Board Meeting Notes 04-23-13

Live Show meeting feedback – talk to Adam W or Avery if you know of anyone who you think should perform. There will be another meeting next week on Tues at 4.

Apparently someone has never signed the log for his show. Is he even doing it? Adam will look into this.

BREAKING NEWS: WE WON A PIZZA PARTY!!! May 7th. Thank you, Issy, for collecting our award.

Tabling for Usdan – We have enough volunteers, can store the stock in the WSA conference, and keep the money in mail boxes. Bring stickers to sell for a dollar.

Mailing is almost ready to go out, we have 5 or 6 more promos but we need more.
Every board member should make one. Contest for best promo. Issy will send out email. Remind people to talk about it on air. Communicate more with staff.

Some issues with email listserver.

Manic Productions – Pick 5 shows for ticket giveaways.

Advocate party! – Music Directors have cars! Meet up at 6 at the station, to be back at least by 9.

Commencement and Reunion Open House plan – Virgil will make sure we are on the event schedule, Ben will find the contact. Avery will talk to Rob about Red & Black catering.

Scan all the posters/letters of intent for Election Projection! Someone should moderate it – Avery. She will bring the quacker. Virgil will make a ballot. Katherine will send out an email about the scanning, say that they can send their poster directly, mention that tech director is open, and that everyone will have to make a minute speech. If you are running for multiple positions, multiple speeches.

Awards for people who have done exemplary service for the station, and for 5 year anniversaries. Avery will contact Sam to ask where the information from last year is.


Still need to move the records to the Goodwill.  Katherine will email the people who need service hours seeing if any of them can drive the van/help load and figure out a day to do that. Fun opportunity to go to Goodwill!

J and A will be at COL dinner next week. Cap’n Cohen will take the helm.

Cardinal Printing traded us underwriting to print our letter, and they folded it and put in envelopes!

Grateful Dead talk – the poster is “groovy”.  April 30th. Mickey will make the promo tomorrow. Interview with John is all set up. Mad props to Mickey!!
Megapolis was super cool, highly recommended, future WESU kids should volunteer to get in for free. You get to meet cool people.

Board Meeting Notes 04-16-13

Advocate Party – Thurs 25th 6-9pm – should we plan our own dance?
Need a driver, will ask Cathy for a van.

Advocate Ad – It looks great, Virgil is a champ.

Boldy James/Gifted Higgz – Dan DJ’d for the opener, excellent job. Many enthusiastic fans, much stage presence. Best sausage fest. Peak attendance of maybe 80? Mickey had a strange interaction with PSafe about checking IDs. Seemed like they weren’t made aware that the event was open to the public. Mickey will follow up on why this was.
Should get a blurb about it for the site, there was a dude filming, so maybe we can get some footage from him.

Congrats on the Concert Series!!! In the future, Mickey recommends one concert a semester, so that we can really focus on promoting and working on it. Does limit ability to cater to diverse tastes, so the board would have to make sure to be aware of representing this diversity either within one varied line up or over time.

Psychedelic Grateful Dead lecture – Speaker is now in touch with Uncle J, Mickey is working on getting a phone call to make a promo. They will be making their own poster, we might need to make a black and white flyer. They are mostly working through CFA so it’s unclear how much publicity they need us to do.


Featured DJ from the music director’s blog should go onto the main page.

Record Fair follow up – All music from the fair is still at the top of the stairs because we need to get rid of it. Organizing party to put it in a van and take it to Goodwill.

Student Leadership Award – Izzy is going anyways, so she will represent us.
Live Radio Show meeting – next Tuesday at 4. Piers is in! Adam W will do a wesleying post.

Pledge drive – We should tell everyone when the packets come up. They will include a letter, a program guide, and a thing you can mail off for a tshirt, plus an addressed envelope. Need to get everyone to play the promos.
Look into sending out bulk mailing using Wesleyan’s status as a non-profit.

Tabling for shirts in Usdan – new for $15, old for $10. Avery will talk to Frank at SALD. Once we get the table we can organize staffing.

Can we get some publicity in the Argus? They apparently want an actual story, so let’s use the Advocate award, and also our new style pledge drive. We can also share this with local news outlets.

Issues with previewing posts on the website, Dan will look into it.

New campus engagement news letter for students, could be a good PR opportunity for us, recruitment tool, etc. Email Ben or Cathy with content.


So much interest in the board! Katherine will send out an email discouraging people from running for two many positions. We need to clear some space for letters of intent. Or people could put them on the studio bulletin board.

ICE CREAM PARTY – Ben will talk to the ICE CREAM MAN. Make a promo saying ‘PLEASE GIVE US MONEY FOR ICE CREAM’, maybe work out underwriting with him.

The Boy Scouts cancelled on us!


WesFest – Direct interested pre-frosh to look around the station, ask DJs with prefrosh to bring their pre-frosh. Could put a sign on the door saying “Welcome Prefrosh” etc.

Commencement Open House- Figure out who to contact to make sure we are in the book, since this has been an issue in the past. Avery will ask Red & Black about sandwiches and coffee.

N M from Aural Wes wants to see if we can put a stream on Aural Wes. Dan will email Nick about working this out.

SHOFCO is doing an audiobook recording project. We could offer our studio for recording.  Could get a little crazy with scheduling, but we could give them a mobile recording facility.

Board Meeting Notes 04-09-13

Hartford Advocate ad – Virgil has some designs, should direct people to donate, rather than “become a member”. We also need to have an option on the website to say that people decided to donate based on the ad.
We are Mad Men.

Mickey will be sending out an email with the posters, still waiting on the openers. Dan is texting will right now. We could get a DJ. Freestyle collective?

Send the Trainee Army to put up posters, preferably before Thursday at 12.

D W (frosh) will be learning to live stream to take up the Live Stream mantle when Mickey leaves.

UPDATE: Will confirms that he will be the opener.

Mickey will make the promo tonight.

Boy Scouts! Coming on Monday! They should absolutely do a station drop/promo.

Wed 24th – 7th Graders from Oddfellows will be coming to record poetry.

Argus News Radio – previously, they haven’t had to go through training but now they want to, which is good. B and A suggest that they get to count their production work for the Argus as internships.  Maybe just one internship required.

Elections – You can run for multiple positions. Katherine will send out an email about this, reminding people to post letters of intent.

LIVE SHOW – Have a meeting ,reserve a space (CFA Hall, hopefully, or the CHAPEL). Gage interest, put out a Wesleying post saying email Avery.  25th/26th.

Pledge Drive!: Trainees should know that it is an opportunity to make promos. A and I will organize together. Send out an all staff email to remind people to make and play them.
Not clear how far Ben is on the packet, Avery will be in contact.

S C knows how to screen-printing. Katherine will email him about the process so we can do this in the future.
It would be great to sell shirts at tables to students. Maybe see if we can get them a little cheaper for students. Another service hour opportunity.
Sell shirts at WesFest.

Changes to the Code of Conduct – Click through version for DJs to sign?

Staff Meeting 04-07-13

Thanks to everyone for helping out at the Record Fair, it went really well. More vendors than before, and more money than before! Major props to L and M, and thanks to Cathy for the van, and others who lent vehicles.

Zammuto show was fantastic, thanks for helping and coming out.

Boldy James show next weekend in the WestCo Courtyard, should be really cool! Outdoor and at night! Renegade! Friday, 9:30 – 11:30.
Postering help needed this week. If you are interested, email events[at]wesufm[dot]org for the files.

Dark Star: A Psychedelic Lecture – 8pm Tuesday, April 30th, look out for an awesome promo. Guarenteed to blow your mind.

Remember to talk up the events on air.

Revisions to the Code of Conduct are done, the final version has gone out, let us know if you have any concerns.
There is one new section (12), at the very end. List of different types of incidents and who to call. If you are interacting with kids, policy for reporting suspected child abuse. There will be a specific training for people who work regularly with kids. It will also be up in the studio on the bulletin board, and will eventually be on the website.

Training – Before the next staff meeting (May the 4th (be with you!)) is Tips and Tricks, panel discussion of DJs for the new trainees. Email personnel[ar]wesufm[dot] if you want to be on the panel.

WesFest Activities fair – We have a table to talk up WESU to prefrosh, email kcohen[at]wesleyan[dot]edu if you want to take an hour long shift.
Facebook – the smaller WESU page is being deleted, a message will go out saying to switch to the larger one. Email vtaylor[at]weselyan[dot]edu.

Board Elections are coming up, at the next board meeting. To declare candidacy, you need to post a letter of intent on the bulletin board at the station saying what you are running for. Do this 2 weeks before the final meeting. If you have questions about what any of the positions entail, email the board member concerned.

Megapolis – 19th -12th, M and A will be presenting, tickets still available, and there are opportunities to volunteer in exchange for a free pass. Contact Avery if you are thinking of going.

Pledge Drive – Non-Traditional pledge drive, less on-air pitching, more mailings. We have cool packets. Mention donations on air, take a few packets to give out. Hopefully each DJ can get at least 3 people to pledge, or work with Ben to figure out an appropriate goal and a plan to make it happen. Thinking of new creative ways to get donations.

Thanks to Cathy, we have money to put two ads in the Hartford Advocate to thank people for voting for us and ask for donations.

Ice Cream Social for the final meeting of the season (but you have to earn us some money to buy ice cream!)

May 11th – Middletown Remix festival on Main St. should be fun. There will be a PSA about it soon.

Idea to end the year with a WESU version of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me/Prairie Home Companion. One hour live show, with professors, DJs, music. Contact the board with ideas.

Board Meeting Notes 04-02-13

RECORD FAIR – Food Trucks? Lee is going to be busy at 4, but we can get two university vans, need certified van drivers over 20. Jesse is already certified. Email staff for volunteers. Mickey will get back to us on other help needed.
Hang up the posters!
Play the promos!
Downtown flyer-ing, contact Quentin. Also a good service opportunity.
Get together a press release for local blogs.
Update will go out to the listserv with all the different service hour opportunities.
Lee has sold more tables than we have, we need 5 more tables.

Hartford Advocate – We have $350 for an ad, good opportunity to solicit donations, possibly give them some underwriting in exchange for a second ad.
Cathy sent us a nice note.

We need to include a policy on reporting neglect/abuse of children into our Code of Conduct, and those working directly with kids need to go through brief training on it.

Staff Meeting on Sunday – seems like generally people want the meeting time to remain at 6.
We talk about the Code of Conduct briefly.
Let people know about upcoming board elections, what the various positions entail, and that they need to put a letter of intent on the bulletin board.

WesFest Activities Fair – April 19th 11 am – 2 pm, can’t play any music, need a sign and maybe some stickers to give away, sign in sheet. Ask for volunteers to do hour long shifts. Cap’n Kohen will ko-ordinate.


Tunein – Ben M & Ben N – Meeting of the Bens. They have cool tools for analyzing listenership, give us many new unique listeners. Are happy to ad a donate now button to our stream, and are willing to work with us on an announcement soliciting donations. Made clear that we need to stay renegade, they are cool with this. Could be a really good revenue stream for us.


Training -  Adam W has the email list, got people for the Sunday training slot.

EriQ is DJ of the month.

Office of Community Service wants a blurb about what our group does by next Tuesday for promotion.

Pledge Drive – Ben has many punny ideas. BRAINSTORM. Find ex-DJs and board members on facebook for monies. Working with DJs to set appropriate personal fundraising goals.

Ice Cream Social after last staff meeting. Dave could take an awesome group photo, for postertity.
Board organized live show, bringing on old DJs, professors, musical acts?
Someone cool as a replacement Carl K.
Recognize people who have been doing the show for super long, most service hours, best attendance, etc. Could be a service hour!

Board Meeting Notes 03-26-12

Happy Spring!

Mickey parades all of his exploits from SXSW: got spots/Station ID from Mac D, maybe also The Flaming Lips.

Events calendar is here! Adam W designed them, they are various colors. Let’s all hang this stuff up as soon as possible.

Day of Zammuto event: someone(s) can help Mickey with streaming? Daniel Nass will be there!

Record Fair: Virgil is making the event on FB as we speak. [5:52: Virgil has completed the FB event and has invited folks. Check this ya’ll.]

Wesleying Posts for Adam I:

Zammuto Concert on Thursday afternoon (include disclaimer that non-students must register)

Record Fair post later

TuneIn talk (Mickey):

Talks of developing longer-term relationship

How to fix specs: have our events calendar on website? Minimizing ads?

They want to continue to liaise with us — we are guinea pigs for their college programming work (KEXP had a TuneIn banner, which sucks because KEXP rocks)

[I missed the first two paragraphs of this conversation, so it’s not exactly clear what we’re discussing regarding TuneIn]

What relationship ought we to have with corporate entities?

Ben M. says as long as it doesn’t compromise our values, we should have fruitful relationships — insofar as they benefit and do not exploit us.

They don’t seem too displeased with our minimal plugging during Stepkids show.

Ben M. is happy to talk to them? HOW HAPPY ARE YOU, BEN?

Mickey: Katherine, How would you feel about being a TuneIn contact?

Katherine: … [TBD]

If TuneIn needs to know who’s going to be around ASAP, Ben will be around this summer. Otherwise, we’ll wait for the fall to figure this out.

Ben M.: An alternative to the TuneIn service would be to have our own app. Is this feasible?



Lee has (finally) agreed to step up and help us with the shelving project, which CC birthed (and strewn with


Kathy L has agreed to fund/approve a work-study position! Folding stuff, checking messages, this person will be put to good use and will relieve Ben of administrative, bureaucratic burden.

Development position: Vice President has absorbed development/fundraising duties.


Spring Fundraising Campaign:

From what angle should we approach this thang?

Silent pledge drive? Or could we call it a “Freeform Pledge Drive”? In which we have several models to offer our staff, and marketing it to our stakeholders/donors as an effort to be a gentler fundraising — we will interrupt programming as little as possible.

Avery has put together a fundraising draft letter. It resembles a zine.

Other successful tactics: WESU Bunny (if you don’t donate, we’ll kill this adorable radio bunny), etc. Caveat: if this doesn’t work, we’ll have to fall back on heavy on-air promotion.

Still a good idea to pass 3 envelopes on to each DJ, whose job it is to spread among fans/friends/family.

The mailing is going out this week: program guide, Avery’s W-Zine-S-U, and other docs?

Let’s encourage — aka pressure — staff to try and raise $100 particularly if they haven’t raised money before. This is a better way to corral occasional/novice DJ pledgers. “Find three sponsors!”

What would a “WESU Membership” entail? Program guide, something more?

Automatic renewal…targeting parents of students who would be gone after four years. But it is rare for parents to continue donating once their children have graduated.

Special mailings? Other ways to deal with fundraising infrastructurally. Automatic renewal would require a reorientation of thinking about our services and our fundraising programs. Right now our zine and our package focuses on personal touch. Before we go further, we should enlist someone to embark on a longer-term project and do research on fundraising: IZZY! Thanks for volunteering.

Acteva (Activa? Activia?) could include a “do you want to be a return donor?” Yadda, yadda, etc.


April 2: Middletown Remix Advisory Committee Meeting at 5 at Nora’s Cupcakes

Unsurprisingly, Mickey volunteers.

Ben M. reminds us that we should be strategizing about next year’s board. Keep eyes and ears open for interest. Let’s bring this up at the next staff meeting, because there are only two meetings left this year.


Training starts this Sunday evening. Thursday is a week behind. Five sessions should suffice. (Will it end May 5?) David B will be Sunday instructor. Adam will send out message soliciting staff instructors shortly. DO THIS, YO.

First homework assignment: identify shows whose content you’d like to imitate

Second assignment: Get your hands on an internship

Third assignment: Content/programming review?

Fourth assignment: Record evergreen show?

Code of Conduct needs to be approved by supermajority at staff meeting. In the meantime, Adam can make changes to handbook.


DJ Spotlight?

Meeting adjourned.

Board Meeting 03-05-13

F-Bomb dropped on Synthesis. Dave B destroyed them. They were unhappy.
Events with Mickey!
- Ian  – Mickey has a recording to edit into an hour long special to run over spring break. Will send the unedited version to Ian.
Went really well, was very well attended by both Wes and not Wes people.

- Report back to TuneIn on the Stepkids show.

- Need a student opener for Zammuto. Zain doesn’t have demos, the Japanese are also willing. Either way, Neo Sora will be on bass.
- Sent out an email asking for help planning for all the post-break events. Also a meeting to talk about Eclectic’s hosting band.
- Although we don’t actually have the venue confirmed, we’ll hopefully know by tomorrow and possibly by the end of the week. we should try to start promoting asap, maybe come up with a poster before break, Promos can wait till we know where it will be.

- Reach out to press outlets and get us included in calendars.

- Record Fair – need to reach out to food vendors.
- Virgil will come up with posters over break.

- Grateful Dead lecture – April 30th -  sounds amazing

- Boldy James on April 12th, in the WestCo Courtyard
There’s another festival happening in WestCo the next day, we could potentially link our show in with that, depending on how together they really are.

Program Guide should be here at the end of the week! Most will be sent out as part of the “pledge drive.”

WESU should in future be a presenter at IBS, because it is way too corporate right now.

Fundraising Committee met yesterday, decided:
- We will send out packets in the mail. Explore the option of having different personalized packets for different kinds of programming.
- Avery will work on the content over break and then put it on a google doc.
- Emails will be sent out to different groups of people, past donors, alums etc. This will require a lot of data entry, instead of phone banking.

Changes to the Code of Conduct:
- No one has emailed back comments. If we hear back from people before break, we can meet about it the first week after break in time to incorporate it into training and discuss it in the April Break.
- Send out another email with bullet points of changes.

Adam is working on emails to Pangaea and other listservs.

Hartford Advocate – problems with scheduling.
What about taking our own picture? Dave could take it!
A few people could go to Real Artways.

Hugo Chavez died

Facebook consolidation – Some difficulties getting rid of WESU Fm the person, but Virgil will do it on Friday. Need to rethink the way WESU operates on facebook, in connection with the pledge drive. Need to figure out how to get more content creators.
Programming Council – group to listen to shows and offer constructive criticism, possibly suggesting all the first years.

Documenting the reviews could be helpful for training. Critiquing shows used to be part of training.

Staff Meeting 03-03-13

Happy March!

WESU is  No. 1 College Radio Station!
Homegrown is No. 2 Best Show, Rob is No. 3 Best DJ
Email board (at) wesufm (dot) org if you want to come to the photo shoot on Wednesday at 5.

A note: try to keep all staff emails to a minimum, because we have an hourly quota
Email personnel if you can’t make staff meetings (personnel (at) wesufm (dot) org)

Silent Pledge Drive this April, completely through mailings.
Means we need to put together a more personal packet to mail out, we want everyone to put in a lot of effort. Meeting tomorrow at 4 to talk about it, or email Avery or the Board.

Record Fair – Sunday April 7th
Good service hour opportunity. Email events (at) wesufm (dot) org about volunteering.

Board of Directors is mostly seniors so get thinking about running. Email or talk to the board to find out more about what the different positions entail. It is so much fun!

Still looking for someone to lead the initiative to build the new shelving plan. Anyone with carpentry experience please get in touch.

Training will be starting after Spring Break (finishes March 25th)
Looking for two people to help indoctrinate the youth in a good way, will cover all your service hours. Email personnel (at) wesufm (dot) org

If you are a student and want to keep doing your show over break, email Ben. Also check out the sign up sheets if you’re going to be around and want extra air time.

Virgil has finished the program guide – it looks great!

Please vote on the poll about potentially changing the meeting time.

Proposed changes have been made to the Code of Conduct, Avery will be sending them out soon. Please read and respond directly to Avery with thoughts.

DO NOT CURSE ON AIR. There have been incidents of people playing songs with indecent language. This could cost us our license. Please pay attention to what you’re playing.

Stepkids concert went really well, thanks for coming out. The livestreaming was a successful experiment.
Next concert is Zammuto on March 30th, hopefully at Eclectic, we will confirm the venue later this week. Snowblink will be opening.
After that, Boldy James and Gifted H on April 12th.
April 30th, we will be cosponsoring a lecture with a Grateful Dead expert.
Keep spreading the word about our shows!

Might drop our TuneIn sponsorship if we can find money elsewhere so that we can continue to keep the shows free. Waiting to here back from the CFA.

On Wednesday, at 4:30pm Mickey will be hosting a meeting for people interested in learning how to work on concerts in any capacity. Email events (at) wesufm (dot) org.

Our new website is live! Amazing job by Dan. If you have any comments, send them to Dan.

Some board members went to IBS (Inter-Collegiate Broadcasting System) was this weekend.

WESU’s College Radio panel was accepted to Megapolis. They are only covering Avery’s ticket, but if anyone wants to buy a ticket themselves, they can also be on the panel. It’s in New York this year, contact Avery if interested.

Board Meeting Notes 02-26-13

Hartford Advocate Reader’s Poll: WE’RE NO. Photo Shoot! We are bringing Rob because he almost won and he rules. Adrien’s new blond locks will look awesome.

Hopefully after 4.
Props are encouraged.

Synthesis dropped an F-Bomb
What is the protocol for this?
Revise training to emphasize the seriousness of this kind of offense.
Warning is not enough, if you get caught and it is proven, automatic one show suspension. Second offense means being permanently kicked off the station.
Adrien will email the DJs to inform them of their suspension.
Dave will talk to them at the next staff meeting.
Avery will make a general announcement without singling them out.
Mickey’s case will be picked up after break.

Stepkids Wrap-Up
Tune-In wants a re-cap of the promotion we did for them.
Photos on Josh Sharp’s website.
Recordings went well. Streaming went okay until the internet went down at the end. Mickey has now figured out how to stream with or without Tune-In for free on macs.
Pretty good turn-out, maybe next time start it later to attract more students.
Good review on Wesleying.
Some people had to be told to leave the chapel cause they were hanging around too long, but no issues with non-students.
Working with Tune-In was a lot more effort than it was worth, maybe sell tickets in the future so we don’t need to rely on them.
The CFA Music and Public Life people might have money. They would like it to be a mutually beneficial promotion relationship.
They would do a lot of posters and outreach if we put their logo on our poster, and put posters up for other Music and Public Life events. Let them know we need $300 a show to make it free to the public. Possible sticking point might be poster design.
Avery will get back to them and say we approve the collaboration.

Ian  tomorrow!
We’re a little late on the promotion, but a Wesleying post is up, there is a facebook event.

Start thinking about Zammuto.
We have posters, might ask Virgil to make a new one.
I (Katherine) will make a facebook event.
Z and N will send us a demo, other options for openers would be The Japanese

Adrien made Spring Break sign-up sheet, he will post it and send out an email tonight.

The Staff Meeting will still be at 6, we’ll discuss changing that though.

IBS: Start an email thread to talk about transportation.

Pledge Drive: “Silent Pledge Drive” – putting together a really nice packet with pictures, and a very personal appeal and give them to DJs to distribute, mail out to alumni and past donors.
Still an on-air component, but more creative, around the theme of Silent Pledge Drive.
Dave will do product shots with DJs modeling merch.
Extend the length of the pledge drive.
Create a task force to meet sometime next week.

M and I got press passes for SXSW.
They got contacts from Adam and Jesse.
Maybe make a series of 5 to 10 minute spots about bands.
Consider press passes for other music events.
Get drops from bands.

Recruitment events – get in touch with listservs

Virgil did the program guide!

Report from WBAR:
WBAR are like a younger WESU
We are invited to the WBARbeque – Le1f is playing

SUNY New Paltz has an AIM stream on their site?

Grateful Dead expert sounds awesome, he will help make a promo and go on Uncle John’s show.

Need better protocol for different types of promotional relationships.
Anyone who gives us cash should get underwriting treatment.
If we are a sponsor, we need to be getting something out of it.

Eclectic has a hosting ban. Zammuto either needs an exception or we will have to find a new venue, hold off on promos. Mickey will work on this.

Get rid of the Stepkids promo! Let Ben know when you hear an outdated promo, and tell him exactly when you heard it.

NEW WEBSITE IS LIVE AND IT IS SO PRETTY. Dan is amazing. He will clean up a few loose ends.

Accepting suggestions for a cool WESU hand signal.

11-27-12 Board Meeting Notes

WESU Board of Directors Meeting 11-27-12


Updates/ Old Business

-Tech stuff: Ben M replaced CD#2 and fixed input and TTs in studio B. Charles fixed TT1 in Studio A.  Ben ordered a new PC per the budget.


-The audio archiving Server equipment is here. Charles hooked up audio feed. Need to coordinate network hookup with developer. Can use it as a pitching point for the pledge drive.

-Adam . or BS meet up with the guy?


-Mary’s going abroad!!

-We need / VP for Spring… IDEAS? We should send an email hoping to get someone to be elected at meeting on Sunday. They could work with/learn from Mary up through break.

-EP? ER?

-Does this season count a season on air? Up for debate. Could make an exception? Up to the board.

-Arts Council of Greater New Haven: is offering grants to host an arts event in Hartford. Perhaps we could submit a concert proposal. We have a large audience in Hartford, particularly within the Caribbean Community- more on this later.

-One grant for one event that they’ll pick? Need to check out the details.


-Middletown remix / to be incorporated as jive sound track… / will change weekly… (Ben M can do this-make a soundtrack for each week)

-Spinitron volunteers?

-Chazelle is doing F and D!

-need strategies to do spinitron for automated shows (talk about at staff meeting); can offer this opportunity to trainees

-Pledge drive (Next Week AAACK!) (**WSHU Pledge drive will be stepping on our toes Dec 1-10!)

-Ben M working on letter – hope to get it printed and start folding tomorrow (trainees can come in and fold)

-Ben M working on finalizing premium offerings and donation levels for our donation form and online system.

-A QR code that takes people to the donation webpage

-Virgil: turn mailing into press release, this appeal letter can be modified into a press release. We need to get this to Middletown Eye, Middletown Patch, Wesleying, Argus, and Wesleyan Connection.

-Avery has written a letter to alumni and it will go to 500+ alumni out sometime between now and next Monday

-phone schedule- needs to be created and coordinated MARY!!!!!

-Dougie B! on air! Sat Dec 8 during Car Talk!

-premiums (use “Heist: Who Stole the American Dream” as a premium-for $35); long sleeve, new t-shirt, hoodies ($75) – $88.1 gets you a t-shirt and a hoody- in the future, figure out from a bank who their contact is for community supports

-next time: make a list of what WESU does for the community; matching donations from banks or lawyers possibly (but really we should check out money from doctors/dentists/bars/liquor stores/Metro)

-Textile Graphic talk! We picked T-Shirt Number 4!!!!!, Shirt design, and Hoody design (design 1 wins!!!!!) and colors (black hoody with white lettering)

-T-Shirt colors will be Brown ink “natural” off white?


-Agenda for Sunday meeting:

next year board positions

Need a VP

Sunday staff meeting agenda

Pledge drive Phones / promos / helping with other shows/ resources/ online donor system


-Film screenings: Mike  wants to co-host political documentary series; screen “Heist” and Avery’s documentary that she knows about

-outdoor movie showing (against the CFA)


-Concert Series:

-Concert Committee was “decidedly chill and supportive,” Zammuto (of the Books) is probably going to happen, 60 percent chance of Jeff from Neutral Milk Hotel (already sold out in Hartford, talk to Manic Productions-Feb. 7th/11th), Sidewalk Dave and Gifted Higgs both coming for 200 dollars each, Stepkids accepted for $1,500 but Concert Committee wants to offer $1,200 (dates? January/February-Jesse will ask for late February); Boldy wants $1,200 and CC will only give us a $1,000 (so WESU needs to front $500 total-could take out of new music budget, could charge public entry, could use record fair money, Colin Stetson (only available May 7th-the Tuesday before Spring Fling-we in?? sure.)


-Redesigning Website and moving everything over to wordpress ( is the sample-check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


-Interview with Sidewalk Dave

-he offered to play a free show before the concert series at Jesse’s house possibly open to the board


-thanks adrien for showing up!