Check out our 75th Anniversary Film!

Hi there! This is Abigail Shneyder, WESU Production Director, writing here. You might have read in a previous post about our 75 years’ celebration earlier this month. I produced the 75 years movie that showed at the event. Now I’m happy to share it on the interweb as well!

This video features the voices and faces of those who kept the station going over the last three-quarters of a century. If you watch closely, you’ll get a view of true underground radio (imagine thousands of wires running through steam tunnels below the university campus), free-form programming (for robots, of course), and Archibald Doty laughing about his time as a founder of the station so many years ago (thanks, Arch!). The video is exactly 8 minutes and 81 seconds long, or rather 9 minutes and 21 seconds, in honor of our most recent broadcasting frequency. Here’s to the next 75 years, WESU!