Board Meeting Notes 1/26/16

— Ben M – Thanks to everyone for the good vibes during unexpected temp disability.

— Update mission statement and history online – For Ben G.: let’s use Leith Johnson’s Wes Magazine article (he’s a-ok with that).

— Update disclaimer on board in studio so it is current (to-do during workday next Friday the 5th)

— Spring pledge dates – Sometime in April (TBD/to be discussed more).

— Spring record fair date – tentatively Sunday 4/17 (no home games on campus)

— Winter Pledge drive update: we surpassed our goal by just over $3K. Then our profanity delay died and we spent that money to get a new one. If we want to remain ahead of the game , for spring drive, we should consider asking the SBC to cover that expense. Our previous delay unit lasted over 10 years! That’s only $300/year!  (Tess and Ethan H. will get on this).

— Way behind in processing – Due to Ben M’s unexpected time off, he’s way behind. This is his main priority and he hopes to get receipts and premiums out before the end of next week. Will be depending on Work-study for help.  

— Upgrade updates: New Carpet – no specific dates yet but the carpet should arrive within 2 weeks. Work will likely begin before the end of February. It’s going to be a real challenge to shuffle everything around to meet the needs of the contractors. We will need many hands on deck (staff service hours)!  Plus there’s the additional challenge of being locked out of rooms for asbestos abatement. Met with Charles Henry (station engineer) on Monday and started to map out our plan. New mixer work starting Feb 22. All shows will need to work out of studio B until the work in the air studio is complete. Charles says 2 weeks (max) to get the new mixer and phone system together. It’s likely that he will be done much quicker.  (Computer and program work will be done during our work-day next Friday the 5th — Ethan H. and Tess will do some research in regards to Lynda and other teaching options, regarding new editing programs).

— Room scheduling system – this still needs doing!  Need to set up google calendar or other program to help manage studio reservations so we can move on from dry erase board (will be done work-day Friday 5th). Ben G. will show us the calendar he made at our next board meeting.

— WESU app: Simon will show us the current interface/tool at our next board meeting, for evaluation and moving forwards.

— Program – Looking great. Thanks to Hannah for getting it together and for staying on top of Spinitron schedule. Any lingering open air time that needs filling? Program design by Mat Puzzo? When to expect?

— Stream rewind calendar –  Like spinitron should have already been update. Simon, where are you? – Simon says he will be done by the end of the week.

— Tess, Ethan, and Zazie will meet and review the code of conduct, revising it with changes we agreed on last semester as well as re-centering/adding to the language in regards to our station ethics. We will have a report for the board next week, with plans of having final changes for our staff meeting in April. This will be an ongoing process this semester.

We will be having a Work-Day as a board (as many as can make it, definitely Ethan H. and Tess will be there) next Friday February 5th from 8 am through early afternoon, to work on station upgrades that need work.

— Mail loss? Ben M. will investigate, but there might not be much to do about it.

— Ending note: end of year is fast approaching – good time to think about how you to ensure you can reach the goals you set for yourself.

Board Meeting Notes 12/15/15

— Ethan O.: Make sure to add new staff to email list and staff list as they wrap it up

— t-shirt sales? we made $85! Closing in on the drive. Less than @2k to go. Ben M is keeping tally going.

— Ben M update: Surgery went fine. Now dealing with pain management and being stationary.

— Hannah has posted the slots for Winter break programming and will send out the spring application within the next week or so.

— Get mail downstairs. Slide any flat mail under my office door (donations etc) Rick is reporting to me on incoming mail donations.

— Tess will set up a google doc/shared document for us to begin reviewing the code of conduct / get a head start.

Staff Meeting Notes 12/6/15

Ben M regrets: temporarily disabled with cast and crutches for 6-8 weeks. Hasn’t yet quite figured out how this will affect work other than it will be a challenge to get back and forth. Anticipating lots of work from home.

— Reminder – no January Meeting. Next meeting will be Feb 3, Super bowl Sunday. That meeting will be at 2pm in PAC 001

— Parking:  In the last few months parking has become an issue. Some days the lot is full with no spots for staff who work in the building. Ben M met with Public Safety and building managers. We will get 4  WESU parking spots in the near future. We will also come up with a WESU sticker to identify vehicles that can park in the spots… not sure exactly how quick this will happen. Ben M implored them to be quick as it is a real problem for some staff.

— Grant: unfortunately, we were not awarded the $75K grant that Ben M applied for. The money went to hospitals and other very real needs in the state. Upside: we have the language ad work estimates ready for the next opportunity and we can move forward on studio upgrades with less to coordinate. Speaking of Studio upgrades:  We will get ball rolling; hope to get much done over winter break.

 — Pledge update: Making progress but still need over $7,000 and it’s slowing down. We need to find a way to get all staff on board. Not fair to depend on the ones who “get it” and make the effort. We have WESU holiday cards that folks can send out to help inspire another round of giving in addition to / instead of packets.  We sent out 500 cards to the same people we sent pledge forms to. We have more available and will mail them for you if you provide us with an address. Or, we can provide the card and envelope for you to mail out…

— Program: update/reminder of coverage policy/ies

— Winter Break Programming: Hanna will send post the slots on the board shortly.

— Spring Program application process:  applications will be sent out mid-december.

— WESU – T – Shirt tabling (will you need help?)  T-shirts are available to staff for $10 and will be sold at usdan for $20 to campus community next Thursday and Friday, from 11 am – 1 pm.

— Music Directors: Have money to spend. If you have requests, let them know.

— Public affairs disclaimer policy/mission statement: updates were approved (minor).

— Production: With pledge drive continuing..  we’ll need to Migrate into holiday pledge drive announcements. Would be great to get some new ones..

— Reminder – no January Meeting. Next meeting will be Feb 3, Super bowl Sunday. That meeting will be at 2pm in PAC 001

— a few things that the board was asked to look into, going into next semester: 1. how to block callers on the studio telephone (re: harrassment, etc.), 2. if there is a way to stream over a telephone line so that those outside of the broadcast range and without access to internet/computers can listen in


Board Meeting Notes 12/1/15

— Carpet Update: there’s asbestos underneath the carpeting in some of the rooms. This complicates things but it is manageable. It is likely the carpet job is a spring job. Going to need lots of hand on board!

— Grant: unfortunately a no-go. Honestly, makes planning our upgrades a little easier — we can focus on implementing these for winter break….

Program: thanksgiving went pretty well. Hannah should review the logs….

— Winter Break will need to be touched on at the staff meeting this Sunday…

— Need to formalize and enforce an absentee policy: board’s decision: If you miss 1 shows in a season, you have to produce an evergreen show, to “make up” for it. If you miss two shows in a season, your status as DJ will go under review by the board. (Still need to find a time — perhaps early next semester — to truly revise and implement these changes in the code of conduct, more generally, too).

Pledge Drive: getting there! Just over $8K to go. just got ok to participate in Wesleyan giving Tuesday campaign. Ethan/Tess alumni to come by next week, as well as Ben G.’s targeted emails to tix winners and station guests. Ben M will also craft one more (hopefully last) email push reflecting upon 10 years as GM.

Post cards are ready. Ben M will get mailing list ready to start sending them out tomorrow. T-shirts were supposed to be here yesterday. Haven’t seen them yet. Maybe Joe will bring them tonight when they come to station for their show.

— here’s a fun fact: Lara’s promos are getting better and better – super props to her! Check out Price is right and Apollo themed spots!

— Sunday meeting: Staff email reminder needs to go out tonight (Ethan H.)! Also will address at meeting: Pledge update, packets, winter break programming

— Ben M could use some production backup on Friday (in case family situation calls him from work): CT skies interview from 2-3pm (Ethan H. has this covered!)

Purchasing (music and other): Erin and Nick will pick a date to go to redscroll for sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Training: all board members should sign up for slots to administer practical exams, asap!

— Selling T-shirts at usdan next week? Tess will reserve a table, Ethan H. will send out a google sheet sign up for shifts (sign up), will be Monday through Wednesday 11 am-1 pm.

Mission: public affairs talk…to be finished up at board gathering this saturday evening and a plan for addressing it at the upcoming staff meeting will be devised.

— Ad in argus? Ben G. is working on it.

— Wesleying pledge post? – done!

FB posting: keep doing it!

Board Meeting Notes 11/17/15

— Observatory – oral history project – Ben M. has this one covered for now, we’ll see how it progresses.

— Automation music new playlist 8 hrs of music: Erin and Nick are on it (will consult Ethan H.)

— Pledge packets – distribute! 500 pledge packets went into mail!

— Training: Tips and tricks this weekend, Tess will moderate and Ethan H. will help administer test. Guests still being secured.

— Put up WESU 75th video on fb (Ben G.?)

— Press release ready to go Wesleying, Argus, ad in Argus? M-town eye, Wesleyan blog, patch. Ben G.? Update?

— Reminder: Leaving music in board room (new and old) is a problem.

— Alumni email pitch from Prez and VP — Tess and Ethan will write and send to the board for approval this weekend!

— Barnes and Noble follow up? Ethan H. will email her with our response. At the moment, doesn’t really make sense for us to proceed further with this.

— Holiday Post card – need language from Ethan as well as handwritten “image” for back side. Update?

— T-shirts will be in before the end of the week. T shirt table for the week after break? for $15?

— Board T-shirts per Ethan H. He will talk to Joe and Pete and give us further info.

— Bumper stickers have been ordered –will be shipped on or before 12/1

— Saturday programming (D) – filled by Hannah.

— AOA – profanity last episode: stronger warning/change in policy. next time if it happens, they will need a live watchdog of sorts among themselves.

— DJ Northern lights no show on 11/9? Hannah is filling the slot alternating with DJ B.

— Mission – public affairs talk…: to be continued this sunday evening 6-7:30 pm, usdan 110

— Evergreen web posts – DJ / show profiles w pics…. Oooh! Ben G.?

Board Meeting 11/12/15

Board Meeting Notes 11/10/15

— Board duties – just another reminder….we must check during our board hours!

— Training: stay posted for practical exam scheduling, to come soon.

— Public affairs: continued board discussion session on guidelines and disclaimers is set for this Sunday 5:30 pm-6:30 pm, location TBA, probably usdan

— Personnel – CA vs VN – both have confirmed receipt of the resolution. Viso is trying to get back on track. CA has been quiet since his initial reaction on Friday.

Station Upgrades: Tess and Ethan will update computers and software by the end of the semester.

— Pledge drive: woohoo – we passed the ¼ mark! Mailing is being assembled. Will start hitting the streets tomorrow. First email blast has happened. Still need: press release ASAP (to go to Middletown eye, Middletown patch, wes community blog, wesleying), from Ben M. Lara will send staff update reminding DJs to play at least 2 pledge promos per show for this week. Starting Monday, we will Increase frequency to 4 spots per hour and advise. Big email blast happened last Friday, now we need specific Email campaigns to past donors, alumni, guests, staff and ticket/promo winners (Ethan’s letter to come next week). FB – really need to make those daily FB posts for the drive!!  Think creative! We should be sending out holiday post cards (with new staff pic) by 11-19 for Thanksgiving break. These will include a pitch from Ethan thanking folks for donations and reminding others we still need them. Maybe a T-shirt or bumper sticker table later in the semester?

Program: Maybe put a note in the application about conflicts/commitments, letting work-study students know that we will do our best to accommodate scheduling as needed.


Board Meeting Notes 11/3/15

— Board duties – is anyone checking the account? We all need to do this more.

— All staff meeting, follow up – attendance was pretty light. Ethan O. will send out emails to folks that are in danger of losing their good standing (and must come to our december meeting)

— Budget update – awesome that we got $8K more, this year. Tess shared the budget document with the board.

— Training: Rest of board should stay posted for help needed on tips + tricks / administering practical exams.

— T-shirt design – Lee has decided on brown on orange. Ben M has spoken to Joe M re printing. Should be worked out soon.

— Sticker? – Final vote: Black on white

— Homecoming?  Ben G. will send an email to staff members, encouraging them to take their folks down to the station.

— Music directors – start thinking about purchasing…. What’s in the budget? What do we need? Reach out to Sub MDs and staff for suggestions! Also: What other MDs are needed?

— Public affairs – Tess will send out a when2meet, for a separate meeting about our code/our listenings.

— Personnel – CA vs VN – Tess, Ethan, and Ben M. will stay posted on this front. Ben M and Ethan have both followed up this week.

— New/modify Disclaimer?  Change of language – maybe break into 2 clear and separate parts? One for views expressed and another for language? The views expressed are not intended to represent… “, rather than “by no means reflect” → to be talked about at our “public affairs/mission meeting)

— Studio reservation system: Really need this upgrade to happen. Have hardware – need system. Google cal seems most accessible for starters. Any takers to set that up where Ben M left it off? Ben G will help with this starting next week.

— Pledge drive: began (yesterday) Monday 11/1 –  Goal is $20K .

All staff email instructions to go out ASAP

Website, FB and Pledge forms updated (on and offline)

Reminder, DJs should start playing promos.  2 per show for starters. will Increase frequency and advise.

Need press release ASAP from Ben G.

Mailing will go out by the end of this week or early next week and include, pledge letter by Ben M, Pledge form, and program guide.

Email campaign to follow. All list, then specific campaigns to past donors, alumni, guests and ticket/promo winners.

FB – really need to make those daily FB posts for the drive!!  Think creative!

We should be sending out holiday post cards (with new staff pic) by 11-19 for Thanksgiving break. These will include a pitch from Ethan thanking folks for donations and reminding others we still need them.

— New promos: Contest? Ethan and Erin won 🙂

Staff Meeting Notes 11/1/15

— Lee Berman made an awesome tshirt design: mocked up orange on black.

— Thanks to David Bauer for the Staff Photo shoot! Thanks also to those who made it out.

— Record fair, Success. It’s a big event that task a lot of work from a lot of people. There’s literally a lot of heavy lifting.  Thanks to Arianna, the board and everyone else who contributed to the success.

— CMJ report, – Our trusty MDs give a brief report on the experience of the conference.

— Program guides: are in and look great.  But are mostly gone already, We printed 1,200 and have somehow gone through 700, leaving us with just barely enough for our upcoming mailing. Please don’t take large quantities of them at a time. We will think about printing more next semester. Please only distribute strategically.

— Program: Due to an unexpected personnel change, there is now free air time after 11:30 pm Saturdays. Anyone interested in filling this slot should email Hannah for expressing their interest.

— Station Upgrades: We should know the result of the grant we applied for in 3-4 weeks. IF we get the funding for studio sound insulation and backup power this will affect our upgrade plans/schedule. We are also working with the university to replace the carpeting. They have come out for an inspection and agree the carpet needs to be replaced. They are trying to line up funding. Of course this also impacts our upgrade schedule.

— public affairs: don’t forget to read the disclaimer before espousing a personal opinion or airing the type of content that should only be aired after 10 pm!

— personnel: be sure to let ethan O. know if you would be willing to have interns on your show!

— Pledge drive: (keeping w tradition) Monday 11/2, during The Bauer Hour. We expect to go for entire month of November, starting one month earlier than usual. We hope to make the best of opportunities this month including homecoming, when family and alumni are around as well as thanksgiving break when folks are with their family and friends and hopefully reflecting on things we are all thankful for, like WESU. Please consider putting your creativity to work by producing a promo. I will also be making some new promos. There will also be a pledge binder in the studio with sample scripts, pledge drive information and station facts that can be used in pitches. We will update the tally on our website, Facebook page, and dry erase board in the studio. Our program guide and appeal will go out this week to 500 of our most recent past donors. We will follow that up at the end of the month with a postcard of our staff picture with an appeal from Ethan Hill, President of the Board.

— We have a new T-Shirt designed by Lee Berman (who has moved to NYC) $35

We will also offer our black and white hoodies and the black and red “classic” long sleeves for $45.

— Let’s consider a WESU tye-dye event for the spring! and all tye-dye shirts and other items together!

Board Meeting Notes 10/28/15

Personnel Issue (CA + VN): voted on as a board and is moving forward with the agreed upon disciplinary action. Tess and Ethan H. will send out the decision later this week.
Pledge Drive: Promos due by our staff meeting this Sunday. They will be listened to and “compete” at next week’s meeting. Ben Goldberg will get things rolling this week in terms of online PR. Mailings will go out next week (work-study folks/trainees/service hours will help package). The drive officially begins this Monday November 2nd at 4 pm.
Public Affairs review and standardization: to be discussed further next week. Zazie will send the necessary email to BB. Otherwise, everyone listen to your assigned shows!
Training: Ethan O. will share trainee show ideas with us — please give feedback! Even if only for a few minutes!

Board Meeting Notes 10/20/15

— Re: Work Study Board Positions: We want to go through OCS on this one instead of the WSA, as right now it seems that the WSA resolution doesn’t make so much sense for us, in terms of sustainability/organization. Ethan H. will go talk to Alex Garcia sometime soon to get the details on the resolution that passed. Erin will casually bring this up / test the waters on this with her boss at OCS in the coming week or so. We will also continue to talk about this as a board in our next meeting (including Ben M) and see where we can go with this.

— Re: Budget: Hooray! We got $8,000 extra this year for various station upgrades. Ethan H. and Tess will talk more nitty-gritty about this with Ben M next week.

— Program:

It is printed and in and it looks great! *to be sent out soon*

Hannah will send out an email regarding fall-break programming coverage.

— T-shirts: We might reprint the “not for babies anymore” design for this run, or explore LB’s possible design. To be decided for sure at next week’s meeting, as we want to get this printed asap.

— Pledge Drive: Board promos due for next week. We want to have them for the upcoming staff meeting.

— Everyone sign up and listen to your assigned Public Affairs shows via Zazie’s google spreadsheet for next meeting, so that we can have a discussion about station policy based off of our listening.

— Personnel Issue: Ben M., Tess, Ethan O., and Ethan H. will make a decision on this in the coming week or so. Right now evidence is being reviewed and discussed. This will probably lead to some review/reconsideration of our station policy by the board, at some point in the future.