Board Meeting Notes 4/12/16

– Record Fair Kudos – Thanks to all, special shouts to Arianna and Ben! $1,500 for WESU. Better turnout all around! Great PR and volunteer support. – room for growth, perhaps incorporate a performance element in one of the downstairs spaces? Live mellow performances per previous suggestion? IF we did it downstairs, it might help us encourage people to explore all the rooms and bring in more patrons.

– Google Calendar reservation instructions? Can mount system as soon as instructions are ready and tested. Abby will finish them this week.

– Pledge Drive – BM still working on his pledge letter, Tess and Ethan H. finishing are up md label packet element. Envelopes and program guides are prepped. Artwork has been send to Sandbox, awaiting proofs to finalize colors. We need to finalize a Hat color, too – Vote: navy hat with white lettering, passed.

– Sat Night at WESU – incident, midnight -3am — Ben M will issue a warning here.

– Need a policy/protocol for Staff email list etiquette. i.e.: What content is acceptable to post? (WESU news, coverage requests – and confirmations, and opportunities for WESU DJs) What is discouraged–non WESU Solicitations, conversations about pretty much anything, frivolous chatter. Why is this important? Because the more non-essential emails people get on our lists, the less likely staff are to read EVERY email.

– Also need a policy/protocol for youth at WESU – This stems from an incident over the weekend. On that note: We also need a permission / emergency contact sheet for MYRP and other young participants. Can we come up with a policy that says no kids at WESU past 10pm? No minors, in general, at WESU without an adult. Why? What if a kid were to get hurt? Or what if we fed a kid something they were allergic to? What if a strobe in the studio set off an epileptic seizure? To be implemented asap.

– Do we need a pet policy? There is at least one person bringing a dog to their show? Not about the owner or dog. What about other guests and staff who are truly afraid of dogs. Perhaps, unless an animal is a registered service animal, no animals are allowed. Voted — check.

– Reunion Commencement – need to figure out the details (when) and get listed in the directory. Ben G. will email alumni/communications office about this.

– WesFest – is this week. Ben G. will coordinate efforts both up the hill and down at the station open house.

– Sylvia Ryerson event: Next Monday – We should setup a table with program guides, a signup sheet, and WESU banners – Who will be there to represent WESU? Rising seniors have housing selection during this time, so can some current seniors do so? Ethan H. can, who else can help him?

– Need to figure out how to facilitate Studio access for AMST 355 Class to complete Final projects.Prof JKK wants some direction so we can find times that work for people to be around to assist Google calendar reservation system will be critical for this. Ethan H. will email JKK following up with this, offering our 4-6 board hours and asking for sign up slots to be set up, so that someone will definitely be there for them.

– Program – Time to map out end of semester. End of Spring / signups / Metal on Wednesdays – Now, Sean is gone. Perhaps run MRRR in that spot? – Matt is down to do some prerecording, too. Can someone help him with that? He has free time on Wed, thurs, and Fridays after 4:30pm, to prerecord. Hannah will figure this out in the coming week and update us next mtg.

– Creation of a WESU Staff FB page has been requested as a closed group to help facilitate in house communications. – bumped to next week discussion.

– 2016-2017 Board of Directors – need to start mapping this out. Hopefully, everyone on board is interested in continuing. The station really benefits from continuity. Are there any conflicts among board members? Can we work out a slate that includes all board members who want to return? Contested spots are good and healthy as well. Running for 2 positions can help prospects have a backup position but that can also backfire. – also bumped to next week.

– Operator’s manual…TBD.

– Production – need pledge drive promos ready for next week (by board mems). Do we have a promo for the Sylvia Meyerson event? Will also need a promo for feet to the fire (May 7th)? Lara — check.

Staff Meeting Notes 4/3/16


Welcome to the penultimate staff meeting of the 20125-16 academic year at Wes!

One meeting remains: where we will elect our next board of Dir.

Nearing the end of the academic year—thank you to everyone!


– Carpet is done! Thanks to the handful of folks that helped with that huge task. Take

good care of the carpet!

– Studios are back together and functional. The new board is in and we are working out

the kinks—keep reporting any observations or questions about the board as you come

across them.

– Microphone levels are low. We asked Charles to bump it up. Make sure to look out for

your levels and don’t be afraid to increase it; just takes some getting used to.

– Output from the board to the headphones isn’t the same as it used to? Some people

are not hearing themselves on the headphones.

– Two mics in the air-studio have been set differently, but now they are set back to a

new, better setting. This might fix the headphone issue.

– Some people weren’t able to get sound from the studio A PC, but the foobar volume

was all the way down to 0. It is back up to a normal volume but be aware of that volume

bar in case this happens again!

– Make sure to not let the board go into the red because the digital board lends itself

more easily to distortion.

– Thanks also for the patience as we coordinated a whole bunch.

New Upgrades:

– Upgrades still in the work: We moved Rick out of Studio B into the board room, making

more room for performers in Studio B. Trying to get the automation computer out of

Studio B. Improved network access to the shared drive. We want to get a riser in Studio

B for bands or performers to make it more of a performance space. Keeping the layout

of the studio the same but getting new countertops. More sound insulation in these

studios. But we have gotten over the hump with the carpet installation! Still need help

reassembling library.

(BM has been trying to get caught up on admin this week)

– Thinking of adding a new program for automation into Studio A

– Trying to get a new countertop in the air-studio.

– New rack for CD players. New swivel mount touch screen monitor.

– Trying to get the new touch screen monitor all set-up, replacing the dry-erase signups.

Abby is writing instructions for how to use the touch-screen. We will be able to access

the account outside the studio if we have a gmail account (we are using a Google

Calendar). You can make reservations right from your computer or smartphone.

Studio B:

Have moved Rick’s work station from studio B to Board room to make room for


Upgrading network hardware and automation computer.

Moving all of that into a caged rack.

Hopeful for improved network and internet speeds.

Moving live music gear and mixer into studio B.

Perhaps a small stage eventually?

Sound insulation for both studios, curtain between studios, better window blinds in

studio A.

Listening stations and a new computer in library.

New board:

Don’t be afraid to bring that volume up on the mic. LISTEN – And pay attention to

audio mix.

Have heard shows where the host is quieter than cohost, callers, and guests. Others

where it is fine.

Let us know your observations and recommendations for the board.

Who killed the studio B monitors? – In box for 3 years – within days, one of the

woofers was dead – WTF?? $200 in the garbage. Hopefully, we can fix them. Only took

3 or 4 days for this to break. Please have some respect for our equipment and treat it


Ariana – Events:

– Record fair is next Sunday! We have a lot of volunteers but we need one more DJ to

spin vinyl from 3-4pm.

– We need volunteers this week to setup boxes for the record fair and to put up flyers

around Middletown and around campus.

– Invite your friends to the Facebook event! We are lacking in attendance! Put $50 in

paid Facebook advertising last week. Please click that you are going on Facebook.

– Send an email to the staff about the Facebook page.

Sylvia Ryerson Prison Radio Reform events – Zazie announcing this event. April 18th

from 6-8pm. We have a flyer. The event is in the CFA and we have a promo ready in

the station. About how radio interacts with mass incarceration. Please promote this

great event! Trying to create a radio program with incarcerated people, and this talk will

cover this new program. If you are interested, please attend!

Hannah – Absentee policy:

– You are responsible for filling your time slot. You are responsible for finding coverage,

not just sending out an email. Make sure there is a person in the studio during your time

or you have prerecorded your show or you have talked to Hannah. She needs at least

48 hours to figure out a plan. It is not okay to let an old prerecorded episode of your

show air without finding proper coverage. This is a warning—we need to start taking this

much more seriously.

– Hannah has drafted a scary first-warning email. After the first offense, we will be taking

harsher disciplinary action.

– Ben M says it is a tool not for DJs use. It is there for the Program Director, the board,

and Ben M, and we will use it as a last case scenario. We NEED live DJs. Not showing

up for your show is one of the worst infractions you can make.

Parking Lot:

– The lot has been getting very full and it is hard for employees to park there. We are

trying to get signs that designate Wesleyan and WESU-specific spots. We have 4

reserved spots for WESU staff. Trying to get a sticker to put inside your

vehicle—working on a design.

Ethan – Pledge Drive – starting with mailing this week:

– Spring pledge drive is starting soon! On air pitching won’t happen until 4/18. We will

send out an email when it is appropriate to start pitching on-air. But it’s always okay to

tell people to donate to WESU!

– The goal is $20,000 for this pledge drive. It might go down depending on how much

we raise at the record fair, but we also may not be able to do this. More info to come.

– Pledge forms/ packets, new promos, and more to come.

Board Elections:

– Stump speeches/instructions from the candidates who submitted letters of intent.

– Abby running for Tech Director, Chris running for Music Director. They are running


– They have to make speeches. They are both elected! Democracy in action!

Pitches for new board election! We have elections next meeting.

– Each board member explains their position.

– Submit a letter of intent before the next meeting, 5/7. Must be printed and put on the

bulletin board in the station and sent out to the email listserv. Email board if you have

more questions; come talk to us!

– President, Vice President, and one Music Director are only for students. Every other

position is open to community members, as well!

– Sub-music directors are not on the board, but they are important positions for anyone

to fill. If you are interested in being a sub-music directors, talk to Nick or Chris right

after the meeting.

Community members on board:

– Possible reinstating of the Community Liaison position. It is a full voting position. Their

job is to advocate on behalf of community volunteers during board meetings and to

convey information back to community members. If you are interested in this position,

talk to Ben M.

– Also talking about bring back a summer board of directors. Possibly 3 positions to

maintain the station and our flow of music into the station. Will also handle disciplinary

issues. Board members would work independently.

Future programming:

– We are feeling out our options to remove an hour of morning edition in the fall.

Currently five hours of Morning Edition—getting rid of this! Open to suggestions for new

programming, possibly syndicated or live.

– Ken suggests a locally produced weekly morning show. It would take a lot of coordination

(a full production team) but is definitely looking into. Might be more realistic to look for a new

syndicated program first before going through this route. Please share your thoughts with


Staff Recertification:

– Dave Bauer suggested this via email. Possible recertification every 5 years. Tracking

equipment and policy changes. However, upgrades are not fully complete at this time.

– Hannah moves to table this discussion but asking for people to write updated studio


– Ben M tables the tabling.

– Is there any problem with the station that recertification will solve? Maybe it would help

keep everybody current. We will discuss this more as a board.

Board Notes 4/5/16

— Finally added Chris to the board list (today).

— Rec certification – get an operator’s manual together, then we can continue this conversation. (Perhaps project for summer board – since it is mainly for CVs?) Hannah and Abby will get a start on this perhaps?

— Feet to the Fire.. – We have apparently signed up for a table (Sat May 7th) – and have agreed to broadcast some PSAs. Lara, Ben G.?

— Discipline – has anyone even looked at op logs recently? hannah is now.

— Rec Fair Final Promotions – what’s left? everyone put up 10 posters.

— Staff schedule rundown – What is Matt P responsible for? Hannah will get in touch.

— Enough people and vehicles for load in and out? How many? yes

— Could use help this week, preparing the collection for transport (transfer to new sturdier boxes): service hours, let trainees know.

— Mayoral podcasts on air? Middletown’s Mayor Drew is now recording a weekly podcast. City wants to know if WESU can air. BM and HR have talked and agree it would be a challenge to program around a 5-10 minute production unless we can get a DJ to absorb this into their program… and that’s a long shot. Let’s see what develops.

— Wshu/npr followup: still need to figure out best hour of ME to drop. Will ask WSHU for some listener data/insight to help pus make an educated decision. Possible replacements include: A mix of 30 and 60 minute weekly programs from Pacifica, PRX, and local/independent sources. A “liberal” daily like The Thom Hartman, David Packman, or Rising up with Sonali Kolhatkar (if technically possible) or another. These are all available via paciofica but may not be available for an east coast am broadcast. ***A live local show would be really awesome and should be our ultimate goal. While possible to pull off with volunteers that would require more work board members and Ben M. BM suggests we work to develop enough support to hire a producer to make happen. Not out of the question but it will take a while for us to get there.

— Best of WESU archives project? Name it? We already run a pacifica show called “From the Vault” and a music show called “the Vault” so we should think of another name for it. Can we dedicate a page for this? Abby + Ben G. will think more on this.

— Summer Board – Ben M suggest a four person board – Summer MD, CV liaison, Program Manager, and General Manager. Bryan Skowera has indicated he would be interested in both the CV liaison position and summer board.

— Training: update / needs? coverage needed for this sunday.

— Pledge drive: getting mailing ready this week. Ben M and Ethan are working on their parts of the packet and updating pledge form. Tess and Ethan H. will make collage. Will also get on line system updated.

— Need to nail down premiums: shirt design – red rectangle on off white.What else? Maybe a hat? Military cadet style cap ($8-$9 ea)? Trucker hat with mesh ($3-$5 ea) ? still voting on white/navy or white/black

— End of the (academic) year is in sight! Maybe 6 more board meetings and one staff meeting left… yikes! Need to start sizing up prospects for 2016-17 Board of Directors. Who’s sticking around? New prospects for positions?

— We voted yes on adding CV liaison position back to the board, as a voting position.

Board Meeting Notes 3/29/16

— Tess/Ethan H. will put up a sign in the air studio reminding DJs to sign in their guests

— R.O.: two weeks suspension, with official warnings on multiple fronts.

— Ben G. will get the Record Fair in Aural Wes’s weekend update

— pay for FB ads? over newspaper ones? Yes.

— Ethan Hill will help folks out in the studio 7 pm Wednesday, with live equipment

— Staff meeting reminder emails tonight and Saturday? Ethan H.

— Short Terms:


— Staff Meeting – agenda – Call for MD candidates – election Sunday – need to letters of intent, more to come…

— Absentee policy – Program D responsible for alerting the Personnel D who sends a warning EVERY TIME A SHOW IS MISSED. This alone should be a deterrent. After first warning – we come down on folks. To be discussed further and amended in code of conduct for our may staff meeting.

— M.H. : looking for Support of petition? not from board, at least.

Long terms:

— WESU App: Abby will update us on WesHack meeting next week.

— WSHU / NPR – plan to replace an hour of morning Edition, for fall 2016? to be discussed further

— Future of the Board – how to improve the student experience and make it more effective? Paid? positions. How much would that cost? How many hours is reasonable? Could we pay all and rely on work study for those who are eligible? Begin this conversation.

— Summer Board? To be continued.

— Bring back Community Liaison position? To be continued and of course decided on soon-ish before elections.


Board Notes 3/22/16

— We need more volunteers for the record fair: invite friends on facebook and send out another email to staff/trainees. Ethan H., Ariana, and Hannah will be leading the first round of the flyering brigade this weekend.

— Pledge drive will be on air for the last two weeks of April. To be discussed more next meeting

— Daily logs will be moved to the board room so that board members can check for no-shows during their board hours.

— To be discussed further: reinstate a community volunteer rep on the board?

— R.O. personnel situation: Tess and Ethan will send R.O. update email, to be discussed further next meeting.

— Code of conduct edits: part way approved, to be finished next meeting.

— Ben G. will write press release for record fair.

— Ethan O. is keeping training schedule as it is but adjusting the requirement slightly to account for Easter Sunday.

Board Notes 2/23/16

— Print Program: Hannah and Ethan H. will have this to Ben M. by Friday morning.

— CCP event: Tess and Ethan H. will set up WESU display at 5:30 pm. Group huddle at 6pm (other board members who can come). 

— BM sent a follow up email to dinner invitees today. 

— Display? Tess and Ethan H. will continue work on this and have it ready for Friday. Tess will email Leith about exhibition materials.

— Rec fair: coming along, 18 out of 22 tables already sold. Need to make sure we do some big time promoting to get a better turnout of patrons this time: Flyer, online posts to rec fair sites/pages, on air promo, etc. Need FB evet ASAP too. [Ariana will do, with Ben G.’s help]

— Training: First week went well, onto the second.

— CMJ subscription lapsed – subscription has been restored as of 4:30pm today.  Set up automatic billing for future as well. 

— WESU APP: Miriam brought this in to show us — looks great. Abby will explore further steps and we’ll regroup on this next week.

— Spring break programming? – Hannah will send out email and put up papers for sign up within the next week or so.

 — Upgrades:  The mixing board is in and powered up with sound!!  Should be fully connected before weekend. Once the board is fully installed, we can begin broadcasting from A again. Will see what the Abatement setup looks like before determining what studio to broadcast out of this weekend. We will likely wait for the carpet project to complete before we finish studio A upgrades.

RE: Carpet: Still need to get the tech room and studio C cleared out. Will do that tomorrow. The abatement people gave us an extra day. They will come prep on Thursday. And begin on Monday. 

— Lara will migrate PSAs and promos to studio B in the meantime. 

Board Meeting Notes 2/16/16

— Welcome (and thank you!) Abby for accepting post as TD  – need to add her to board list  & remove Simon. 

Follow ups: 

— Station history online update?: Ben G. updated the site as per Leif’s article and will contact Leif about his longer presentation notes.

— Program guide? It has been sent to the printer.

— Daily FB or Instagram posts? What happened to these? We must!!

— Record Fair:  Need to get the event listed in all of the Record fair websites and FB pages ASAP (Ben G.) Ariana?

— WESU app? Zazie will ask Miriam to come in and show us the app at next board meeting so that we can assess and decide how to proceed.

— Studio reservation system: Waiting on delivery of cable for monitor. Should be here tomorrow.  

— Can architects of this new g-cal system work on developing a set of instructions that detail how it works (for staff)? i.e.: how to make a reservation… Users can use their own gmail accounts if the calendar is shared with them, right? Otherwise, people need to use the WESU gmail account (which should remain logged in)? Ben G. and Abby are on this.

— CCP ribbon cutting Event on 2/26 – more details to come: Will have a table and easel… Can we mount and display Staff Photo/shirts/and program guides? (Tess and Ethan are making this) So far, we will have a display at event, some folks (only Ethan) will be at dinner, The alumni that the naming ceremony is associated with will be coming by the station on Friday for a quick tour and would love to meet some students involved… anyone available for 11-11:30 ish? Zazie, Abby, Ethan…?

— New music for automation – Erin will come in on Wednesday and upload/transfer.

— Music money: great purchasing at Red Scroll. So far we’ve spent $500 at red scroll, will need $300 for CMJ, already spent $200 or so on Dylan and other misc… Roughly $1,000 left — Sub MDs? Metal, folk, jazz… or 

— Upgrades/carpet Ben M is working on mapping out move for Carpet and upgrades… Asbestos 

— Abatement will happen first carpet will be immediately behind. Areas/Rooms that need to be cleared first are:  Hallway, studio C, Tech Room, and jazz/blues library. 

— Can we get the Argus to loan us some space? Is there still an unused office there, which we might be able to use temporarily? Hannah R. will ask. 

— Need to clear out/free up filing cabinets in board room to start putting CDs in…  will have work study get on this.

— Tess will find the board contact doc and re-send.

Board Meeting Notes 2/9/16

— Follow up: schedule reservation system to be worked on this week by Ethan, Ben. G.

— Mission statement is online.

— Need an update for website – Spring Program announcement? Ben G.?

— Display for ccp 2/26 poster board style: Tess and Ethan will make this.

— Program guide: update – Ethan and Hannah are almost done! To be sent to the printers by the end of the week.

— Carpet: Ben M meets with physical plant today – carpet start date is 2/22 – need to see if this makes sense to do at the same time Charles is working on studio upgrades. How to meet needs of producers? Tell them to work around us? (just a thought)

— Tech Dir. – Simon is out on medical leave. We will appoint someone in the interim. Ethan H. will email.

— Ben M ordered toner for board room pc.

— Stream Rewind calendar: Hannah please get Get BM a list of shows that need fixing per Simon’s email. To be fixed soon.

— New music purchasing happening during the board meeting — Erin and Nick are there now.

— Training: each board member should sign up for one thursday or sunday session — Ethan O. will send out a spreadsheet. Training will begin next week.

— Ariana will make a record fair flyer for the next board meeting and get to work on recruiting help (as well as a shadow/point person) for the event.

— Hannah R. and Ben M. will figure out the venmo situation and what sort of credit card info is needed/possible.

Staff Meeting Notes 2/7/16

Ethan – Welcome to February staff meeting – hope students enjoyed a great break. 

Thanks to everyone who stuck around for holding down the fort.

Thanks to Hannah for getting the Program together. 

Welcome back Ben M! 

Few word from Ben M – Good to be back, thanks for the personal notes of concern and support. And for taking such good care of the station in my absence. Lost lots of time planned for upgrades and pledge drive due to injury but have been making up for lost time. Will report more later.

Ethan – Introduce Professor Kauanui and Radio activism and Media: Ask her to introduce and speak about Class and what they need from WESU staff for assistance.

Program – Hannah:  Program guide ETA…   

Music Directors – Starting to purchase music – Sub MDs and staff should make suggestions and requests for music the station is lacking.

Events- Ariana – Record Fair will be on Sunday April 10th.  We’ll be recruiting volunteers to help leading up to and during the event. Anyone want to design a flyer for service hours?  

 — Public Affairs: Zazie will be creating an online form for public file stuff, shared on google docs.

— Personnel: Reminder of only three staff meetings this spring. Training this semester will be Thursdays and Sundays again — tell folks interested to get in touch with Ethan O. for further details.

Winter Pledge update – Ben M  

Success! While it was a challenge – we made our goal – We hit $20K in one drive without any special incentives (matching gifts etc). It was hard on listeners and staff but we did it!

— To sweeten the deal, we unexpectedly received 2 large donations from alumni – Steve Gross who donated $8,810 during our 75th came through with another $6k donation and another Alumni donated $2,000 on New Year’s Eve. This put us $8K ahead of the game granted we our new delay cost $3K and we have a couple thousand dollars in legal fees this year, too.  If we can do as well in our spring drive, we will have some additional money to put into upgrades and equipment replacement.

— Processing: hoped to report all premiums have been sent out by last Friday.  Storm on got in the way.  Everything is poised to go out with the exception of a couple items that are out of stock. (Hoods and LG long sleeve). 

— Observations / moving forward Bottom line, it takes us 2 months to hit the $20 K mark. But 2 months is too long for constant heavy pitching on air.  We will continue to refine or approach. Starting with program guide mailing, followed by direct mail pitch, social media and email campaigns, and some light ton air reminders. Will try to use the full on-air portion to complete the drive in late April. 

Open to discussion as we continue to hone our pledge drive model.

Studio upgrades – Ben M 

Studio A

New delay – Still figuring out the new features. Dump doesn’t automatically get rid of all 8 seconds. Hold it down to completely drain.  Also has sneeze, and panic functions. 

New Monitor – is touch screen that will function once we get a newer version of windows setup. 
New Headphones
   – do not coil them up, just hand from the rack. Be nice to them, they are MUCH better and more expensive than the ones we used for the last 10 years.

Studio B 
new production PC
 – At long last the studio B PC died – replaced the tower with a mini pc and put a nice new big monitor in there.

Other upgrade updates:
Studio reservation system is near ready to go
. We should be unrolling this in the next week or so. 

We are also getting ready to install the new mixing board in studio A (work scheduled to start Feb 22). This will require us to shut down studio A and broadcast out of studio B until the work is complete.  Max time 2 weeks hopefully much less. Once the board is in studio, it is likely there will be some downtime for studio B as we work to upgrade that studio.

When upgrades are complete, studio A will have a new mixing board and Studio B will be better suited for performances and group conversations. 

Other goals include: 

– new phone coupler system

– more interconnectivity between studios

– more counter space

-improved ergonomics 

– better sound insulation

– moving ricks desk to Board Room, Putting all automation gear in one vertical rack. 

– new countertops

-Windows in studio doors

-New networking hardware

-new computers and cd players.

-microsoft products and a newer version of adobe audition (will keep old, too)

WHAT Else do folks want/need to improve functionality and ergonomics?

— remote broadcasting rig?

— video?

— listening station with a cd player?

— sound effects board?

New Carpet: To further complicate all of this, we are getting new carpet in the near future. We are still mapping out the plan but it will require many hands on deck as we shift the contents of rooms around one at a time. To further complicate…. There’s some asbestos under the carpet in a couple of the rooms. There is no threat or health concern at the moment and great caution will be taken during abatement to ensure everyone’s health and safety. Rooms in need of abatement will be sealed and off limits during the process.  

We will likely use this as an opportunity to start storing some of our CD collections in filing cabinets.  We will also make a move to start storing 7” records in filing cabinets as well. Filing cabinets will help us make better use of our limited space and better protect media. Hopefully It will also be easier to browse/organize. 

More details on when we need hands on deck as and how exactly this comes together as plans develop. Meeting with Carpet crew, Tuesday.

Studio shuffle. How can we help people work around this challenge? 

Next Meeting is April 3rd – No March meeting due to WES spring break

Board Meeting Notes 2/2/16

Follow ups

-Program guide – hannah and ethan will have it done asap.

– Asking SBC for fund $2,700 for delay – Tess and Ethan will arrange this in the next week.

-RedScroll / amazon purchasing – solicit staff requests (via email and meeting before trip?)

Studio Update: Studio B production PC died and has successfully been replaced. PC still needs tweaking… ie: it has been networked and can record through theboard. Needs Chrome and firefox and some other programs.

More on Upgrades – studio B will be out of commission during upgrade. Starting Feb 21st.  What do we need to do to meet people’s needs? Can we fix up studio C?

Prof Kauanui Radio activism and Media production – regarding class at meeting – arriving at 1:45 – to meet and greet before meeting.

CCP naming ceremony at Albritton 2/26– board will all be invited to attend. A few will be invited to a dinner with the trustees. Hope as many of us as possible will participate in open house at Allbritton, to represent WESU as an integral part of the CCP (and WES student experience) and interact with Trustees. We will also need to develop a display that represents the work we do — Tess and Ethan will make this.

Press release for new season!   Ben G and Hannah are working on this.

Event updates?  

– Record fair – need to change date or red scroll (and likely others) can’t attend due to record store day (the day before). Tentative new date is April 10th. (one week earlier) . No home games or other CT shows that date. Ben M has reached out to EMS to switch Beckham reservation. 

Other agenda items for staff meeting: 

Pledge update, hope to report all premiums have been sent out. 

Studio B new production PC 

Studio A and carpet downtime. How can we help people work around this challenge? 

Studio A upgrades: ask staff for input – Studio A will remain air studio with upgradedboard and phone system. Studio B will remain a production room and performance space.  We are working on making better inter-studio links for recording, making performance and group conversation equipment permanent and accessible. Better sound insulation.