Board Meeting Notes–11/29/16

WESU Board Meeting — 11/15/16


  • Fixing the manual outside the studio, working to make it more concise


  • Everyone sign up for practical times!
  • Ben M sent an email out about how to do a practical exam, there are also instructions in the folder
  • Lots of frantic service hour requests–respond to them please!
  • People going to MD service hours most of all!


  • Made the poster for La Boca–will print out so people can start postering
  • Press release written for La Boca and about to get sent out
  • Haven’t gotten to WesCard people yet


  • Hoping to sell T-shirts on Friday 11-1pm–Ben G will try to reserve the table

La Boca:

  • 30 tickets sold so far–no board members! Board members, buy tickets
  • Maybe offering it at the staff meeting to see if people can just hand you $25
  • Less student involvement but hoping to reach the community even more
  • Email needs to go out notifying the public


  • Another review that’s about to go up on the blog!


  • Made an announcement at the town hall but no one has reached out yet
  • Make an announcement at the staff meeting as well
  • Let’s figure out a time to meet and start producing

Pledge Drive:

  • ¾ of the way through the pledge drive! Almost there
  • Made a new promo promo to go out there–can anyone make any new promos? Babe will make one–everyone be cognizant of this
  • It’s #givingtuesday! We should have figured out matching donations earlier–how did Ben M find out? How can we find out about this earlier next time?

Sexual Harassment Policy/Training:

  • What is the timeline for this? Should we meet with CL?
  • We can change one section in our draft for the end of the semester–will do this before next week
  • When do we want this training to be?
    • Should it be a one-time thing or multiple offerings? Maybe a one-time thing but do it in training in the future
    • Should a non-student do the training? Many people leaning towards non-student. We will talk to Debbie about if she or Alysha would be able to do it
    • Doing it February meeting
  • B covering shows in December? No, the board says must wait till next season

CS Sponsorship:

  • Looking for a paid producer, looking for sponsorship?
  • It would be great to have shows with higher production values and support our staff but also we don’t want to compromise our status as a free-form radio station–we also can’t really spend money on just one show
  • What about MO’s show? That show is not underwritten but is part of that show’s community outreach. Could be a good model for CS to pursue
  • There are other great shows that sound very professional as well–we can provide resources within the organization
  • Becomes a difficult precedent when people sponsor their shows individually
  • We want to go to her with suggestions–so what other ways can we help her achieve her goals?
    • Encourage her to meet with other staff members (we could facilitate those interactions–provide her with these resources)
    • Middlesex Community College has a communications program–maybe she could reach out to interns at that organization?
    • Encourage her to help her own production skills–find an audio production skills!
    • Could we find a resource like Lynda to provide the staff with? Students have free access–we could look into a separate possibility
    • Providing a potential Audition workshop?

Board Meeting Notes–11/8/16

WESU Board Meeting — 11/8/16


  • Almost done with pledge drive PR–sending out La Boca press release soon
  • Might do one now and one closer to the date
  • Making a poster this week for La Boca stuff
  • Are tickets being sold at the box office? Slightly confused on this point–Beth will contact Bryan


  • Thing’s are going well–L has been helping out a lot! Other people have been coming to help out
  • Two reviews are up
  • Going to be checking up on new releases starting the end of this week


  • Usdan tabling on Thursday 4-6pm–no volunteers yet
  • Worst case scenario, Wyatt can volunteer but won’t be available for take-down
  • Post on WesAdmits
  • Reserving tables for lunch next week as well


  • Make a pledge drive promo!
  • Staff pledge drive promo competition next semester


  • Might find out which public affairs shows don’t have promos yet
  • Will look at making labels for everyone who won labels for things in the station
  • Hoping to meet with Debbie on Friday morning
  • Mandatory trainings outside of staff meetings next semester? This is up for discussion
    • Should we shoot for doing training the first meeting back next semester? We can have a student lead this specific to us
    • B has met with Debbie too

Ben G:

  • Staff party–let’s schedule this soon–for 12/2 or 12/3–potentially underwater themed
  • Soundcloud to be worked on soon


  • New spinitron requests coming in–yay! Should we make categories for our shows on the spinitron page? This seems maybe unnecessary for a free-form radio station
  • Looking into a free StreamRewind alternative?


  • Training is over! Congratulations Julia!
  • This Sunday is Tips & Tricks–we have one student to volunteer. Lara might also join. The test will be after and two sexual harassment questions have been added
  • OB has been added to the staff list


  • Weekly email announcements–mailchimp or gmail?
    • Might try to move forward with this mailchimp
    • We only have one announcement, Wyatt’s, this week–we will start sending the newsletter next week
  • Pledge drive–what else can we be doing?
    • Shirts! They are $15
    • We should make personal Facebook posts more!
    • Maybe we should change the streaming audio to a pledge drive plea–let’s ask Ben M
    • What about Red & Black or Swings brunch for WESU? Let’s talk to RD–Adam or Abby will reach out to him
    • Postering around Middletown community? And poster for the La Boca dinner?

Board Meeting Notes — 11/1/16

WESU Board Meeting — 11/01/16

Parent’s Weekend:

  • Was awesome! We raised over $300. Great success, thank you Beth + Wyatt for all the organizing!
  • Should we make more permanent labels for the objects around the station? Zazie is on it

Pledge Drive:

  • Mailing all went out on Thursday night and we are starting to get more money coming in
  • Tabling in Usdan with shirts next week–Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Wyatt will make a spreadsheet for that (Beth will check out WesCard stuff too)
  • Do we want a newsletter every week to send out board emails and reduce the number we send out?

Staff Meeting:

  • This Sunday!
  • Bringing up pledge drive goals + harassment policy updates
  • We have a serious staff meeting attendance problem–should send out a staff email to people (Julia)


  • Things are going well–still looking for people for Tips & Tricks. Looks like Abby, Babe, and Bryan could help out
  • Sexual harassment policy went well at training, most people were pretty receptive to this
  • Written exam given November 13th–will draft some questions for that


  • Listserv is all updated now
  • Maybe people’s emails have started going to spam?
  • Spinitron calendar still isn’t looking quite right–but Babe says he went through and updated it all–he will check again
  • No update on the app

Website Update:

  • Someone in training is revamping the WESU website on Friday morning–avoid posts on Friday morning

Music New Releases:

  • Finding a list for exemptions
  • Checking on this could be a service hour activity
  • Announce this to the staff again

Radio Free America:

  • Potentially a free alternative to StreamRewind–looking into this


  • Wyatt and Ben G will work on this soon


  • In the midst of writing the press release–might hold off on writing it
  • Ben G and Abby will also write a follow-up email
  • Reaching out to different music groups on campus? Beth will think about reaching out to other groups for pledge drive
  • Press release for the fundraising dinner needed

Bryan/Fundraising Dinner:

  • Promo made by Lara
  • Not enough tickets sold yet–promotion through press release by Beth!
  • We could poster around Middletown–Beth can make this and take care of it
  • Bryan will reach out to the CFA about putting images up on the monitors
  • Ticket giveaways don’t seem to be getting much interest–bring this up at the staff meeting to see if there’s interest


  • Looking into music exemptions but it isn’t on the continuing shows thing–we can fix this for next semester’s application

Ben G:

  • Budget approved! More buttons!


  • It’s Helly’s birthday! Happy birthday!
  • More people are interested in helping out and joining
  • Blog has been updated yay!

Board Meeting Notes — 10/26/16

WESU Board Meeting — 10/26/16

Parent’s Weekend:

  • Beth figured out coffee + FB event (coffee from RD)
  • Wyatt making a poster to send out
  • Still looking for people at 3pm! Board members sign up
  • We should have T-shirts by then too–yay! We are doing it with Sandbox Arts
  • Lara will make some buttons on Friday (button party, come one come all)
  • We are on the online schedule
  • Make sure we have a strong social media presence–we are inviting the trainees
  • We need to send out an all-staff email about this (Wyatt or Beth will do this)

Dinner Fundraiser:

  • Lara will make some promos
  • Going great! Bryan will keep working on outreach

Sexual Harassment Policy:

  • Reviewing policy that Zazie and Ben drafted
  • Julia will go over this at training this week
  • Will email to DC to look over–Ben M and CL also going to meet with DC
  • Must add discrimination clause


  • It’s been going good!
  • November 13th will be Tips & Tricks, sending out email soon


  • People are not emailing Hadley about coverage so we don’t know who to contact when things go wrong on air! We need to speak to the staff about this at the next meeting
  • Many people are consistently late to their shows


  • Spinitron playlists aren’t really showing up
  • Events Director email still isn’t working (ask Ben M about it)

Staff Apathy:

  • Do we need another work study student?
  • Staff meeting turnout is pretty awful
  • Pledge drive is going very slowly–more staff members need to be involved with this
  • Email to go out to all staff from Abby

Pledge Drive Concert:

  • Really doesn’t seem likely for this semester–we should do this to coincidence with the spring pledge drive
  • Can brainstorm people to bring from outside Wesleyan

Board Meeting Notes — 10/18/16

WESU Board Meeting — 10/18/16
Sexual Harassment Case/Policy:

  • Final vote on when to let B reapply to the station
  • Meeting with Debbie C. upon returning
  • If there are any more conflicts, ban him permanently
  • Board vote (8 “Y,” 0 “N”)
  • Zazie, Ben, Beth, and Abby are meeting tomorrow at 12pm to discuss sexual harassment policy–will send out early this week in time for training next Thursday–the written examination for training will include this new policy

Full Staff Training:

  • All staff training in November–should we change this and give people more warning?
  • Do we want to say that all DJs must go through a training in order to have a show?
  • We are holding off until next semester for this

Meeting Next Week:

  • Due to fall break, meeting next week on Wednesday at 5pm

Pledge Drive:

  • More people need to fill out the spreadsheet! How do we get this to happen?
  • Any amount is fine!
  • Emailing people individually? Bryan will do a mail merge to email people–Abby will draft the email to send out
  • Ben M has a mailing ready to go out
  • Ben G and Abby will write a letter to the alumni (will figure it out on Thursday during board hours)

Beth/Parents Weekend:

  • Open house for parents weekend to get some more donations!
  • We need coffee and board members–let’s ask Rob DeRosa for coffee (Beth will do that)
  • Lara will set up a “record your promo” station
  • Beth will make a sign-up sheet
  • Will sell T-shirts and stickers
  • WESU wheel of fortune in Studio X but it needs some work
  • Wyatt will also get the ball rolling

Fundraising Dinner:

  • December 7th at La Boca
  • Posted tickets on Wesleyan’s Box Office!

Pledge Concert:

  • Beth, Helly, and Wyatt will meet for a potential concert–approaching Wesleyan bands (potentially Chef?)
  • Will report back at next week’s meeting!

Ticket Giveaways:

  • Needing to find more people who want to do ticket giveaways–how do we get more people involved?
  • Board members will take some of these tickets
  • Bryan writing an easy how-to for giving away tickets: it’s easy and fun!

Pledge Drive Social Media:

  • Need to make a FB event page for the pledge drive
  • New interesting posts for pledge drive


  • Do we want to see a printed version of it as a test? Then we can start tabling at Usdan


  • Issue with spinitron calendar on the website (Upfront Soul is from 12-2am on Thursday nights, but right now there’s just a hole)
  • Also Babe will update DJ links and show descriptions
  • Emails are working again! Huzzah!
  • No updates on the app yet–the developer is really not into it (Babe will post in WesAdmits and reach out to a friend)


  • Blog has not been updated in almost two weeks! Start posting things, including even just the charts
  • Been contacted by one trainee to start charting


  • Rotating pledge promos mid-week
  • Zazie had a pre-recording issue this week while Lara was off-campus so she couldn’t help. Maybe put together a problem solving document for situations like this?

Board Meeting — 10/11/16

WESU Board Meeting — 10/11/16

Renaissance Fair:

— Totally going this Saturday. Let’s find cars

— Must find a theme for us to dress up as

Record fair:

— Successful! So many thanks to Wyatt!

— Would be good to have more staff involvement

— Diverse representations of DJs, perhaps non-WESU? DJ Battle? Campus band? Let us pursue that for next semester

— More gimmicks all the time!

Board meeting time:

— Keeping it Tuesdays at 5pm


— Send Lara the pledge promos!

— Abby, Babe, Helly

— Swap promos out every 10-12 days

Pledge drive:

— Julia, send trainees his way

— We have already raised over $3500 going into the drive

— Ways to get people more involved in the pledge drive?

— Goal-setting spreadsheet could be helpful. Ben G. will make this

— Tabling in Usdan with T-shirts–way to double check the color of the shirts before they are printed?

— Concert or on-campus event? Could it be a partnership or closed-campus event–targeting students specifically. Beth will get started on this!

— Looking into putting money into WesCards: Beth

— Lara starting to name things at the station

— What about an open house? What about parents weekend? Yes, let us have that! We don’t need a ton of food on that. Can we get on the brochure? On Saturday of parent weekend. Beth is emailing

Ben’s notes:

-BM updated online pledge system with new items  and got a very brief web post up.
-BM also finalized T-shirt Graphic.
-BM will get Tally’s going on website and FB page.
-BM is working on getting pledge letter and mailing together
-Let’s make a google spreadsheet for pledge goal setting? It could be set to have a running tally so that every goal entered will be reflected in the remaining balance. This would help  DJs A) actually come up with a goal and B) see how the potential impact of that goal towards our total $20K goal.
What are other folks doing to help make the pledge drive a success? Board pledge goal? Pledge tally contest?


— Updated staff list


— Working on budget–if anyone has anything we think we should have, let Ben G know!

Sexual harassment policy:

— Zazie and I talked to Debbie

— Training with harassment one-pager to lay out expectations (using Wesleyan policy as a background)

— Training for Nov/Dec staff meetings–moving forward with this

— For B, must talk to Debbie before returning–anything else he would need to do? WIll vote on this next week


— Press release should be written for the pledge drive!

December 7th fundraising Dinner at Laboca:

– Great work, Bryan! For payment, can we just ask folks to send checks and or use our current online system. We can instruct them to enter “Laboca” in the other gift section of our online pledge form. Not sure what other options will be possible within university finance system.

Board Meeting Notes — 10/3/16

WESU Board Meeting — 10/3/16

Board Meeting:

— could we possibly change the time of the meeting? A doodle/when-to-meet should be sent out by Ben G.! Hadley cannot make the meetings as is on Tuesday evening


— Thanks for coming to individual meetings! For people who didn’t come, could Thursday/Friday work? Email Abby about the meeting times (probably this Friday)

Record Fair:

— We still need volunteers from 11-12pm. Lots of trainees are signing up

— 2-3pm and 3-4pm are slots open for DJs spinning vinyl–reach out to BZ to see if he is interested in spinning vinyl

— Will reach out to individual people that volunteered in the past

— Need cars for set-up 9-10am and breakdown 4-6pm

— Board members signing up for spots! Great

— Must post to Wesleying

— Also table at Usdan is confirmed (11-4pm)–we have a box to put stuff up there

— Always remind people to bring cash


— Posts made it to the Patch

— Aural Wes announce it and putting it on their weekend update

— Make sure it gets on Wesleying

— What about Argus? Beth will confirm with that too

Cromwell Record Fair:

— Wyatt, Adam, and Helly went

— Lots of people already said they were coming, a few people sending it out on their listservs

— Need to re-put up posters

Pledge Drive:

— T-shirt design needs to be finalized–do we like the sentient one vs. the ouija board–maybe should we use Michelle’s record fair poster image? Lara messaging the person who drew it

— Wyatt will ask a friend if they are able to make one this week

— Pledge drive promos at the end of the meeting! Lara will divide them into chunks and release them in intervals

— Mailing and flyers will go out soon


— Training is going well

— Posts for MD blog, how does that work? They should send them to the MDs (also post the charts weekly!)


— Spinitron is pretty locked for the season, but StreamRewind is still being sorted out. If you notice a gap, let Babe know at (he was right about the email!)

— Emailed S about the app a few weeks ago, no response yet. Babe will show up to the WesHack meeting


— Abby and Hadley will catch up later about her position

— Alert people with shows before/after alternating shows (let the staff who is who)

Harassment Policies:

— Zazie, Ben G, and Abby will meet with Debbie from the Office of Equity & Inclusion on Thursday at 9am. Julia will come as well (in North College)

— Anything we want to bring up as a board? We want to talk about an all-staff training, what we will do with B, and what we can write down for our policy (also clarifying our policy vs. Wes policy)

— We didn’t update staff member who formally lodged complaint about the conduct

Staff Meeting Attendance:

— Julia needs to go through emails and staff attendance at her board hours


— Meeting with owner of La Boca on Friday–trying to nail down dates for the fundraiser or will try to find other venues

— Reaching out to various music venues, they promise to get back to Bryan

— Will likely be absent from next week’s board meeting

— We should look into student account donations through WesCards for the pledge drive–Beth will look into this


— JB does Wesleyan Bound with a group of middle schoolers after-school–he wants to bring them to WESU on Friday 3:30-4:45. Business Buzz will be there in both studios. Not this week but potentially next week. Beth, Helly, and Wyatt will be there!

Soundcloud Account:

— It was created over the summer! We can put stuff on it now

— Should we move to instead?

— Wyatt and Ben G. want to work on this

— Featuring public affairs shows

Emmett/Argus Stuff:

— Beth has talked to him and everyone at the Argus is on board

— Beth will meet with him again and fleshing ideas on how to get it happening

— Maybe MJ is interested?

— Maybe what’s it like to have a 3am show?

Promo Contest:

  • At end of meeting: listen to pledge drive promos and vote on the winner!! Lara wins!

WESU Staff Meeting Notes — 10/2/16


Staff picture at 5:45

Thanks to Dave Bauer for taking our staff photo!

— If you want a headshot, Dave will be taking pictures after the meeting

Recording names of DJs in past photos:

— Could be a really fun service hour!

— Maybe one community member and one student in order to identify every DJ?


— Print program is finally done! It will be sent to the printer on Monday morning

— The pledge drive will start soon now too

— If you prerecord your show, pleasure let Program Director and Ben M know that you won’t be live on air so that we know you aren’t there if something goes wrong on the station. You are not supposed to rely on automation without alerting the program manager first

— Make sure you are filling out transmission readings and please keep the binder in a central place on the counter (don’t put it in the counter–make it clear for the next DJ where it is)

— Thanks for sending fewer coverage emails! Yay!

— Cloie will not be running again for Program Director

Wyatt/Record Fair:

— Next weekend is the record fair!

— Wyatt has been appointed Events Director

— Most of the logistics are set up–please spread the word to your friends and family! We still have a few spots available so check out the google doc

— Wyatt will be running to continue Events Director

— Flyer is emailed out to the staff! It is also on the WESU homepage so you can download the PDF there. Invite all of your FB friends (join the FB event)

— We also need two more DJs to spin at the record fair

— Email because the Events Director email isn’t working yet


— Hello staff! I am not here right now but I would like to have someone read this, and ideally do a funny impression of me. *do the raise hands crowd thing like Ethan Hill*

— There are record fair promos in the air computer promos folder, and I’m going to put them on a CD in studio A by early this week (it’s actually already in there!)

— Pledge drive promos will be there next week for the start of the pledge drive! Get a service hour by making one!

— If you have a new show this semester – send me an email right now to schedule time in the studio to make a promo, students, I know you’re on your phones, do this now!!


— Training just started (about 54 people so far!). Emails about internships going out so far

— Tips & tricks starting beginning of November if you are interested in helping out with that

— Will take paper sheets if you don’t want to fill out the Google Doc


— Email with your contacts in businesses and nonprofits! The station would like to formalize relationships with local businesses

— Establishing new relationships with music venues, revamping ticket giveaway updates

— Winners can only collect tickets once every 60 days

— If you know anyone at Infinity Hall, please let Bryan know


— Sending a lot of press releases out about the record fair

— Trying to establish a relationship with the Argus

— Emmett wants to start a column for the Argus about WESU–who wants to write one or be involved? You could write a review, you could be interviewed for the Argus. He will be going away next semester, but we are trying to figure out a way to continue it. Email if you are interested in getting involved in any way or

— Tell all your friends about the record fair that’s coming up!


— If any of you are sub-MDs or want to be sub-MDs, please email the MDs to let them know

— Remember to play new music

— Their board hours are Monday from 3-6pm and Fridays 4-6pm


— Make sure to set up a Spinitron and Streamrewind account (sending an email out this week)–email is

Ben (M):

— Two tech updates: automation bypass Studio A now free during daytime with no strings attached (will try to implement this with all automated programming) and new Reduga drive for saving automated shows (look for Raduga 16/canned/public affairs)

— Pledge drive is starting ON OCTOBER 10th! Make on-air pitches and announcements PLEASE. $40,000 of our budget comes from listener support

— We will be staggering the promos!

— Our goal will be $20,000

— If you have specific pledge drive ideas, email

— Trying to knock this out before Thanksgiving


— Remember that right now we can make calls to action for the pledge drive

— Please go to right now and donate right now! Be more aggressive in your pledging

— Everyone please try to come with a goal–you don’t have to donate yourself to contribute to this station during the pledge drive


— Hadley is running for Program Director–and elected! Yay!

— Wyatt is running for Events Director–and elected! Yay!

Board Meeting Minutes — 9/27/16

WESU Board Meeting — 9/27/16

Emmett to discuss Argus collaboration–possibly a DJ column? Once every other week

— Could incorporate Middletown community members as well to connect these two spaces together–starting after October break?

— What about interviews with DJs? Or music reviews?

— Emmett is going abroad next semester–having trouble finding someone to take over maybe?

— Could include summaries of the public affair shows

— We could announce this next semester


Record fair–Wyatt is taking over as new Event Director! Yay!

— Will introduce himself at the staff meeting this weekend

— Add info to Michelle’s poster and bring 100 here and spread it around town

— Helly and Adam will go to Cromwell record fair on Sunday and spread out posters!

— Reserve a table in Usdan

— PR from Beth on press releases, will put flyers up on the website

— Promos onto CDs with Lara


Bryan–sent out new policies about ticket giveaways

— Talked to the manager of La Boca about hosting fundraiser–waiting on response

— No word from other staff members about nonprofits/businesses


Disciplinary action on meter readings–there were a lot of missing meter readings

— Julia will send out a reminder email to the DJs involved


Training–starting on Thursday night! Thursday @ 7pm and Sunday @ 2pm at the station

– 65 people signed up total

– EA will help out


Babe–followed up with Sam about the app, maybe not super into it and will have to go to a new WesHack meeting

— Everyone should get a StreamRewind account

— Check out the Spinitron stuff, can bring it up at the staff meeting


Program director–we need to find a new one for the staff meeting on Sunday


Individual meetings–maybe like a 10 minute meeting with individuals happening this Friday potentially?

— 4-6pm. If it doesn’t work, then email Abby separately


Pledge drive–starting October 10th!

— Pledge drive promos due NEXT board meeting! By next Tuesday


T-shirt design by Cloie–the “becoming sentient” WESU radio alien

— Having this and a “classic” T-shirt design


Disciplinary action re: B–need to come to a verdict today

— Suspended for the rest of the season

— An all-staff sexual harassment training (let’s contact Debbie)

— Need to re-think policy

— Should we find a free course in the area? We should contact Debbie for this–Zazie will reach out to her

Board Meeting Notes — 9/20/16

Pledge Drive:

— Hoping to start the pledge drive not this week, but the week after!

— Let’s talk about T-shirt ideas: Michelle made an image for the record fair that maybe would work. She will send to us tonight. T-shirt designs for next week! Cloie potentially has a design?

— Beth will work on a press release for the pledge drive

— We will discuss this more next weekend

— All board members make your promos!


— Problem with the MD email but Abby can fix that!

— Michelle still doesn’t have access to the gmail account

Disciplinary Action:

— B came in and shared his side of the story regarding sexual harassment allegations

— Abby laying out the timeline of events for all of this (starting with comments during the summer season). Complaints from three different DJs

— We clearly need an easier complaint system

— Need to talk to Ben M before making a decision–in the meantime, suspending his show until then

— Abby + Ben will write a short thing of everything that we know

— Must rework this disciplinary system

— Sending out an email to B tonight

— Beth also started a google doc to talk about today + future policy moving forward

Record Fair:

— Must sent out a staff email ASAP

— Asking for DJ volunteers–they need to bring their own records!

— Get a table at Usdan for the day of the record fair–Michelle will book this


– Follow up with WesHack people