2/14 Board Meeting



-our volunteer tech director has pulled out. oops


mailing premiums

-standard premiums are sent

-still sorting special one


board updates


sorting out money for sub mds

-purchased some stuff

-weekly wesleying post

-maybe look into wesu account



-promos and training



-posting on the website


tech director

-working on being a tech director



sec next week



-correspondence about folk controversy

-getting volunteers to run training

–will send out another solicitation



-new programs in place



-website update

-talking to SALD about record fair



-jive and public file

-creating website for both


program note

-program guide design is being worked on

-back to single side design


dealing with personnel stuff

-subs and people in good standing


SAM will deal with keys for ben and adam


IBS conference

-A send out staff email to see who’s interested in going



possible reattribution of new music budget for shelving


gaps in personnel file


how does someone who already passed but stop applying for a show get back in good standing?

in this case, perform adequate service hours

-formal request made for AB to be a guest on Kitschfork radio every sunday

–seconded and passed

personnel add to staff list


potential idea for awards show

-possible programming idea for all staff

“best song idea” (if you don’t know what I’m referring to just talk to me)