recording
– Trying to start a podcasting or radio magazine or creative radio storytelling group. She’s sending an email out to the staff, trying to find interest in that or what exactly they want to do with podcasts. Interest meeting for that!
– Guide in the Studio C computer for how to use Audition and everything; on the google group
– Also reserve time in the studios!
– Public Affairs DJs can email her the day before about what the show is about, it will be posted to the facebook group to give public affairs shows more of a voice and presence
– Quick note: only one live student public affair show this semester, so please do more!
– Record fair on March 28th
– Hartford Advocate Readers Poll is open! Vote online! Email was sent out a few days ago
Ben G:
– Get service hours in early; there is really something for everyone, big list on Ben M’s door
– Training is starting up in about 3 or 4 weeks, email people who are interested in that
– Sign the attendance sheet
More talk on evergreen programming:
– It can be a compilation of your programming – the station has thousands hours of recorded programming that you can use and editing
– A great way to get better at Adobe Audition
Questions? Announcements?
– Copies of PSAs? We do not have an active binder in the studio but we can dig those up. Talk to Abby about doing that.
– Sandbox is on the Hartford Readers Poll as well!
Music Director Election:
– EH is the only one running
– DW will say a few words: EH did a great job as Music Director last year
– VT is making a show with EH called “DW’s Favorite Songs”
– He was elected unanimously
Next meeting on Sunday, March 1st at 6pm!
Record shortest meeting!

Board Notes 1/28/15

Not the full board, but at least we sort of pulled it together!
In attendance: Danielle, Becca, Abby, Mizael, David, Laura, Ethan, Zach

Goals for the Semester:
-podcast by AR and other Wesleyan alumni – possibly post on website. Starting a series of podcast reviews would be cool too.
-new staff members out of production training: help out with PSAs
-WesWell “guides” – record as PSAs?
-phone coupler video tutorial: get footage from Kiley & Allis to finish it up.

-crews of volunteers – make people accountable to specific people on the board
-set up a timeline of events so people can choose what to volunteer for.
-have this apply mostly (or only) to students. CVs have more of their own schedules
-service hour checkpoints: set up exact date
-test run this semester: reach out to everyone to get people to sign up with board members for their service hours.

Danielle is the only student with a live public affairs show – encourage people to produce evergreen PA shows (work esp. with people who did production training)
-more collaboration: public affairs interest meetings
-remind newer DJs that they can have earlier time slots with PA shows (incentivizing public affairs)

-turning music director blog into a podcast

New staff members from last semester’s production training:
-sign a contract
-attend meetings
-4 service hours
-door code & access to equipment

-production schedule
-interest meeting: AS will announce at staff meeting
-require samples of what people want to do

-Record Fair: March 28
-Julie Burstein: April 8 – currently figuring out room setup for that, Ethan will follow up.
-other ideas:
-student TED talks: groups of people working on similar subjects
-host event featuring WESU DJs: post-Spring Break, mid-April?

Board Hours:
-not going to set up yet since not everyone is here. Some preferred days:
-DP/BS: Thursdays
-AS: Tuesday or Thursday
-EO: Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday

Pledge drive update:
Just after Jan 1, BM received an email from an alum who donated $8,810 to WESU for our upgrade! That donation brings our total to roughly $30K for the winter pledge drive, officially our most successful fundraising effort yet (by far)!
Now… how to spend upgrade money? BM will work up the figure of how much we have (will just be a projection since we still have to make it through a spring drive).

Initial thoughts on how to spend “extra” money: finish computer upgrades, new mixing board, upgrade studio furniture/layout. new input devices, new phone coupler for studio A, perhaps one that interfaces directly with mixing board to improve call ins… and finally try to make studio be more conducive for live performances and groups of talking guests…. Unfortunately, we won’t really be able to begin making these purchases until after the spring pledge drive. At that point we should know how much extra money we have.

All that said, we still have several upgrades (already funded by SBC) that are waiting in the wings: including upgrading the security system, updating several computers, and replacing the dry erase reservation board with a new digital display and system. Simon Korn has done some research on an appropriate program/system.

Hartford Advocate Readers Poll is now open – we should promote WESU. Last year we came in 2nd, previous year #1! make promo(s), fb posts, web post – TESS

Program: set to start on Monday (good job Ethan!). Program guide in hands of Sandbox. This board will hereby be known as the one that got the Program Guide printed before the end of the semester.

Web posts needed for: new (spring) program and Hartford Advocate readers poll

Sunday board agenda: Readers poll, pledge update/debrief, spring program, election (will need ballots), more to come. Other board announcements?
-Laura: will post people’s show details on FB if they send them in.

Things to think about: Training outline dates (target), spring pledge drive (April-ish)

Staff Meeting 12/7/14

Open Meeting (DP)
Welcome to our final meeting of the semester/fall season!
Google Group (BS) Due to continued problems without staff list serve, we are going to migrate to a google group. This will be more reliable and keep an archive of all of our emails that you can check to see if you missed any.  Be on the lookout for an email request to join this group in the coming week.  (email address for the group for now:
Program (EO)
– Fall program end date and transition to winter programming signups
     -sign-up sheet will be up at the station. first-come, first-serve basis.
     -respond to Ethan’s email if you want to have a weekly show in the winter.
– Spring programming:
     -form will be sent out soon for applying, fill out by January 1.
     -spring program to start in February.
Service hours (BG)
– Students should have their hours done by the time they leave for break.
– Community volunteers should have them completed by the end of 2014
Public Relations (TA)
-December zine is almost out! Thanks to the art mafia (esp. Joe and Pete for doing the layout) and everyone who submitted.
Public Affairs (LW)
-email LW with the content of your public affairs shows at least 24 hours in advance, so she can share them.
-will start doing this more in the spring
Production (AS)
-thanks to everyone who recorded promos this season!
-will be sending down a batch of promos to WSHU.
-Guide to Studio B, C, Audition, & a Happy Life: available for everyone
-Kiley and Allis are working on a video for how to use the phone coupler.
-75th video on YouTube and our website. 
75th anniversary (Ben M)
Thanks to the Board and staff who helped with special events and programming
While we didn’t have the resources we need to pull many off, we accomplished a lot and I really appreciate all who contributed, especially the following:
– BS for all his work on 75 years of as well as the rest of the DJs who contributed.
– LJ for assistance with the archives and for creating such a wonderful display at Olin library,
– DB for making sure the state and city didn’t let this landmark anniversary go by without notice and for using his Television show to help us spread the word.
– DW for organizing and producing our events. (and thanks for all the volunteers who pitched in, Sandbox for helping with decorations, and Lord Lewis for an awesome opening set.)
– IM – our work-study student, who helped in many ways behind the scenes.’
– Also VT and NM for their great design work on programs and logos, etc.
– AS for producing the short film of WESU history.
HE and MJ for their enthusiasm and encouragement and their willingness to lend a hand, no matter what the task, to help me stay on track. Thanks also to DP and BS the many other board and staff members who lent a hand in the success of our 75th anniversary program in one way or another.
The film!! If you haven’t seen it yet…. You should.  Let’s show it at the end of the meeting.  It’s also online, on our website.
Pledge Drive: current tally = still got $15K left to go.
$20k collective goal.
– if met, will help us stay on track for annual operations budget and get us a new mixing board to compliment some other upgrades coming our way. More on that later.
-$4K matching grant from the University provost, will go towards a new mixing board. good step towards raising our profile within the University.
-Maria: don’t be afraid to ask people for money! People want to be asked.

– If you listen to any of the public radio or TV drives – they fixate on goals for a reason.  We are not as sophisticated but the more we remind the audience of how they are helping us, with a concrete goal, the more likely they are to help.

– Tell the audience we are trying to replace our 20 year old mixing board and that will cost roughly $10K on its own!!

Packets are for you guys to reach out to new donors off air – this is easiest way to reach your goal.

Make a short list of potential donors, people who really like you and appreciate your radio show.  Perhaps family and friends or perhaps guests from your past shows.

Personal Goals –
-Will send out an email with list of everyone who donate from last drive – take a look at how much money you brought in last season.
-Reasonable to shoot for anywhere between 100 and 1000 dollars. Will you lose your show if you don’t make your goal? No, of course not.
-Will that result from playing a few promos on air during your show? No, you have to work at it off air.
-Share your goal and with the people you pitch to and explain why it’s important that you make your goal: keep the station operating and replace our 20 plus year old mixing console that operates 24 hrs per day.
On air promotions: I said 6 per hour – shouldn’t be that big of a deal for most show, but just do your best. This helps ensure all our listeners know about the drive.  Some great ones in there including the local and recently reunited rock group “The Bus” doing their own version of Cream’s “Sunshine of your love.”  KS also wrote a song, which we will get in the studio as well as the brand new promos produced by this year’s Board.
Also worth noting:
– New this year! Kid shirts – small Children’s/toddler size (new classic size)
-Matching gifts? Many corporations like, Cigna, Philips, Pfizer, match their employees’ giving.
     -go to Wesconnect to search for whether your company matches donations. There is a central database for this.

Upgrades: As mentioned earlier – there are several upgrades in the works:

     -Wireless audio: As of last week, WSHU engineers completed a big project and we are now receiving NPR/WSHU audio wirelessly from a satellite in Milford that sends it to our tower here in Middletown which also sends it wirelessly to our studios – thanks to WSHU engineers.
     -New security system, new scheduling system, 4 new PCs, new studio monitors,and real Comcast cable internet coming soon – should drastically improve our online access.
     -Backup power update: While we didn’t have the resources to make this happen this year, we have succeeded in raising awareness of the issue with the University and Local emergency management dept, who both are trying to help us out with this. We are now working with the university at the highest level in operations and with the grants dept. to seek out funding for this large project.
     -replacing whiteboard with a LED screen, attached to a Google calendar.
-Where are the pledge promos? – in a folder called “Pledge Drive Promos” on the air studio desktop.
-Pop-up window soliciting donations? – we’ll see if we can implement this.

Board Notes 12/2/14

All staff meeting email reminder and agenda needed
All staff email issues – move to Google group?
-needs to be not open to the public
-setting so anyone on the list can send an email to the group.
-MR will set up group
-in the meantime: send any composed all-staff emails to Ben so he can send them out through MailChimp.
Pledge Drive – mailing is out, email blasts to com to different groups
-Microsoft Access: could potentially interface with QAC connection (analysis of donor/listener data)
-Abby will work on designing database over the winter.
FB event: Tess will make tonight. Everyone invite friends!
press release
new Promos
Winter break: Ethan will send out an all-staff email highlighting clearly available slots
-will post sign-up sheet on the wall ASAP
End of fall programming: people not required to do shows after Friday, but are encouraged to do so.
-will discuss spring season applications on Thursday
Organizing desktop on studio PCs: new policy – don’t save your own files to desktop, people can have their own folder within My Documents where they can save stuff
fix small detail on WESU history video – AS/DP will work on it.
Training: finishing up this week
-those who have completed training can produce online content next semester.
-work on creating online podcast platform
service hour sheets: remind people that they’re on Ben’s door.
-board hour duty to refill box of service hour sheets
-bring stack to Sunday’s staff meeting
-one sheet for each person for the entire semester?

Board Notes 11/19/14

Freakers Ball: ticket sales are subpar so far. everyone on the board should commit to selling at least 5 tickets directly tonight
-final push tomorrow (Thursday) at lunch
-strategic comp tickets for people who will definitely bring other people/get others to buy tickets
-logistics of final project: directing people to come in during mostly board hours, so that board members will be available if trainees have basic audio editing questions.
-getting in touch with RedFeather: not responsive. Offered to give the board a tour of the studio, but no word on the training front.
If people drop the ball at the last minute on a service hour commitment, they have to make up that service hour and get ONE additional service hour tacked on.
Production: Kiley & Allison (hosts of The Production Report) are interested in making an instructional video on how to use Studio B/pre-produce a show. They use Studio B a lot and are into film. Coming in Friday to start planning it out.
Pledge Drive: once packets are completely ready to go (today/Friday? is Ben’s letter done?), we will send out those pledge goal emails.
-Remind people to bring packets home for Thanksgiving!
-We’re finally up-to-date with incoming music!
-People will come into board hours to help with adds/organization.
-EM wants to help out with the music blog.
-StreamRewind troubles: alternating week schedule messed up, some CVs’ shows don’t have StreamRewind pages. Will work on this tomorrow during board hours & send out an all-staff email telling people without StreamRewind pages to make an account (once the listserv is fully functional again).
Other things:
TV show this Friday: Danielle, Laura, & Ethan will be attending.
last meeting: Tuesday 12/2 at 5PM