Board Meeting Notes 10/13/15

—  Quick reminder to make sure board and tech rooms are locked when you leave.  Tech room was open today. Board room was open one morning last week.

— Budget process – Tess and Ethan are meeting with an SBC member this saturday for a station tour and discussion of the budget. We will have answer by next Tuesday’s board meeting.

Studio B: We will put the new computers in there (Ben M and Simon will work on this), even if the carpet is not put in there beforehand.

— Training: we need to further incorporate WESU guidelines into our training process (and, with that, our application process). This will be a goal in coming months. Bryan’s got us covered on Sundays with Ethan O. And Ethan O., Ethan H., and Ben G. got the rest of it covered.

— Pledge drive theme = under the radar. whales + endangered animals + jellyfish + space, oh my! (Interpreted). Promos due at next week’s meeting!

— FA 15 Programs: are printed and will be delivered tonight or tomorrow am.

Program mailing – pledge form in advance to begin pledge season. Ben M will work on this with the work study folks…

CMJ: this weekend, yay!

— Music directors: BMI reporting – Ethan Hill and Ben M will help MDs with this process over the next week or so

— Record fair promotions: wesleying, fb event posts, last round of invitations and flyers. Staffing: we are all set. Ariana will find someone to set up the DJ booth. Arianna should verify with Bulaong that an IMS person will be there for setting up DJ booth audio feed. Ben M will arrive between 8-9 to set up signage on corner streets and get vendor tables setup.

— Personnel – CA vs VN – oy! Tess, Ethan, Ethan, + Ben M will deal with this in coming weeks and keep ya’ll posted.

— Program: Thursday at 4pm (RVR) and Weds at 5pm (nick) — Hannah will send out an email to the staff about this.

— Board hours apologies: go to, not Ben M.

— What’s up with the public affairs concerns?  Listening will happen over the next week, Zazie will send out a google doc with our respective listening assignments.

— DJ B has missed 2-3 shows since accepting the Monday night spot. She thinks she’s alternating, but she is not. Hannah will talk to her and keep us posted.

Board Meeting Notes 10/6/15

— Great staff meeting – props to Ethan Hill for bringing it to an expeditious end despite the giant open question that was presented.

— Ethan H. will contact Lee Berman about T-shirt and sticker design this week

— Thanks to Bauer for the photo

— Budget updates: in progress. Ethan and Tess will be showing an SBC member around the station this weekend. Should have more answers by next meeting.

— Training – Ethan O. still needs a few more sundays covered…have him send those out to the board, we’ll cover them.

— Record fair: Arianna will reach out to staff and esp. to new trainees about flyering and volunteering in other capacities, too.

— Freakers Ball? Don’t have a band, not in a position to make this happen for Halloween. GOAL: To have a WESU concert/party (open to community members) by the end of the semester.

— Reminder – daily fb posts , plus we have twitter and Instagram

— Pledge drive theme = under the radar. whales + endangered animals + jellyfish + space, oh my! Promos should be done by the board meeting after next (for the competition)

— Think about making a public affairs code of conduct/guidelines? Based off of our mission statement? So as to have programming that is consistent with our mission? Or just do a better job of it? Much debate — to be talked about much more in coming weeks!

Staff Meeting Notes 10/4/15

Welcome – staff photo thanks to all, esp Dave Bauer


Waxahatchee!  Was a great success. Sold out. Props to Nick Selden and SALD for making it happen. Thanks to all who participated.

Record Fair – happening 10/18, still need a few volunteers for breakdown and for flyering, also for the 3-4 pm DJ slot, let her know if you’re interested!

Program: print guides should be ready by end of the week.

Production: Time to start making show and pledge drive promos!


Training – let Ethan O. know if you can help out with training in exchange for a service hour! He especially needs people for 2-3:15 pm on four Sundays. Also — he’ll be sending around a document soon, in which you’ll be able to let him know if you’d be willing to host interns on your show this semester!

Pledge drive starting and ending earlier this year! Starting at the beginning of November – probably Monday Nov 2nd.  Hope to have more student participation and target families and alumni with homecoming and thanksgiving.  More details to come. Will go over everything at Nov 7th meeting.

Upgrades – Sorry for the slow pace on this. Ben M has been swamped. Rolling out the rest will depend on a few variables, including our SBC funding request and the results of a $75K grant I applied for to install backup power and sound insulation for studios A and B.  Next up, replace several studio B computers, the scheduling system in hall/ Waiting to find out about grant and funding for carpet before mapping out the rest of the studio upgrades. If you are tech savvy and want to help for service hours, let Simon and Ben know.  

Studio cooperation – with thin walls and over 150 staff members working it out inside WESU, people are bound to step on each other’s toes. Most important Rule – BE NICE – introduce yourself to others working inside the station. Unless you deliberately seek ways to stay work cooperatively, given the shortcomings of our studios, you can easily interfere with live and studio prerecording sessions.  Even just talking in the hall can be a problem.

Hopefully that grant comes through!  Will help us maximize our potential here. Also hoping to make a studio.

Reminder that Rick S is out on vacation through October 9th, Automation needs etc should be directed to Ben M in the meantime

Ben M Radio Pet Peeves – Pop Quiz!!

Is smoking allowed anywhere in the station?  Then why do I find ashes in the stairwell?

What is the correct way first step to seek coverage? Hint – it’s not sending an all staff email correct answer – check with the DJ’s before and after you, if no luck send an all staff email. If no luck, you are still responsible – reach out to Program Director (NOT GM)

Cussing on airwho can do it? And what qualifies for safe harbor? Hint not the DJ. What qualifies recorded content that contains cuss words? Must have artistic, literary, or scientific value.  Ie: not casual F-Bombs

Power Strip on window sill in studio A needs to stay on (Security Monitor) – someone turns it off? Why?

Personnel –  guest policy – send an email to only 2 guest per staff person. Why? So there aren’t people wandering around the station unsupervised.

Automation: don’t go over! If you do, you are cutting off the beginning of someone else’s show.

How many people know how to set the crossover fades in Foobar so that songs overlap? That’s great, no please set it back to something reasonable when done! Most people don’t know how to do that. And we end up running announcements that start before the previous one is finished!

Board Notes 9/29/15

Waxahatchee – Great job, Congrats! Any debriefing necessary? What worked what didn’t? How to get money deposited to WESU accounts? can tell Alisa/SALD it should get moved to WESU smart key 1231183201 (leave this number out of the minutes please)

-Recording was great, we should air it maybe sometime?

-We got about $500 from ticket sales. How do we get that? Smartkey?

Ben M completed and submitted the grant application for backup power and sound insulation – will be announced Nov 30th

Staff Pic – pre meeting on Sunday?

Debate – not likely.

-Possibly interview other candidate instead of debate?

Need Website update… Still showing Waxahatchee up there.

-Review of Waxahatchee?

-Link to Argus article about Wax?

New shirt and bumper sticker designs? if so need to get going… (please just one new design per season)

-Need theme also!

-Email Lee Berman about it.

-Bumper sticker that goes with the pledge drive theme?

*new t-shirt and bumper sticker design should be finalized by 10/15

WESU info brochure… we should really have one. Would be especially handy for distributing when we don’t have  Service Hour for someone

ben goldberg – cardinal print/copy


-Zazie’s friend Isabel

-We have $1000 in the budget, we’ll see if we get it.

-Main goal is just a screen with a play button.

-Make promos for app? No, too corporate.

— budget additions? What were the additions beyond the regular allocation requests?

— Record fair – fb promotions.. Invite everyone! – has everyone done this? Perhaps Ariana should send an email about this?  There’s a record Fair in 5 miles away in Cromwell this weekend, need to get someone up there to pass flyers!

-Discount to get people there?

-5% off? They’re already really cheap.

-Buy a record, get a CD free?

-Buy a record, get a bumper sticker?

-Food: Food trucks can’t come onto wyllys?

@wesu email situation – everyone in?

WESU Facebook – reminder that we want a FB post up during every day’s board hours…

Also, should we create a WESU “community” entity/account on FB? Perhaps this will enable

staff and fans to post without going through a moderator?

community page?

board CMJ –  Erin is in (needs to reg before 9/30 deadline)gister . Waiting to hear from Nick.

Third pass? (will cost $249)

-Nick and Erin want to go. Nick has to get a ticket nowish.

-Interview the bands between sets.

-We have connections to some bands playing there.

Program guide – almost there


Just send it to the printer. Mona Lisa on flipside.

Training  — update training materials?  (log, code of conduct, safe harbor clarification,)

-Buffer zone between the two sessions?

-Get staff members to help out

-First training session October 8th

Sunday staff meeting agenda –  picture – rec fair – pledge drive

Pledge Drive – Seem to make seems to make sense to shoot to start at the beginning of

November. That will enable us to hit Wesleyan Homecoming (event?) and Thanksgiving.

Hopefully we can wrap it up well before break. This timeline give us 4 weeks (from now) to get our act together.

Can we build off – of silent or Do not disturb a la WSHU?  Don’t make us go Pirate on you?


-Event during homecoming?

-Vote-off: We want themessss everyone come up with at theme that isn’t Pirates vs. Vikings and

next week we’ll have a vote-off.

WESU Board Notes 9/22/15

Budget: Tess + Ethan will write a draft of the budget for next Tuesday (9/29) and send it to the board for review. We’ll talk about any edits at that meeting. Then Ethan + Tess will go into the SBC to submit the request the following Monday (10/5).

Studio B Updates: Tess will send out a doodle to Ben G., Simon, Ethan H., Ben M, about meeting separately to talk Studio B updates. This group will keep the board updated on their progress / run proposals by the board in the coming Tuesday board meetings.

Program Guide: Hannah will be in contact with Cloie about finalizing the program design. It will be done by the end of the week and ready for printing.

Emails: Tess will send out a doc to the board for email collection, so that they are all in one place (usernames + passwords).

Waxahatchee: Nick will keep the group posted about what sort of help he needs. Next week, he’ll give us a ticket profit report.

Local Political Debate: Simon and Zazie will work on this together with Dave Bauer, and keep the board posted / give us an update next Tuesday.

Record Fair: all board members and staff members (reminder email, Ariana?) should invite people to the FB event!
*Next week we should definitely talk about training plans and about the pledge drive plan for the semester.

Staff Meeting Notes 9/13/15


— A quick note from Ben M about station upgrades, read by Ethan (Ben M is out of state for a wedding): Welcome back students and thanks to the staff who held it down over summer. We have a lot of exciting stuff in the works. We got the new mixing board and are working on a plan to turn studio B better suited for live performance and group discussion. We have already added a few things including new mic baskets to drown out air-conditioning and some new chairs. Soon to come is the electronic studio reservation system studio B production PC replacement. We are also trying to line up the installation of the new carpet before the major studio overhaul. Ben M is also working on a grant to get backup power and soundproofing for our studios. He will keep everyone posted on the progress of these projects.

— The 2015-2016 board members introduce themselves!

— Program: Thanks to Hannah for pulling the program together. Any questions have hopefully been worked out already.  Lingering concerns should be directed to Hannah directly at

— Tech: Simon is currently recruiting staff interested in tech/coding for the website, contact him at if you are interested in getting a service hour on this project. Also, everyone needs to create a spinitron account as well as a stream rewind log-in (this program keeps 2 weeks of all programming for listeners to stream). If WESU staff sign up for an account, this will enable them to download their own shows (within 2 weeks of its airing). Simon will send out an instructional email for setting up these accounts, by the end of this week. Please contact him with any questions or concerns.

— Events: The Fall Record Fair will be happening on Sunday 10/18. Vendor space is pretty much sold out. We will need volunteer DJs to spin Vinyl during the event – usually 45 min to 1 hr shifts. We will also need volunteers in advance to help sort through records for sale, and a bunch of help the day of the event (more to come on that). Email Ariana at if you are interested in helping out in one or multiple of those capacities. She will send more info shortly. The Waxahatchee concert is happening on 9/28 at Memorial Chapel, and is free for students, $15 for community members. Ticket sales will benefit WESU. Please announce it on your shows in the coming week or so (there will be a note on the board in Studio A), and play the promo for the event, which can be found at the top of the “Promos” folder on the server.

— Public Affairs: Public affairs producers need to fill-out the form in the “Public Affairs” binder in the studio. Zazie will need a brief 1-2 line synopsis from each of them for our public file.

— Music Directors: Reminder about new music policy – five new releases per hour unless you have an exception from MDS. Those with an existing exception should inform the MDs asap.

— Personnel: Ethan is seeking folks interested in helping out with fall training. More information on the new + improved training process to come soon, but if you’re interested in helping out with this, reach out to him at

— Production: We need some promos to get the word out about the Fall season! Contact Lara if you’re interested in producing a promo for your show, at


And please do not hesitate to contact anyone on the board about your ideas to improve the station, possible event plans, show brainstorming, etc., as we would love to hear them 🙂

Our next meeting is October 4th at 6pm!

Board Notes 9/15/15

Program — Hannah and Ben M just received have the (almost) final version – it just needs descriptions for as few shows…Ethan O and Hannah will furnish these over the next few days. Cloie Logan will be designing the guide. She will send an update / ETA for finished project soon. Hannah will make sure that staff are aware of automated spots – when to put up automation – (jive, late night, other public affairs….).

Tech — Simon got spinitron and stremrewind set up and will send out an email instructing staff to sign up for both, within the next day or so. The door code should not be sent over staff list like it was last week (there are likely folk who are no longer staffers on there), so the code needs changing. Simon will talk to Ben M about process. Simon will also do some research into fixing problems with our website’s mobile interface.

PR — Ben will write up a short press release announcing the new fall season and get it sent out to press contacts asap. He will also make facebook posts and blog posts on the website about upcoming news: Waxahatchee (he’ll put the link to buy tickets embedded in this post), New Fall Season Announcement, and the Record Fair.

Student Activities Fair (this friday): Ben will send out a google doc to sign up for shifts / organize the efforts.

Personnel — Right now we are sticking with the google group, which Ethan will cross-reference with other group lists / the staff list asap, but we will also be considering ways to possibly streamline or improve our capabilities in this regard, in coming weeks.

Training…To be talked about much further at our board retreat this Saturday.

Events — Record fair updates:  Flyers, promo, and Facebook event are all up and running, thanks to Ariana 🙂

Waxahatchee –  Flyers, promo, and Facebook event are also taken care of here. Nick will send all members of the board a copy of the poster in the next day or so, so that we can each put 10-20 up around the Wesleyan campus + Middletown.

Misc. — Board retreat to happen this Saturday, from 12 pm – 3 pm (at the most). All board members are expected to attend (we’ll see if Nick does! it’s his Birthday, ok?!) Meet an Neon Deli at noon to pick up some lunch. Then we’ll head to Miller’s. Tess, Ariana, Erin, and Ethan all have cars — carpool is to be determined.

Cymbal? — We think that, right now, the board/station has more pressing tasks to be addressed and that we don’t really have the time/energy for this. So for now, we are not interested in pursuing this option.

Email — Everyone will contact their predecessors about getting their WESU email usernames/passwords. Simon will work on a document consolidated that information.

Keys — If you need a board key, you have to send a request to Ben M including your full name and WES ID.

Budget — We need to get this together. Tess will meet with Ben about this later in the week this week or early next week.


Board Notes 9/8/15

Board Hours 

Tess will send out a contact info document, collecting official board hours + cell phone numbers from the board.



— Some student DJs are complaining about their late-night timeslots and are asking to pre-record: for the most part, they will have to deal. It is a WESU rite of passage (regardless of whether they are freshman or seniors). If they so choose, they can shorten their 2:30 – 4 am show to a 2:30 – 3:30 am show. All of those shows this semester must be live, with an exception or two being made for a midterm the next day or something of the sort (we will not be unreasonable with this, but this excuse can only be used once or twice, really).


Program Guide

*Deadline for the Program Guide Getting Out There: September 22nd*


Events Planning

Record Fair: Arianna will make poster for the Record Fair and talk to Ben M. about getting things rolling on that front, in terms of organizing, service hours, PR, etc. Lara will make a promo for this event ASAP.

Waxahatchee Concert: Nick is bringing Waxahatchee to campus on September 25th and would like WESU to sponsor the event. Of the 500 tickets, 400 of them will go to Wesleyan students and will be free (and “sold” through the box office). 100 of the tickets will be open for purchase by the community. These tickets will be sold for $15, and WESU will receive $5 of each ticket, therefore having the opportunity to earn $500 from this event. WESU is expected to put no money into this event. However, the station is expected to help sell the community tickets, put their name on the event (sponsorship) and help promote it (both on air and off).

Some notes on this project:

Nick and Ben M. will chat this week and confirm the legality of this arrangement.

— Pending approval of the event from Ben M., Lara and Tess will produce a Waxahatchee promo Thursday afternoon.

Nick might reach out to Rick/RedScroll/Manic Productions about selling some of the community tickets.



— The students on the board will go on a retreat next weekend to discuss plans for the station this year. Topics on the agenda: training, fundraising, studio updates, long-term programming goals, revising board roles/descriptions if necessary, updating our constitution, reviewing NPR/syndicated content, etc.

— There will also be a meeting with Ben M. immediately following (or if not, soon after) the retreat, in order to review suggestions and brainstorm further / talk about the feasibility of our plans and ideas.

Tess will sound out a Doodle to figure out the date/time of our board retreat asap.


Staff Meeting Notes: May 2015

Welcome to the last meeting of the 2014-15 academic year!
Always bittersweet as we say goodbye to staff members who are moving on.  Hope we can acknowledge that today and make this a fun meeting.

Lots to cover including elections, pledge drive, and staff recognition followed by ice cream!
Apologies from Ben M for missing his first election in 16 years.
Personnel (Ben):
Service Hours: the deadline is looming, get them done! Remember that board hours are 4-6PM on weekdays, so that’s the best time to come in.
Pledge Drive (Laura):
-This is an especially important pledge drive because we’re raising money to get much-needed upgrades to our studio equipment: new sound boards, better equipment to host live in-studio performances (more mics, a roundtable, etc.)
-Finally starting to build momentum: Over $5K in but still $14,790 left to go.
-surely more pledges will come in the mail over the weekend.
-Last pledge drive, only 1/3 of our staff participated. We can do so much better!
-Consider how much of a role WESU has played in your life. If we get so much out of being part of the station, the best thing we can do is raise money to make it an even better place.
One easy way to participate: BUY A SHIRT!  Staff special of $15! Available here today.  
-60 second pitches from each candidate who submitted a letter of intent on time.
-candidates who are running for contested positions can take up to 3 questions from staff members.
Staff recognition:
-Outgoing board
-Graduating seniors
-Service hour accomplishments
Thanks for an incredible year! Celebrate outside with us – ice cream on the house courtesy of Paul the Ice Cream Man.

Board Notes 4/23/15

Disciplinary action: last staff meeting absence follow up?
-sent to 7 students
-2 responses so far
-going to send it to the other people tonight and this weekend, through the general WESU email.
-Danielle will be sending out a general staff email about meeting attendance.

Pledge Drive: Brainstorm on value of WESU. Tactics to explore for inspiring pledges. FB posts, blog posts.
-letters should be done by Monday. (Danielle, Tess, Becca, Laura)
-write a blurb to send to Tess to post on FB
IF we don’t raise at least $20,000 we will not have the money we need for upgrades.

Commencement: can’t have a tent. Stick with the Open House. Update blurb for R&C brochure: it hasn’t been printed yet.
-getting an alternative space for a WESU alumni event? Tess and Laura will meet with the head of R&C tomorrow to discuss.
-Zelnick Pavilion?

Board hours are important, we have trainees dropping in for service hours between 4-6 so please make sure someone is around.

Sandbox arts shirt sales
-for precedent: 10% of their proceeds will go to WESU since WESU’s name is on it.
-if they don’t break even, though, they should let us know. we shouldn’t prevent them from doing that.
-tonight and Sunday: review sessions before the written test
-Tips and Tricks: Sunday, May 3, at 3PM
-practical exams: finding out now when Studio A is open.
-summer show apps: will go out within the week.
     -sending the app out to trainees: people can apply as long as it’s clear that they’re making a commitment to completing the training program.
     -applications will be due on 5/8. Training should be pretty much wrapped up by then.
-testing: Need to map out process for trainees to participate in summer schedule. Let’s not let them slip through cracks.

NYC Record Dude (Keith) took remainder of records  that he purchase from WESU at the Record Fair. All that remains is a relatively small load of CDs and loose 78 rpm records.

Since we freed up that space, we have already started to move last year’s giant record donation to studio X, where it will be out of the way until we implement a process  for sorting that donation.
MD purchasing: the MDs are going this weekend and have been in touch with sub-MDs.
Public Affairs:
-Helen just recorded her 50th episode of Mind Matters. Should be up on the Pacifica sharing network soon. Super exciting!
-Laura will send out an email soliciting content for Sprouts (30-minute public affairs shows broadcast nationally)
T-shirt sales: slight delay with order. Supposed to pick up shirts today or tomorrow. What price should we charge for students? Can we sell old shirts as well? Maybe $10 for old and $15 for new (pledge price for new is $35)

Feet to the fire? WESU table at the event on May 8 – Tess will get in touch with Eliza about this