WESU Board Notes — 3/28/17

NOTES! live ! from board meeting!

  • Wyatt/Events:
    • Only 5 more spots to fill for record fair volunteer positions!!
    • Laura Walker: Currently just a student event, but trying to make it registered for community
    • WESU record fair facebook event: there are two events w/ different hosts → might as well just leave it as is, more visibility
    • Wyatt made an amazing new bumper sticker!
    • Amy Goodman event: Wyatt can help organize but can’t actually attend — April 24th
    • Record fair: We are making posters this weekend, and Lara will make different promos, Beth working on a press release
      • Lara made a new promo for the Record Fair
    • Can’t use the parking lot for WESU BBQ — but Ben M is working on it w/ Public safety — woohoo will be fun!
    • WesFest: April 14th 2:40-3:40 — on schedule, it will be an open house for prospective students
    • Rosie Dawson: producer with BBC — she is coming to the staff meeting!
  • Pledge drive!
    • Merch:
      • Shirt: new design is done! — Julia plans to bring the design during her board hours on thursday
      • Recycled design: the orange one from two years ago but it will not be orange — how about white and brown?
      • Middletown Youth Radio Project shirt? — trying to get the kids to design it or might recycle a shirt design. But will hopefully have soon!
      • Tote bag! Do we have money for it? We want to use the blue shirt design for the tote bag — need to get it soon so we are going to talk to Ben M
    • Promos:
      • No promo competition for pledge drive right now, sadly–but people make promos!
  • Hadley / Program
    • Two people have dropped their show! Bring this up at the staff meeting
  • Babe / TECH
    • Calendar set through the end of April–great job!
  • Message from David Bauer about WESU by-laws
    • Address the concerns at the next staff meeting — we are always open for discussion — invite people to board meetings again — people should voice their opinions! We are an elected board and people can come to any of our board meetings, board hours, see our board notes, … etc
  • Discussion of potential meeting with CL — frustration w/ board dynamic–how can we solve this?
  • We have a lot of events to bring up and discuss at the staff meeting–Amy Goodman! Laura Walker! Record fair! WesFest open house!
  • 9/11 WUC
    • Ben M : need to work on mapping a compromise
    • We also don’t want to babysit/constantly monitor the show
  • We still need a community liaison — mention at staff meeting

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