Welcome Back, Howard Williams ’48!!


(Howard Williams, pictured on left)On this episode of Welcome Back,Howard Williams of Weselyan’s class of 1948 talks about his experience with WES AM, the predecessor to WESU.

He talks about inheriting the station by chance, developing student interest and a management structure, popular programming of the day, and a surprising relationship to broadcast pioneer and CT native Franklin Malcolm Doolittle. And you won’t want to miss his epilogue, which I think is particularly poignant and moving.

There’s even a bonus track wherein Howard shares some hilarious insight on Middletown origins of  “Russia’s inferiority complex with the US.”


One thought on “Welcome Back, Howard Williams ’48!!

  1. My name is David Williams. Howard Williams is my father. I want to thank you for posting this. It so often is the case we forget that our parents had full and rich lives before their offspring came along. I had known of my father’s ownership of the radio station but not the details as he has so eloquently detailed in these audio recordings. I am again struck by the power of the spoken voice. Without the visual distraction that accompanies todays media/technology one forgets the simple act of just listening. Thank you.

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