Last Weeks Notes

Training starts Sunday March 2nd (Becca can you send a final schedule)

               -Becca can you send a final schedule?

Student group activities fair??? What’s the deal?

-Mary can register us

-Mary 1-2, Katherine 2-3

-Mary should get materials together (Becca will make google doc)


Hannah give Katherine Public Affairs email list


Map out pledge drive time frame? Start up in April? Goal? Maybe 15K?? We nearly hit that this past fall… Packets??? When to get them out? What’s the angle?

-separate things?

-same goal as the winter ($13,000)

-packets (extra efforts)

-went out too late, send them earlier

-hand out packets

-mini version of packets before spring break (talk about it at staff meeting at least)-a flyer (Virgil)

-packets by April staff meeting

-angle: could it be 75th? Pledge drive on air

*maybe not make block sign-up sheets


Staff resource page ( per suggestion last week..  Who can do this? WP savvy..? NATE WILL TRY


Clean up outdated shows on stream rewind? There are many shows listed that ar no longer on air. Can Hannah cross reference? Ben can then double check list and then maybe Nate can delete?


Record fair: Flyer???
 Need to print and send to venue list (Ben has list and can print labels). Need to send Rec Fair info to Stephan Allison to get listed on Middletown’s website  and in the City Arts calendar for March.  Can we get it printed in Argus and how do we get the fair promoted on Wesleying?


Bryan’s Swedish Friend’s Label’s band Like Swimming (former members of “You Say France and I Whistle”) did anyone even respond to Bryan?

*Izzy will communicate with Bryan


Program guide – Now 2 sided – Show titles/times on front – descriptions on back  -Virgil was up at archive checking on vintage pics this afternoon.


75 years of” radio show needs our input big time. According to Bryan here are the latest stats:
 WESU and Wesleyan Related Musicians: 10 songs suggested by 3 people.
Poetry – 5 Pieces suggested by 2 people.
African-American Musicians –  songs suggested by 1 person

The board should step up and help make sure this is a success  by making suggestions and figuring out how to promote it right. For starters, let’s include it in daily face book posts. Ben will make a pitch in his forth coming update email.  We can also keep talking about it at the meetings. There’s still time to pull it together. March is supposed to be fine in terms of suggestions..

75th anniversary

Promos (all) We need a bunch of new promos announcing this landmark occasion! We can certainly offer service hours to staff as well. Contest???



Website needs 75th anniversary landing page  Who can do?

Danielle’s Press release pretty much ready to go: this can be sent to Middletown Eye, The Middletown Press,  The Record Journal,  the Argus (Weslying?). no more patch, The Connection, Wesleyan Community blog etc, brain storm any other pertinent places? FB? WESU Website…

This press release can also be worked into Mary’s upcoming Letter to all alumni that will include a survey about commencement reunion events and a gala event for home coming 2014? Need to find ou which of our alumni are celebrating reunions this year…  ben will also use it in his pledge drive communications.


75 Events:
 Oldies concert update: Ben is reviewing band and pricing info suggestions from Oldies staff and supporters.  Thinking early April. Trying to come up with a proposal for the board ASAP.

IZZY/Mary Event Concept: >>>

-air WESU around campus

-ask Usdan to play it

-put secret radios around campus

-special programming?

*student bands, alumni, OR community members call in and a stage on campus where people can play

-culminate in concert at psi u (ticketed)

-it needs to be good programming! (2 hours)

-during WesFest?

-hire the Ride (already driving around campus)

-Izzy talk to Psi U

*WESU bands

-music from bands at Wesleyan/WESU, rebroadcast Wild Wild Live

Offshoot >>>> Gorilla Radio?  setup  phone line for listeners to call in to rant, Thanks/talk about WESU,  /announce something etc, . Those can be edited and broadcast as Gorilla radio. Also, We could have a campaign to collect used radios, slap a WESU sticker on them and plant them around campus and town…. Perhaps permanently tuning them to WESU? Scavenger hunt??

Two Weeks o’ Notes

Feb 4


Random Fundraising: Can someone look into receiving donations via text message?
Just a suggestion from a donor worth pursuing… (Virgil)


More thoughts on the Daily FB posts:  Ideas include what’s on air tonight, links to cool archived shows (can be your own), articles, station pics etc… event promotions, etc



Programming: need to nail down one more Public affairs show (Alting weds 6pm)
Any other concerns?

-Brenna was a no-show today (02/04/14)

-99 % invisible, liberation radio, radio curious, building bridges (Hannah forwarding email to board, email responses tonight)

-DJs need help for first couple weeks if they’re new (be conscious during your board hours)

Program guide? 
Where we at?

-Virgil talks about logo


Virgil-SBC trip once receives info from Ben about cost of surveillance


Tech issue: computer not displaying anything on monitor (Nate?) 

New Music for automation? Any word on this? Forgot to mention at staff meeting… It’s needed ASAP especially helpful during snow storms etc… get music to Rick.

-build a folder of music for automation, let Ben and Rick know

-will have it ready by Thursday


Training: Did we map out a schedule for spring training? Maybe check records?

-Danielle put a post on website

-info session Feb. 23?

-Becca is sending an email with potential dates


Record Fair is March 30th: Need a flyer ASAP

-Virgil is on it

-better job flyering


-Izzy on Whey Station, public relations

-on-air promotions


IBS Radio Conference? March 7-9 anyone want to represent?

-maybe Virgil?

-Nate might go…



Public Relations    Danielle is working on flow of our web posts to FB to twitter for online consistency.
DP is also a writing press release for 75th anniversary. Needs

-press release ready in a week or two 


75th Anniversary updates:


75 yrs of: We all need to suggest/submit songs so this thing works and reflects the diversity of WESU.
maybe we can work pitches for this into our daily FB/posts?

Leith (archivist)
 Danielle and Ben M will meet on Friday to go over university collection and start to map out how to share/display this stuff

Events committee update: 
 Can we come up with a feb event (even small scale)

-need Danielle to submit press release in the next two weeks

Virgil on imaging and graphic design branding 

               -grid with gray and black images on tote bag

-hand-printed special edition t-shirts


Plan to enforce Spinitron: How can we do this? Would be great to get non music show info displayed too. Need someone to enter that info for each episode…

-service hours

-if can’t go online, write down everything they’re playing



MDs need to start spending money….   Red Scroll, Amazon, Sub MDs, etc… Use some for CMJ (like last 2 years)?

Other stuff?

Feb 11

-Training schedule (Becca)


Sunday, Feb. 23 (student groups fair is) OR Thursday, Feb. 27: 


Sunday, 3/2 Session 1 (info session for all prospective trainees: introduction to WESU & training overview)

Sunday, 3/30 OR Thursday, 4/3 – Session 3 (radio fundamentals & equipment)
(side note: that Sunday is the record fair – is this an issue?)
Sunday, 4/6 OR Thursday, 4/10 – Session 4 (Code of Conduct & FCC regulations)
Sunday, 4/13 OR Thursday, 4/17 – Session 5 (wrap-up of Code of Conduct & FCC regulations; on-air procedure)
Sunday, 4/20 (uhhhh, or Saturday, 4/19, I guess) - Session 6 (Tips & Tricks)
Sunday, 4/27 – written exam in PAC 001
Monday, 4/28 through Monday, 5/5 (of course timing depends on Studio A availability & everyone’s schedules) – practical exams


-help Becca with checklist (Mary)

-AW wants to continue training (he gets two extra service hours)

-Argus New Radio/public affairs

*in training/trained?


-75th Anniversary events (Ben/Izzy/Mary/Virgil)

-February (online exhibit)

-March (late-oldies show)

-April (Guerilla radio/Hip-hop expo)

-May (spring fling? Wes seminar/alumni event)

-75th events: Ben M update, set time for next meeting. OK for BM to book oldies?


-Surveillance (Virgil)

-Virgil to email Ben

-email Virgil


-Program Guide (VIRGIL J J )

-he’s working on it now!

-Hannah will look up Radio Curious description (on



            -BM missed shows and was late this past week (we will be on the lookout and just email her later if needed and problems arise in the future)

-next time you’re let just let us know (call us, we are here)


-Board hours reminder (Mary)

-make sure WESU is broadcasting (listen)

-make daily fb post, check email

-check reservation board

-check in with 6 pm public affairs shows

-make new list of board hour duties


-Wednesday programming (Ben/Hannah)

-Radio Curious

-high pitched-ringing sound (Abigail’s show, Jack’s show); feedback?


-MDs: Music for automation (Ethan and Reta)

-purchases (this weekend to Red Scroll?)

*don’t spend most of money on vinyl, buy CDs as well

*doesn’t all have to happen at once

*also look at

-Ethan has compiled a bunch, give them a jump drive (give to Ben)


-Tech update (Nate)

-Plan to enforce Spinitron: How can we do this? Would be great to get non music show info displayed too. Need someone to enter that info for each episode…

-service hours

-if can’t go online, write down everything they’re playing (Ian?)

-Nate (sync up with Becca)

-Email link on website per JV’s suggestion?  – perhaps for that and other stuff?

* (with links like; application, link to the mail)

-Update show website links to update

-Studio PC is messed up – crashing freezing etc – we have another pc we can move in there but it will take someone to transfer files and install programs… Nate (or anyone?)? BM has not been able to get to it as quick as he’d like.

-delay acting weird

               -update contact info on


-IBS Registration (Ben and Mary)

-EH and AS

-we can afford to pay for train ticket and admission but NOT hotel

-make them do a write-up for website

-request money from SALD (Mary)


-Can we have free t-shirts?


-Pet Peeves: hearing lots of very popular songs on WESU this past week in new shows.  Particularly, a show on Sat afternoon (Janis Joplin, Hendrix, Zeppelin, etc).  If playing pop artists don’t play their most popular songs on WESU…?

-defeats purpose of mission (we’re supposed to be playing alternatives)

-articulate musical mission more (during training)

*people shouldn’t be promoting themselves

*promote the radio!

-update constitution?

-Dead hour and a half a problem?

-training (drive mission home each week, have a question about our mission on exam)

-can Ben send an all-staff email reiterating our mission? Yes.

-Ben yells “ATLANTA” at Virgil

-Random Fundraising: Can someone look into receiving donations via text message?
Just a suggestion from a donor worth pursuing…

-need permission from university (Virgil)

-Record Fair is March 30th: flyer finished? Thanks Hanna for the promo. Need to send flyer to vendor / and store list to promote and seek vendors.

-request money from SALD

-Virgil send poster by tomorrow! J J

-Other stuff?

Inaugural All-Staff Meeting of the 75th Year of WESU

  • Welcome back students and hello to new staff!
  • Thanks to CVs and anyone who held it down over break.
  • Spring program starts tomorrow – looks great – Tons of new shows – Thanks to Hannah!

    Updates reminders and notes 
  • (Mary) New Staff – door code is ***** – this will change in coming weeks
  • (Ben) Transition etiquette:  Whether you follow a live or automated show we all need to go out of our way to ensure smooth transitions.
  • For those up preceding and following automation: this means bring it up at the specified   time. Not when you feel like it.
  • For live transitions: On air DJs should end with a recorded song, playlist, or other buffer for incoming DJ. Incoming DJS should show up early but tread lightly and stay out of the way.
  • This is especially true for new weekday 6pm public affairs shows, where DJs before and after are used to 30 minutes of automation. I am trying to work with all for a smooth transition. Please connect with me if not already. 
  • (Mary) Everyone should also go out of their way to meet hosts of shows before and after as well as alt’ing partners. These are the people you should check with first for coverage if needed, staff list will be published soon

    Pledge Drive a Success! 
  • Thanks to all for the collective effort:
  • challenges included late start (need to get forms out for Thanksgiving)
  • and lack of 100% staff participation – New model depends on off air effort.
  • Spring Drive will be in April so folks who didn’t put their best effort forth will have another chance soon.
  • Premiums are starting to ship tomorrow and should be done by the end of the week.
  • Staff incentives will be presented at next meeting.

    IBS conference
  • March 7 – 9, 2014
  • New York City
  • check it out and let us know if you are interested in attending!

  • Spring 14 starts tomorrow – any questions or concerns should have been worked out already.
  • - Important to read all emails, especially program related…
  • How to find new calendar specifying 1, 3, 5 and 2, 4-
  • - Reminder, staff are expected find their own coverage.
  • - Live is preferable for music shows. 1st, try DJs before and after you or alt’ing partner
  • - Automation is last resort.
  • - ALL program changes need to be approved by program director

  • Spinitron –  all shows are required to use spinitron to keep track of ALL songs played. We now want all staff to enter songs as they play to keep in compliance with the law and provide a better service to our growing internet and mobile audience.
  • Stream Rewind –  records all shows making them available to stream onlein for 2 weeks after broadcast. DJs can create accounts and DOWNLOAD their shows
  • Nate will follow up with an all staff email with info and directions for spinitron and streamrewind.

    Public Relations
  • Hartford Advocate Reader’s Poll Remind people to vote for us before polls close
  • WESU is in college radio and best radio categories, Rob DeRosa (placed in best Radio Personality last year and is listed in this category again, you can also write in any DJ .
  • Each Ballot has to include votes for 10 categories so be sure to fill them all. Suggestions include: Wesleyan University, Wesleyan’s Center For The Arts, Red Scroll Records, The Buttonwood Tree,  OddFellows playhouse, Green Street Arts Center, and many more.
  • Twitter schedule feed – Need help setting this up.
  • FB wall posts –  A few shows use the FB Wall to promote their shows, it would be great to see more of this so we get a better representation up there.
  • Social networking:  working on automated feeds so that all we can have a consistent message and presences across our Website, FB pages, and twitter as needed .

    Events (Izzy)
  • Spring Record fair is March 30th in Beckham Hall. Will keep staff posted on volunteer opportunities. Right now we are looking for vendors, and need a flyer designed.
  • 75th anniversary events. We’d like to pull together events that serve our most established audiences. IE: Indie/hipster, Oldies, Folk, Reggae, Hip Hop, Electronic Dance Music, and more.  We also hope to host some lectures and a gala event and perhaps a live radio event with alumni. Most of the events will be fundraisers but some will be free.  There will be plenty of opportunities to help.Other Board updates: from MD’s, Personnel, production or public affairs?
  • 75th Anniversary Update (Ben) It’s here!
  • In 2014 WESU is celebrating 75 years of Alternative music, public affairs, and community service.  
  • Our plans to celebrate this include: special on air programming, physical and online exhibits of cool WESU stuff, and a bunch of events.  (We hope everyone will participate)75th on air:  2 new shows: “75 years of” & “Welcome Back”
  • 75 years of: is a weekly show with monthly themes spotlighting 75 songs of a particular genre associated with our type of Radio: – kicked off in December with the theme of “Socially conscious music.” Thanks to Bryan for the concept and his organizing and hosting the first month.
  • February’s Theme is Music beyond the English language. BM will host the first episode. If interested in helping with this month, contact him.
  • March’s = Music by Female artist (including those that identify as Female)  to be hosted by MTB.
  • Submissions are still needed for March and you can find a link on our website.
  • We need everyone’s input for this to work.  We want out lists to be as inclusive as possible, otherwise what is the point?
  • “Welcome Back” is a new public affairs show produced by BM featuring, the voices, stories, and hopefully some archived audio from people who have passed through WESU over the years. The show will air on 2/4 alting Fridays in the afternoon.
  • Articles and Exhibits: in addition to concerts, lectures, dinners, and other events, several articles, exhibits, and seminars are in the works.  Special thanks to Leith Jonson, University Archivist and host of the Light Fandango, for his expertise and help as we pull this together. He’s already written an article and has secured a display in Olin Library for the final months of 2014. Leith is also working on securing a Wes seminar during reunion and commencement.  Physical and online exhibit ideas include displays of WESU historical photos, graphics, T-shirts, program guides and more.  We will need a lot of help with these so let us know.
  • 75th Capital Campaign The plan is to raise an additional $25-$50K in 2014 for station upgrades including backup power for the studios, new mixing consoles, new furniture, and hopefully some seef money t get film project going to document the history of WESU.
  • New Gear:   The Board has commissioned Virgil Tayor to design a 75 year logo that will be incorporated to our print and web presences as well as special thank you gifts/pledge incentives.
  • 75th committee Stick around after this meeting?
  • NEXT meeting is March 2nd
  • OTHER  staff announcements concerns or suggestions?**DONT INSTALL SOFTWARE ON THE COMPUTER**




Board Meeting Jan. 28

Happy Birthday, Mary!

Ben’s quick pitch – Spring Semester will fly right by and welcome back.

Board hours – update schedule  – Ideally we need at least one person each day from 4-6.
*BM is really hoping folks will check in with him weekly so we are all on the same page.

  • Monday: Hannah & Hanna
  • Tuesday: Mary & Virgil
  • Wednesday: Izzy & Katherine
  • Thursday: Ethan & Reta & Nate
  • Friday: Becca

Need Updated board contact info sheet

Pledge results/debrief:

  • Success thanks for help and in many cases personal donations by you and your families. Just starting to get them out.
  • Work study resumes tomorrow and Ian will help me wrap this up.

Debrief:  Despite the success, it was very challenging and to some degree relied heavily on BM working FB hard the last few days.

  • Very few pledge packets came back.  Why this was so unsuccessful compared to last spring?
  • Ben M’s guess is we started too late. Packets need to be ready for Nov meeting so kids can take home over thanksgiving.  Gifts would also get processed in time for Christmas…

Spring Program

  • Looking great – Props to Hannah! Any updates/concerns, loose ends?
  • Program guide, spinitron and Archive calendars need to be coordinated for program start on 2/3
  • We need a detailed doc per Bryan’s suggestion to map out the first date of each acting show:  February 2014March 2014April 2014 and May 2014
  • New 6pm public affairs block?
  • Making sure we don’t loose new djs in the future
  • The board voted on the program, with some provisional changes, and passed it

Music Dept

  • ADDs Ben M had no time to process new releases so there’s a ton of catch-up that needs to happen.
  • We need MD dept to come up with a new batch of music for automation.  This should be a diverse mix of a few hundred songs without profanity for broadcast in absence of Live DJs. Music inn there now is OLD. Maybe solicit input from staff? Delegate for service hours.

Public Relations  

  • Advocate reader’s poll through 2/5 – need to promote on Weslying? FB, etc.
  • Need a new promo if possible…
  • Twitter schedule feed – are we reactivating this?

75th Anniversary:

  • Despite several technical glitches on our end the 75 years of…  show has been going really well.  Tonight is the last episode of the theme of social change. This project will only work with our input. Otherwise song lists are pretty limited. Please contribute!
  • We need new 75th anniversary promos (general and for specific stuff)
  • Cap campaign has been approved by finance. Ben M is setting up in Finance system.
  • Need to map out concert series – will apply for a Middletown Commission on the Arts grant to support large outdoor concert next sept on the river. Ben think Reggae is the way to go, with our large established audience.
  • Nonprofit spotlight update?
  • Public affairs spotlight?
  • Do we need to reconsider/revamp those 2 elements of Bryan’s proposal?
  • Virgil –  75 Art?

Staff meeting (agenda)

  • Welcome New back students, welcome new staff
    (door code, spinitron, archives, transition etiquette)
  • Reminder to all: by accepting this show time you agree to cover it and find coverage when you can’t be there.
  • Go out of your way to meet hosts of shows before and after as well as alt’ing partners. These are the people you should check with first for coverage if needed. ALL program changes need to be approved by program director
  • Spring program questions or concerns?

New business /concerns

Update Spiniton requirement so that Songs must be entered live? (as opposed to within 24 hrs) not only a Federal requirement: it make our service more completes for growing online audience.

Need to purchase a new Surveillance system – can we ask SBC for $400-500 for a new 4 cam system?

WESU Facebook –Is it more or less bveneficial to only have a few people that post show info… How can we be using this better?  Perhaps daily “free form” posts from board members?

Board Pizza Meeting 12/10


Introduced the board and new members

Meeting With Roth—went well!
Ben’s meeting with M. Kingsley, helpful with planning
go after who you know
keep shopping the film idea around—ben’s on it

We Are Transitioning!!!!

Updating Staff list soon!

Board will be here at some board hours

Practical Exams are continuing

December Staff Meeting

Welcome all – especially new staff

Another round of training is complete – Thanks to all who lent a hand in training

Final meeting of 2013 next one will not be until February 2nd 2014
 Since that’s also super bowl Sunday we have traditionally started that meeting at 2pm

Election of Board of new Personnel and Public Affairs Directors:
Major thanks to Both Eliza and Danielle who will be going abroad to study next year.

  • ·         Daniel – Did a ton of work to bring our Public File up to date. He inherited a giant back log of work from predecessor.
  • ·         Eliza:  Did an incredible job with training managing duties and MYRP.

Election – candidates spoke and questions before voting

Program stuff

Free Speech Radio News – is trying to regroup and we will keep the spot warm for them through winter break.  Thanks to all who volunteered to cover the spot as we considered our options.

Winter Break

  • Last day students are required to do live shows is tonight ( ? )
  • Students are encouraged to do their shows if possible
  • We will award service hours for covering yours and as always other’s spots.
  • Sing-ups coming tomorrow!
  • Check in o the bulletin

Spring Season

  • Applications will be released in the next week, after the majority of new staff have completed training and have been added to staff list.
  • Start date will be revealed shortly thereafter. 

Pledge drive 

Goal is $13K – 
up a little from last year helping us to kick off our 75th cap campaign to raise at least $25,000 above regular budget in 2014 (2 fiscal yrs).

Review – Kinder Gentler – Not Silent

  • Doesn’t mean we aren’t asking people to donate over the airwaves…
  • We still need to encourage over the air but via demanding call now – operator standing by model… 
  • November allowed us to ease into the drive and get the ball rolling through subtle and docile on air pitches and a few mentions via social networking.

This month is when we really need to bring it home so our approach and tone should be more deliberate.

  • Please play promos or talk about pledge drive at least once per 30 minutes through end of drive. This ensures all our listeners know.
  • More promos and a cheat sheet coming to the studio.

Follow  up with:

  • Email blasts to Alumni, past donors, tix winners, and studio guests, plus Face book. 
  • Packets and personal pitches
  • Internet and social networking pitches

By this past Friday 5pm we were just under $2,000 or nearly 15% of the way.

I am confident this will work if everyone participates:

  • We need to deliver a consistent message to our listeners through promos and our own live pitches.
  • We need to reach out to people we know support our efforts directly (off air in our own lives) and ask for their support.
  • ·Your Personal campaign to your radio people should include

Packets  – please into potential (ideally new) donors  hands

  • ·         Personal pitch/outreach to your stakeholders (friends, family, professors past radio guests, listeners, etc) You can do this via Email, online social networking  or just making an announcement at a church, club, or other social gathering.
  • ·         Be Creative!!  We encourage you to explore ideas on and off air. Consider Special premiums, contests and tactics! Please check with Ben M about anything out of the norm.

WESU depends on listener support. This is a fact

Message to staff:  If you like being a part of this:  We need you to help us develop listener support.

Message for listeners:  If you listen to us – We need you to donate.  


— It ends when its done! Or its done the 31st—our line in the snow.
— Can we please update the staff list in studio—yes!

On to: 75th Anniversary

Roth meeting went well, he is on our side!

Exhibits in olin ru working

Working with Bryan’s idea!
—75 songs per month, themed, like queer, socially conscious, artist’s who’ve performed on our airwaves
—Opening up for suggestion

Respond to Daniel/Katherine about public affairs and WESU
—further emails to come

Community involvement—mary is working on reaching out!, let mary know your suggestions, beyond middletown is helpful (within our reach)

Ben is producing a show for twice monthly profiles of WESU history


First of December Board Meeting (Notes)

Roth 75th ann. meeting ideas
– Post on their Blog
– Big picture issue, what we’re doing, working with olin
– mentioning the documentary—seed money, connect with the film dept.
– capitol campaign—extra contribution, the amount hasn’t changed in 10years
– reasonable goals with university help
– working with UR etc
– what does he think

New round of promos to build up momentum
– new promos from the board
– full participation means chocolate from mary
– shifting gear to being more urgent tone—NEED vs APPRECIATE
things to focus on
- new t-shirt for 35 and other stuff
– support fav program
– if you got the mail, please do you part

Staff meeting
- mary will email staff
– invited trainees to come to the meeting for the service hour
– requiring new DJs/inviting
– service hour for doing you reading week/finals or some required
– end of term schedule/sign-up period for break
– remind students of the policy
– 75th anniversary after the staff meeting

- make a ballot—nate will make the ballot
– whose running?
— nate will double check mary’s list

Pledge stuff
—t-shirts are coming (hopefully soon)
—do not forget to mention the WEBSITE
—next stage is outreach through digital methods
—staff packets will be ready for sunday (hopefully) personal letter from mary, graphical element
—825 bucks about 1/13th of the way there

testing, Practical test – tips n tricks for proctors (thanks Pingami)
changing the plans/timing of the schedule

worked out sort of
give some away on homegrown
figuring out how many we have left

Rec fair 3/30, 05/03, or not at all?
- nothing in april available
– march 30th sounds great!
– week to prepare after spring break!

Station service hour day? Possible?
- is there a need, hour wise and items of work to-do
– covering airtime over break is a great opportunity
– save the day for the spring
– send out reminders
– not our job

VIRGIL will be design the 75th anniversary logo

- ethan?

Winter break preparations
—Twitter feed fixing’s
—Streamrewind calendar!
—Break coverage

11/19: This Weeks and Last Weeks Board Notes

Hard Nips Report (Mickey says is went great! ) Good work Izzy!!!!! – thanks to all who helped
—It was amazing!
—Izzy feels good about it
—Great Learning
—Yamantaka/Sonic, in the spring!, having it in the chapel
—making it more WESUy in the future
—reggae show? oldies show? fundraising…, further planning is awesome

Thanks giving break programming (Hannah)
—HAAAANUH how’s it going?
—Sent email out, respond if you’re there
—Sign up sheet, notifying the staff about available slots

Recycling – Danielle
—Emailed Bill Nelligan
—Awaiting his response
—Moving forward
—in house envelope reuse plans
—paper recycling is the biggest question (ever)

Fundraising video – Danielle
—an alumni was interested in making a video
—a fundraising video of our own!!!!!
—mary is down
—send danielle ideas for planning for the spring
—virgil will be drunk (pretend????)

6pm news – FSN / WSWS ??
—WSWS is a well established site
—IS there a risk to replacing the news block with a music block
—board will listen to before thursday

—6 (staff) comps
—10 more giveaways. (early donation incentive?)
—all donations before 12/2 get entered to win MGMT tix?
—promoting a contest for people who give donation to the station
—danielle and hannah will make promos/facebook

Thanksgiving programming
— Rob wants to know if he can prerecord.
—Good, fine, awesome

Service hours: lots of rock room cd filing and LPS to be files, plus pledge mailing this week (finally!), program guide distribution(?)
—Ben: Thursday and Friday this week and ongoing,
—directing people towards board hours,

Program Guide Distribution
—finding places to leave a stack
—folding them down
—Exley and all these building
—Bulletin Boards

Meeting next week?
no meeting
, responsive to emails and one opposed, passed

Pledge Drive update and needs
—mandate staff playing promos
—get people to record more promos before mandate
—diversify your styles, board members will record by 12/8, incentivized by mary’s chocolate treat
—casual mentions
hardcore pledge zone is post break

Training (Eliza)
—Tips and Tricks as well as written tests
—worked out awesome! thanks to everyone who was there
—if they can’t make the retake, then come to board hours
—practical scheduling–in order to take you need have your internships done!
—email the board for scheduling the practical/eliza will send out form after we match board hours to spots, firm up the confirmation process, scheduling them for blocks of time
—trainees will be told to bring completed log, written tests will be in folder and on google docs
—GROUP the log, test and contract—going into separate folder


Selling airtime updates? (Ben)

Continue reading

11/5/13 Board Notes

License application update from BM, EEP, and ownership reports filed w FCC per Legal Counsel We filed early, awaiting word from the lawyers! Hard nips Concert (Izzy) 1) Security update Applied for money, awaiting results, need board members to help staff the event 2) Promos (Hanna) 3) Poster on website/Facebook and Wesleying next week (Danielle) 4) Flyering campus (trainees? Izzy/Eliza reach out) Mid-Wes (Mary) - Do we want them to table the event for us? – No thank you, but why not something else – Is it as simple as it sounds?????? – Is it a waste of their time? – Answer is no WesDEF program (Ben?) - happening next week on Wednesday, 11/9 at 5:30pm in 41 Wyllys, room 112. Any delegates? – Mary might go – we have something to offer as a service to the town IBS East coast 1 day (Botson) conference is Nov 16. Anyone want to go rep? (Virgil) Training (Eliza/Hannah updates) It’s been going well, thanks everyone!!! Planning for Proctoring the Practical Exam Problem with getting service hours, tell them to come in—their is plenty to do! Any discipline issues/no-shows? EVERYONE IS PERFECT Absences from staff meeting are being assessed MYRP (Eliza) 1) Disciplinary follow-up….how’d it go? - well its going well – working on retraining 2) Anyone interested in replacing Eliza? Mary will post/email staff about the elections to clarify details  75th anniversary Notes from the meeting will be published LISTSERV is coming it went well Pledge promos contest: 1) Review and pick a winner 2) Ben gives a production demo

WESU All Staff Meeting Notes

Studio etiquette/default Reminders

  • Late night please turn down studio monitors and head phones.
  • Do not let hp cords hit the floor. They are long and get caught in wheels, tripped over and eventually within 1 year broken. We go through 5-10 of these per year.
  • Be aware, mindful and friendly with all others working at WESU. Big diverse groups that work well together let’s keep it that way by not stepping on each other’s toes.
  • Be mindful especially of the person who is on air
  • No FSRN  at 6pm, for now Feature Story news in its place.

Training – Tips and Tricks (Eliza)
– Annual T&T is coming up. Nov. 17th @ 5pm in PAC001
– Looking for DJs for that panel
– Email eliza—, an email is coming
– Look out for those interns!—remember only two at once, the studio experience is key!

Calendar update
– Be mindful of the 1/3/5 and 2/4 schedules

Announce Hard Nips  (Izzy, where when, staffing, public status? Promos?)
– Please play the Promo
– Nov 16th @ Eclectic: Hard Nips and open to the Public/Free

CMJ Report from MDs? (Just a quick word would be awesome)
– David Whitney, Reta and Ethan all went to the MusicMarathon
– Working on the Recap for the blog, look out for that

December meeting date change! To Dec 8 – same place and time
pivotal meeting, please come!
let us know, students especially, if you can’t come

Open House went great – Thanks to Rob and Red and Black for the dangerous cookie and hot beverage station. Was well attended by alumni, wes faculty, and current and prospective staff family! We even sold some merchandise!

Record Fair – Success! Congrats and thanks to Izzy, and the volunteer staff with special props to Nina Gurak, and Lee Berman for the ridiculous amount of work they both put in!

Twitter – Danielle 2 feeds:  schedule and general… more info?
– should be ready for the pledge drive

Spring elections for Public Affairs and Personnel next meeting 12/8
Email the board, let us know if you want to run!

Pledge drive – As a result of the Wesleyan academic calendar and success of our spring pledge drive we are changing the way we conduct our Fall Winter Pledge drive at WESU.

Make sure you do your due diligence when it comes to finding replacements for your show. With the board and potential fill-ins.

MYRP openingsI Needs some love, email if you are interested in becoming a part of this unique thing we do.

Any other station questions comments concerns before we get into Pledge drive and 75th anniversary plans?

CC says good job

Cosmic updates and we are working on studio B

More from Ben on Pledge Drive:

Basically we got rid of the one week heavy handed traditional drive in favor of a longer, less frantic, and more strategic approach, that we ease into in November, continuing into December (if need be).

We are calling this our “Kinder gentler” approach to fundraising, in contrast to the typical strong handed tactic of the condensed one week telethon model we have used since we started a new model last spring. **Please do not use the term “silent pledge drive” we toyed with last spring**

Despite the inherent risk, that drive was out most successful fundraising effort yet. This isn’t to say we cannot or shouldn’t solicit pledges over the air. Please do! We encourage you to get the pledges by any means necessary.  We’ve even added some incentives to encourage you to be successful.

This year, if you raise: $100 – you get a WESU T-Shirt, If you raise $200 -you get a Hoody and…  
The person/show who raise the most donations
 will get a combo pack and another special prize, TBA.

**Make sure you advise all of your donors to include your name/show name in the appropriate field when making a donation!

New online donation system is up and running (As of this week): most of you probably didn’t notice but we had no live donation link over the summer. This is more streamlined and is more like a shopping cart than a form/survey we have used in the past. ACTEVA IS A BAD BAD COMPANY !!! STAY AWAY

The campaign begins with a mass mailing going out this week to nearly 700 past donors. To be followed up by:

  • Recorded Promotions: We are getting rid of the majority of old promos and are working on a whole new batch that clearly conveys the new approach.  The board has already created a new batch that should be available this week. Hanna can provide details on when and where you can find them?  For now we ask that you play at least one of them during each hour of your program.  As we continue we will increase frequency with a goal of unrolling a new batch of promos throughout the campaign rather than all at once to be repeated throughout the effort.
  • Social networking will continue to be an important way for us to connect with our listeners and will be utilized through duration of campaign for updates and special incentives.
  • Email campaign to past donors, guests, ad ticket winners – thanks to Ian Work Study
  • Your own creative efforts, including on and off air approaches.  We will have packets available at our December meeting similar to our spring drive.  These will have some form of a station update, pledge pitch, and include pledge forms for you to put in the hands of the friends, family and other people in your community who value your experience at WESU.  This was very successful last spring!
  • WE NEED MATCHING DONORS!! They make a huge difference. Employers, family businesses, and family trusts or just deep pockets… Please look into this. Last year we got donations from Pfizer, Philips, and some generous family members and alumni, to the tune of $500 to $2,250 (when an alumni parent said they would cover half of the remaining $4,500 during the last week.  

Our goal this Fall will be to Raise $13,000 (last fall we aimed for $10K and got $12K). I am hopeful and think it is possible that the return will be more like our Spring success of $15K!

Questions ? Concerns comments?

Back to Mary

75th Anniversary

  • Committee Meeting to follow this one. Please join us. We have met once and have some great ideas for our campaign to celebrate the legacy of WESU and give something back to the community.
  • New T-shirt design has been selected and is being refined – reveal later this week?
  • Ben will provide an overall update on where things are currently at.

    Over to Ben – or Mary, if you want to handle this or part of it:

We are still honing in on our branding but so far, the ambitious campaign includes live events, public exhibits and displays. This is in addition to our own promotions, new 75th anniversary gear for sale, and on air coverage.

I encourage each of you to consider how you can join us in this effort.  I myself am working on a program concept, featuring people, bands, and occurrences from WESU’s past.  Ideally this could create content for our film project. More on that later…

In addition to all of this WESU will commemorate this milestone by giving back to the community by using airtime to spotlight nonprofit and community organizations in our listening area throughout the entire year.

Hopefully all of this will result in strengthening our community connections, provide some great public relations opportunities for us, and help us develop stronger community support.

This campaign will last throughout the entire calendar year, which is quickly approaching.  Setting a goal of raising an additional $25-$30K to upgrade our studios and kick off a film project about the history of WESU.  Studio upgrades: New Mixing consoles for the studios ($14K), backup power ($11K).

Events: A series of concerts, and other live events at various venues reaching out to the listening communities we serve most directly. Caribbean, Gospel, Folk, Oldies, indie rock, Local artists, hip hop, and EDM.  We should work on events for our public affairs listeners as well. Perhaps some can be coupled with music, film, or other events.

The 75th Anniversary should be fun and rewarding but will require the help of many to pull off.

So far we have a great team. Please feel free to stick around for the 2nd half of the meeting to participate!