Remembering, Honoring, & Celebrating the life of Viso Ngozi Ãz-Ibo

This Sunday at 2pm at The Buttonwood Tree in Middletown, there will be a memorial service to Remember, Honor, and Celebrate the life of Viso Ngozi Ãz-Ibo, Poet, family man, and host of Classik Ãz which he broadcast late-night on Saturdays on WESU for nearly a decade.  You are invited to remember Viso Ngozi Ãz-Ibo and find meaning in his early exit from our lives. We will resurrect his voice through some of the most significant and powerful recordings he left behind from his WESU radio show and poetry performances. Calling all poets, especially those who knew Viso, please bring a poem or two to share. There will be opportunity for family, friends and acquaintances to share how much Viso meant to all of us and express ourselves in his honor through the spoken word he so dearly loved.  For those who are not able to physically join us, the gathering will be live streaming on Facebook! more at or

Board Notes 10/31



-Bandcamp questions! Any contributions desired

-Board Picture

-Another round of program dispersal next week

-Fundraiser concerns are welcome but at this point it’s primarily in the hands of Ben etc.

-We need an App!

-Venmo account?

-Promo/PSA contest after the fundraiser/during pledge drive!

-Signup sheets for staff meetings — need to crack down more/make clear that it’s necessary for students to go



-Last minute requests for the budget are welcome!



-Tickets are online and at the boxoffice for the fundraiser

-Weird issue where we were charged $250 for the record fair (setup fee) — this was a quarter of our profit from the event



-Updating stuff

-Listened to a bunch of shows



-Second blog post is up!!! Yay!!!

-Calls coming in from promoters

-Many people coming in for MD board hours



-Sorry he was late — yeah RIGHT doesn’t look very sorry to me

-Training is over!

-Anarchy on Air catchups will happen during board hours

-Scheduling the written exam

-Volunteers needed for fundraiser



-Now playing tab on the website has been fixed

-Geofilter submitted



-Sending emails to notify local donors about the fundraiser



-6 new fundraiser promos

-Interns have been making pledge drive promos out the wazoo

-Phone banking schedule in the works




-Service Hour ideas:



-Livestreaming (get a camcorder/tripod)



Queen of Jeans Show

-December 2nd

-Do we want a merch table?

-Falls during the pledge drive — good way to frame merch purchases

-Board members should try to spend a little time there


9/10/17: Staff Notes

9/10/ Full Staff Meeting



  • New season
  • BIG THANK YOU/shout out to MEG who put the program together — very cool new design to get excited about
  • Successful open house/the MASH
  • Training to start soon! after student activities fair this friday — be on the lookout
      • Table at the club fair this friday
      • Interest meeting — refer your potential DJ friends
  • Short board goals/ideas for the upcoming season:
    • Starting “What’s New @ WESU” flyer to be put around campus and online
        • Short/accessible — Transparent
    • Booking more events/speakers/bands — keeping momentum from last semester
        • Email Events Director
    • Revamping social media as a resource
        • Highlighting DJs to connect with community/staff itself
  • Highlighting shows on WESU during staff meetings and on social media
  • Show:
  • Board Hours: 4-6 on Thursday




  • Genrebusters every other Wednesday 11-12pm
  • Board Hours: 4-6 on Wednesday



  • Board Hours: 4-6 on Wednesday



  • Show: 4:30-5:30 Saturday (1,3,5)
  • Board Hours: Friday 4-6



  • Show: Game Theory, 11-12pm Sunday (2,4)
  • Board Hours: Tuesday 4-6pm



  • Board Hours monday 4-6
  • Show: Wednesday 12-1 — Who Sampled



  • Shows: Tuesday Nights 12-1
  • 4-6 Wednesday
  • Come introduce yourself!
  • Check your email to sign the sexual harassment form — necessary before starting your show



  • 4-6 Monday
  • Show: Dumpster Dive, 11-12 Tuesday nights


Xandra/Public Affairs

  • Board Hours: Friday 4-6
  • Show: Middletown Youth Radio Project,



  • Board Hours: Tuesday 4-6
  • Show: An A and a B, Friday night 1130-1230


Jack/Community Liaison

  • Show Monday 9:30 Cruiser’s Radio Program
  • Board Hours: 7-9pm Monday



  • New Door Code! Available for DJs ONLY — do not distribute outside the WESU community
    • Email any board members for the code
  • Live/Automated shows:
    • Automated shows should be highlighted on the schedule in the hall
    • Be aware if there is automation on either side of your show so that you do not cut off or delay anyone else’s program!
    • If the DJ after you has yet to arrive, bring up the Pot as a rule of thumb — good chance they have automated their show for this week
  • Parking:
    • University now owns both buildings that our parking lot belongs to
    • New parking security system — WESU placards needed to be in the lot
    • Night DJs — park in one of the 4 WESU-designated spots
  • Work study position available!
    • Administrative/housecleaning stuff — 5 hours/week
  • Last DJ at night: call Psafe before leaving (don’t have to wait around)
  • Cathy Leckowitz will be leaving
    • No interim director
    • No huge effect will be had on the station
  • Fundraising Events:
    • Record Fair: Oct. 8th
    • Jim Zandri has volunteered to cater a separate fundraising event
      • Beckham Hall in October
      • Details need to be worked out
      • Entertainment!
      • Jim/Jack: Volume of Attendance is key — working out a reasonable/profitable price
      • Email or to help plan the event
      • Ben’s Pitch: Variety performance night (comedy, music, etc) — Dinner + Show — this has worked in the past at the Buttonwood Tree
      • Get the basic information set so that DJs can promote the event on air

WESU supports Jack n’ Jill Benefit for New Horizons Domestic Violence Services

The City of Middletown, AT&T, J&J Productions, WESU Radio and The Mezzo Grille are happy to invite you to the 3rd Annual Jack n’ Jill Music Festival and Fund Raiser for New Horizons, on Sunday September 17th, 2017, beginning at noon, hosted on the beautiful back patio of The Mezzo Grille in Downtown Middletown, CT. 

Jack n’ Jill is an all-day and into-the-night celebration of music, generosity and fun, benefiting New Horizons Domestic Violence Services.  Included in this year’s Jack n Jill Roster are Mexican Folk Guitar Vituoso, Dave Giardina and Friend; New England’s Premiere Traditional Blues Band, Easy Baby, featuring Peruvian torch singer, Kelly RAgo; singer/songwriter, guitarist, fiddle-player extraordinaire, Rani Arbo and friend, and many more.

For a complete listing of performing artists and speakers visit, or just come to the Festival.  There’ll be raffle prizes, a silent auction, music trivia and lots of surprises.  Don’t miss The 3rd Annual Jack n’ Jill Music Festival and Fund Raiser for New Horizons.  For more info go to, or Or call 860-344-8297.

Spring Pledge Drive ’17

#FF0000 Raised $20,000 towards the $20,000 target. WE DID IT!! Thanks to the generous support of 223 WESU listeners, friends, and family, we met our pledge goal of $20,000 in the nick of time to wrap up our fiscal year.

On behalf of all WESU listeners, thanks those of you who help us pay the bills and keep the wheels turning. Your financial contributions along with the volunteer work of our DJs is what keeps community radio alive at WESU!


WESU needs you to help pay the way! We depend on listener support to cover nearly one third of our operating expenses. That means we need to raise $20,000 to support our unique mix of public affairs and free form community programming, this spring.

Help ensure the programs you value have a home on the radio! We’ve got your back and hope you have ours!

We’ve got some great new thank you gifts including a new T-Shirt and a tote / record bag as well as some new twists on old items in thanks for your support! Donate today!