Board Meeting Notes 05-14-13

Welcome, new board!

Somebody download FSRN! Maybe we should put in an alarm to remind us.
Reunion/Commencement Open House – We heard from some alums who are coming, so it’s probably in the agenda. Virgil will check up on food. 2-5 pm, Friday.

Next year, the 75th Anniversary should be an opportunity for a lot of cool archival stuff.

J & R situation – Avery and Ben are working on it.


Music Purchasing budget – definitely money for CMJ passes, and to dole out to other sub-MDs, Jesse and Adam will try to work with new music directors to figure out specifics with Ben, reach out to people in the past who had suggestions.

Summer Program – Adrien still needs to hear from a couple of people but it’s coming into place and will be done this weekend.  Virgil and Ben will talk about the guide, probably a fairly simple one sided thing to mail out.

Training  – people still scrambling to get service hours and testing done. Preference is to insist that trainees get all their requirements done before they take the test. Make sure newly qualified DJs get info about summer apps, so they don’t miss out. Come up with an email to send out to them with summer info, instructions for door code, spinitron.

Pledge Drive – $7602! Thanks for everyone who donated! Send your packets if you haven’t. Ben will send out a staff update to remind people that it really is on them to reach out to people they know for donations. Ben has been putting up daily facebook posts, we should all work our social media! Adam put out the Wesleying post. Still a few email campaigns to work. Service hour project: fixing up the alumni email list. Overall, new model has some pros and cons, allows the work to be spread over a couple of weeks which is nice. Ben will rethink this summer to come up with an intermediate model. Maybe start off each season with a slow pledge drive, moving into phone banks a couple of months in. Ben will be putting together a few strategic phone banks in the next couple of weeks.

Avery responded to our fan mail from Tai Pei!

Review! – We had some great events, with our lecture series and our concert series. Maybe let’s scale it back a little next year, cause that was really intense. Fewer events also means more focus ability to promote outside Wesleyan. Meet early to get public access to events. The live show was a fun idea we didn’t get to do, so hopefully next year. Avery has some contacts for lectures potentially. Potential partnership with SHOFCO recording children’s books, possible link in with Middletown Youth Radio, and other community engagement projects.
We did a lot of conferences this year. We have contacts at Barnard and SUNY New Palz. We went to IBS (run a workshop next year), Megapolis, CMJ, keep your eyes peeled for other cool events like that. Mickey and Issy got press passes for SXSW, you could do that in the future! Or we could make our own renegade press passes, says Virgil. Bring stickers.

Show Reviews next year – giving people feedback on their show.
Keep up the monthly DJ spotlight.

75th Anniversary! So much cool stuff we could do. We are still in touch with our founder, he is so old! We could a film project, all kind of stuff.

Need to be better at putting people’s individual skills to work in service hours, encourage people to think of how they personally could help.

Lee is getting started on the new shelving. He is the man.

Student Forum on radio documentaries in the fall. Students might want to take the forum, or otherwise collaborate. Possibly might be open to community volunteers also.

The Administration is interested in ways the station might tie into academics.

Board Meeting Notes 05-07-13

No Pizza. Tragic. Someone will pay.

New Shoes for Ben!! Love, the Board. The most renegade dad shoes.
Reunion/Commencement Open House – Virgil will email later today, then Avery can get back to Rob about food. Possibly it’s too late for us to get on the official list, but we have other ways of getting the message out. Friday 1 – 4.
Music Purchasing – Ben, Jesse, and Adam will figure out what has already been bought and what budget is still left to see what we can buy.

Summer Program – Adrien has adding finished Ben’s edits. Virgil can do a program guide next week.

Training – Adam sent out everyone’s board hours for administering the practical exam. Need to get trainees to sign the contract after they pass. Staple all the papers together, and put it in Adam’s box. Maybe give people 10 mins to prepare if you have the time.

If people need service hours, email Ben.

Middletown Remix festival is Saturday. Mickey can livestream parts of it. Hasn’t yet contacted the DJs on air that day about broadcasting. Andy says we can have advance copy of the remix, could broadcast that instead. They need paid staffers, if anyone is interested.

Interview Opportunities – Anyone who wants to interview some the artists should contact Andy the PR guy. Ben forwarded the email to people he thought might be interested. Volunteers can make a promo tomorrow.

Pledge Drive – $210 dollars from t-shirt sales. Pledge drive total: $5,586. We’re on the RothBlog! Also in the Middletown Patch and the Middletown Eye, also got sent to various other local news sources. Hopefully will go out to the faculty listserv. Ben made a facebook event. We should all promote it, and also keep putting out new totals.
Facebook – We merged the two pages, but WESU the person is still out there. We have more than a 1000 likes!
Put the press release on Wesleying.
Donate Now button on our Tune-In page.
Bunch of new pledge promos, Ben found some old anytime promos. We probably have enough but if you still want to make one, please do.

Email campaigns using volunteers to compile lists. Avery is on it.

Next week the new usurpers are coming.

Adam is going to work on a new test for next year.

J and R – at least 3-4 complaints this year. They are popular, but they keep saying really contentious things that upset people. They need to better preface these things as their own personal alternative views. There is a disclaimer at the beginning of the show, but they need personally to distance themselves from the station, making it clear that those are their individual views.
We also bend the rules for them to broadcast from out of town. Dave spoke to them about concerns about production values. Also relying on work from Ben to assemble their show.
Course of action – Avery and Ben will talk to them and take it from there. Email them if you have a particular concern.

M F is not in the logs, hasn’t responded to Adam’s email. Avery will find him! Let next year’s board know about his lack of standing.


Meeting Adjurned!

New Chart, Same James Blake, This Time with Annotations

1    JAMES BLAKE    Overgrown    Republic

2    ADRIAN YOUNGE    Adrian Younge Presents The Delfonics    Wax Poetics The classic 70s Philly soul group (you might remember their iconic “Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time)” single from the Jackie Brown soundtrack) return and sound as beautiful as ever on this collaboration with producer Adrian Younge. Younge, who previously scored the Black Dynamite soundtrack, is also an entertainment law professor, and he’s been killing it lately. He just followed up this Delfonics collab with an impressive Ennio Morricone-style concept album team-up with Ghostface Killah called Twelve Reasons to Die.
3    AUTRE NE VEUT    Anxiety    Software

4    THEE OH SEES    Floating Coffin    Castle Face  Thee Oh Sees follow up the man-dog cover art (which fun-hating Pitchfork put on their Worst Cover Art list) on last year’s Putrifiers II with strawberries, eyeballs and teeth.

5    DEERHUNTER    Monomania    4AD
6    STEEL WHEELS    No More Rain
7    NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS    Push The Sky Away    Bad Seed
8    FLAMING LIPS    The Terror    Warner Brothers
9    JJ GREY AND MOFRO    This River    Alligator

10    KURT VILE    Wakin On A Pretty Daze    Matador  Kurt sounds a lot happier than on the sleepy, melancholy Smoke Rings for My Halo. He’s such a dad (see this adorable video of his daughter dancing to his excellent single “Never Run Away”) but that doesn’t make this album toned down or boring. In fact, this is his most confident, epic full-blown rock & roll record. And “Wakin on a Pretty Day” is so good that after nine and a half minutes I wish it would keep going.
11    WAVVES    Afraid Of Heights    Warner Brothers

12    CRIME AND THE CITY SOLUTION    American Twilight    Mute Check out WESU DJ and Wesleying maestro Zach Schonfeld’s review of this one here.

13    BALLAKE SISSOKO    At Peace    Six Degrees Previously covered this one here.
14    SHOVELS AND ROPE    Johnny 99 B/w Bad As Me [7-Inch]    Third Man
15    CAVEMAN    Caveman    Fat Possum
16    STROKES    Comedown Machine    RCA
17    VAMPIRE WEEKEND    ”Diane Young” [Single]    XL
18    RON SEXSMITH    Forever Endeavour    Cooking Vinyl

19    CANNIBAL OX    Gotham The legendary Def Jux group returns sans El-P (who’s at work on what’s going to be a very very cool collaboration with Killer Mike called Run the Jewels).

20    POND    ”Giant Tortoise” [Single] Pond, who share three members with Tame Impala and a likeminded psychedelic sound, return with new material after their promising and excellently-titled debut from last year, Beard, Wives, Denim.
21    SUUNS    Images Du Futur    Secretly Canadian

22    RAEKWON    Lost Jewlry [EP]    Ice H2O  We wrote about this one here.
23    DEVENDRA BANHART    Mala    Nonesuch
24    JAMES HUNTER SIX    Minute By Minute    Concord

25    OTIS TAYLOR    My World Is Gone    Telarc A blues album that prominently features Native American guitarist Mato Nanji and reflects on the troubled history of indigenous people in this country. A welcome suprise.
26    PARENTHETICAL GIRLS    Privilege (Abridged)    Marriage-Slender Means Society
27    CHVRCHES    Recover [EP]    Glassnote

28    RED BARAAT    Shruggy Ji    Sinj A unique mixture of DC-based go-go music and the British/Punjab genre of Bhangra.
29    COLLEEN GREEN    Sock It To Me    Hardly Art
30    JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE    The 20/20 Experience    RCA

WESU Voted #1 College Radio Station in 2013 Hartford Advocate Reader’s Poll!

Click here to see Advocate writeup
Thanks to all who voted for us!

Voters Said:

“They have a program for everyone.  They’re very diversified, I love it!”

“Still free form after all these years and some of the best music and alternative community affairs programs available.”

“WESU is a great resource for Connecticut as it plays unique music and hosts thoughtful talk shows. Homegrown! Rob DeRosa!”

Congrats to Rob DeRosa for placing in the Best Radio Personality and Best Radio Show categories for his weekly “Homegrown”, CT connected music show heard on Thursdays on WESU at 5:05 pm. 

Click here to support WESU with a much needed donation.

On the Spot with DJ Quandry


DJ Quandry, aka Eriq Robinson, is a sophomore at Wesleyan University. We’ve decided to profile him somewhat arbitrarily, but also because he’s a rad dude. This is our first of what we hope will be a monthly feature, “On the Spot,” where we spring on unsuspecting WESU DJs and interview them.


I caught up with DJ Quandry at our a cappella rehearsal.
WESU: Surprise! You’ve just been put ON THE SPOT. So, what’s your show called?

DJ Quandry: Okay. My show’s called “Shelf Life.”

W: What’s the format?

Q: It’s an electronic music show. I find random albums off the shelf and play ‘em. [See his Spinitron playlist for this month here.]

W: Groovy. When is your show?

Q: Every second and fourth Wednesday, 11pm – 12:30am.

W: When did you join WESU?

Q: I joined freshman year – first semester I went through training, second semester I had my first show: “Flight 881 with Captain Q.” It was a world music show, where I went to a different country every week. You know: “Flight 881. Buckle up!”

Then I moved to “Shelf Life,” and that’s probably going to be the format I stick with for the rest of my time at WESU.

W: What music have you recently come across doing “Shelf Life?”

Q: Peace Orchestra, which is pretty trippy. One of my friends told me about Four Tet – and KH, who is also Four Tet – and a track called something like “Play that song that you always play… that I like…” – or something – it’s really cool.

W: Do you get calls on your show?

Q: This one time, I was playing Purity Ring, and this dude called in, and he just kept going on and on about how he loves the show, and how he loves WESU – he wouldn’t let me get a word in edgewise – and he was so into Purity Ring, and he said, “That was so deep, and I was so into it, and I’m just at the gas station getting some s***, and that song was so deep, and I love you guys.” And I said “thanks,” and then he said, “Alright, I gotta go.” I was like, “Whoa.” Continue reading

The Return of the WESU Chart

1    JAMES BLAKE    Overgrown    Republic
2    AUTRE NE VEUT    Anxiety    Software
3    ADRIAN YOUNGE    Adrian Younge Presents The Delfonics    Wax Poetics
4    KURT VILE    Wakin On A Pretty Daze    Matador
5    JJ GREY AND MOFRO    This River    Alligator
6    DEERHUNTER    Monomania    4AD

7    THEE OH SEES    Floating Coffin    Castle Face
8    FLAMING LIPS    The Terror
9    YOUTH LAGOON    Wondrous Bughouse    Fat Possum
10    RHYE    Woman    Republic

11    TYLER, THE CREATOR    Wolf    Odd Future
12    BESNARD LAKES    Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO    Jagjaguwar
13    GOLD PANDA    Trust    Ghostly International
14    DUCKTAILS    The Flower Lane    Domino
15    JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE    The 20/20 Experience
16    COLLEEN GREEN    Sock It To Me    Hardly Art

17    RED BARAAT    Shruggy Ji    Sinj
18    CHVRCHES    Recover [EP]    Glassnote
19    NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS    Push The Sky Away    Bad Seed
20    PARENTHETICAL GIRLS    Privilege (Abridged)    Marriage-Slender Means Society

21    OTIS TAYLOR    My World Is Gone    Telarc
22    JAMES HUNTER SIX    Minute By Minute    Concord
23    DEVENDRA BANHART    Mala    Nonesuch
24    RAEKWON    Lost Jewlry [EP]    Ice H2O
25    SUUNS    Images Du Futur    Secretly Canadian

26    RON SEXSMITH    Forever Endeavour    Cooking Vinyl
27    VAMPIRE WEEKEND    ”Diane Young” [Single]    XL
28    STROKES    Comedown Machine    RCA
29    CAVEMAN    Caveman    Fat Possum
30    BALLAKE SISSOKO    At Peace    Six Degrees

4/12 FRIDAY: Boldy James \\ Gifted Higgz // Kill-F


Free for everyone!

Boldy James is a wildly inventive, cool-headed MC from Detroit. He’s due to release a new project with prolific producer The Alchemist later this year. Stereogum called his latest mixtape, Consignment: Favor for a Favor the Redi-Rock Mixtape “almost shockingly huge in its scope…compulsively listenable.” He is the kind of talent that should be spoken of in hushed tones by anyone who cares about hip-hop as an artform.

Gifted Higgz is an up-and-coming MC from here in Middletown, CT.

Kill-F is a mystery

WHERE: WestCo Courtyard (Rain location: WestCo Cafe), 18 Foss Hill Dr., Middletown, CT


Facebook Event

THANK YOU to The Wesleyan Concert Committee, and the Music & Public Life series for making this series possible!

2-25-13 jive

Good evening, it’s Monday, February 25th — and this is the Jive at Five – WESU’s Daily community calendar and rundown of night time programming here on 88.1 FM WESU Middletown, your station for NPR, Pacifica, independent and local public affairs by day and the best in free-form community programming week nights and weekends. I’m Tim Blanchette:
Thanks for tuning in.

Here’s a rundown of some of what’s scheduled to happen in the community this week.

Over at the Buttonwood Tree in Middletown, tonight is the weekly “Anything Goes” Open Mic, with sign-ups at 7:30. Wednesday night at 7, is Karoake with Deni.  Free for all ages so go and sing your heart out! Friday at 8, At The Buttonwood Tree, its Higher Animals with Robert Don and Grand Cousin.  Saturday night at 8, enjoy Greg Klyma with Con and Carol keeping the American folk tradition alive. Every Sunday, Food Not Bombs shares food at 1 pm in front of the Buttonwood. All are welcome to enjoy a free vegetarian meal and, you can help prepare it beforehand at First Church on Court Street at 11:30 am. For more information about all Buttonwood events, visit

Down in New Haven at Toad’s Place tonight, it’s A Night of Smooth Jazz with Rohn Lawrence & Friends. Tomorrow brings Hinder, with opening acts Nonpoint and ACIDIC.. Wednesday brings Aaron Carter with opening act Justin Levinson.  Later wednesday night is the weekly EDM Night with DJ Highlife, DJ Jiggawompz, and Joey Fedz.  Friday at Toad’s, it’s the Single Mothers playing in Lilly’s Pad with opening acts Cold Snap, Night Owls, and Manners. Then Friday, it’s Black 47 and The Highland Rovers Band. Details at

Also in New Haven, at Café Nine, tonight at 8:00pm, it’s Charlie Parr with Orb Mellon for a night of authentic and heartfelt folk blues. Tomorrow at 7pm at Café Nine, MANIC PRODUCTIONS presents: Caveman w/ Modern Merchant, and Computer Magic. Wednesday at 8pm Moving Brooklyn and The Spektators make for a night of fun energetic and live rock n’ roll at Café nine. Thursday night Peripatetic w/ Michael James Anderson takes the Café Nine stage with Patterns and Static.  Then, Friday at 9pm you can catch MOTO a New Orleans-based garage punk band w/ Medication at Café Nine. Saturday’s Afternoon Jazz Jam at Café will be hosted by George Baker this week. At 8pm Saturday night Café Nine presents ROB CALLAHAN’S 50TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION. Sunday, from 4 to 7, is DR. SKETCHY’S ANTI-ART SCHOOL: Where art, alcohol and traditional figure drawing collide.  That’s followed at 7 by the Sunday After Supper Jam, with host Dom Zullo and the Café Nine All Stars. Details at

Up in Hartford at Blackeyed Sally’s, tonight is Jazz Monday, starting at 8 p.m. Tomorrow at 8 at Sally’s, it’s Michael Palin’s Other Orchestra, an 18 piece big band. On Wednesday its Blackeyed Sally’s long running open Blues Jam. This week’s jam is hosted by John Fries. Thursday at 8 brings Three Wheeled Fonk Cirkis w/ Ten Foot Polecats to Sally’s.. Then Friday, it’s Mike Law & the Playboys w/Henry Wagons. Sunday night, it’s Petey Hop & the Jack Rabbits. For info on all acts, go to

At Wesleyan University tomorrow at 4:15, there will be a Lecture by Lucy Orta on Operational Aesthetics in “FOOD-WATER-LIFE” in CFA Hall. On Thursday at Wesleyan, at 7 p.m., The Orlando Consort celebrated Medieval music. On Friday at 9am at wesleyan’s Russell House, you can catch The New Transnationalisms of Music Symposium.  On Friday at 8pm at CFA Hall is Puppetsweat Theater: “Tragical Mirth-A History of the Atlantic Ocean” more online at

Every third Thursday, at Real Art Ways in Hartford it’s the Creative Cocktail Hour, from 6 to 10 p.m., when creative people come together for conversation, art and music. The music will be by DJ Occult 69. More online at
We are excited to announce that WESU is co-sponsoring a talk by Ian MacKaye this Friday night at Wesleyan’s CFA Hall, located at 287 Washington Terrace in Middletown at 8pm.  This event is  free and open to the public. Be sure to show up early to make sure you can get a seat. The talk will be made up entirely of questions and answers, so please think of questions in advance!

Ian MacKaye is co-founder and owner of Dischord Records, an independent Washington D.C.-based label that has existed since 1980. He has been lead singer, songwriter, bassist and guitarist for world-changing rockbands The Teen Idles, Minor Threat, EmbraceFugazi, and The Evens.  More online at

 Now here’s a rundown of cinema off the beaten track, here in Central Connecticut:
At Real Art Ways in Hartford, Oscar-nominated short films, both animated and live-action, make up the bulk of the schedule through Thursday.  Friday through next Thursday brings the film “Searching for Sugar Man,” nominated for an Oscar for best documentary feature, to Real Art Ways. More can be found online at .

At Cinestudio, Trinity College’s cinema, tonight and tomorrow ends a run of Beasts of the Southern Wild. Wednesday at 7:30 pm Cinestudio’s Thinking Through Film Series presents PLEASANTVILLE -.  Times and other details at

now here’s a rundown of tonight’s programming here on WESU Middletown.

Right after the Jive at 5, from 5:05 to 6, it’s Afternoon Jazz with Charles Henry, a well-rounded jazz show for fans of classic jazz.

Then at 6pm each weekday, it’s Free Speech Radio News From The Pacifica Network, for your evening dose of alternative international news and reporting.

6:30-8pm tonight,  Michael Benson brings you 75 % Folk offering a serving of contemporary folk and acoustic music with side orders of blues, jazz, world, pop, movie soundtracks, readings and occasional live interviews. Bring a big plate.

At 8pm, Nate is in the house with Anvil Isle a free form music show featuring everything from Surf rock to punk and indie rock plus Reggae, world music and blues.

From 9:30-11pm, it’s The Attention Deficit Disk Jockey with Lee, bringing you the music of yesterday’s future, today.

Then from 11pm-12am, It’s About Time! With DJ Meat Pie and SkaBoi101  with another free form show including music from any and all genres, including a heapin’ helping of indie, alternative, free jazz, hip-hop, shoegaze, hardcore punk, and contemporary poetry with a new theme weekly.

That’s followed by Imaginary Genres with Mac Taylor who will assemble songs that fit into a genre that he invents, based purely on mood, sound, theme, etc. and spanning all geographic locations and time periods.

 At 1am its Theme Party with DJ Sunshine and DJ Thunder for a show that spotlights a wide range of under-represented music, centering on a specific subgenre, time period, region, or idea every week.

From 2 to 3 a.m., catch A new comedy show, The Laugh Infection, with Willie Zabar and Saarim Zaman

From 3 to 4, Coachillin’ with DJ Anabeezy presents the best of the bands that have played at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California.

And then the BBC World News Service kicks on at 4AM followed at 5 by Morning Edition from NPR.

That’s all for today’s Jive at Five, if you didn’t get a chance to write down some of the information mentioned in our community calendar, the script is published online at

If you tune in to WESU for information and music that you can’t find elsewhere, then we are counting on you to help support the service you depend on.

Please take a moment to make a donation of any size online at, every dollar counts and we need to hear from you. Thanks for listening!

The sound bed for Today’s Jive at Five features the sound “Craze” from the MiddletownRemix project, a collaborative, place-based sound project that enables participants to develop and express the acoustic identity of Greater Middletown, and to explore and experience the soundscapes of the city. You can learn more online at

Now stay tuned for Afternoon Jazz with Charles Henry.