10-23-12 Board Notes

Updates and old business:


-AD’s not here (surprise!)

-Homeless Marathon: 

-Went as well as possible on our end. Broadcast did have some difficulties.

-Thanks to all. esp D and A. JB says “what?”

-integrate a local Middletown aspect to it (Middletown had a 10 year plan to end homelessness)

-BM was slightly frustrated with the audio that they sent through, DB said it was hard to jump into the middle of the report

-overall was a success aside from the glitches (listener feedback?)


-CMJ Report: 

-benefits: made a lot of contacts, contacts with band members 1) Foxygen (one member lives in Woodstock, CT-THEY’RE BLOWIN’ UP! We wanna get ‘em. We also need to get their) 2)The Murals (from Louisville, KY, 3) Sidewalk Dave 4) Mr. Muthafukin eXquire (said he loved playing Wesleyan, wants to come back, “sex rap?”) 5) Terrorbird 6) Lyons Den (Mara went to Wesleyan) 7) Mykki Blanco (J. Kilbourne might be a contact; administration had an issue getting money to him on time)

-concert series?! Issue of it being open to the public (security difference can translate into $; they won’t fund things off campus; Green Street?). Counter to our mission to not have it open to the public (have some open to public and some not). Who’s our target audience?

*What’s the purpose of the concert series? Make sure these concerts are in line with the goals of WESU.

*Lyons Den and Sidewalk Dave open to public and at the chapel

*Mr. Muthafukin eXquire and Foxygen not

-Task force to discuss these issues! Virgil, Jesse, Adam, Mickey, Isabelle?, Me, anyone else on staff (Mary send an email!!!!)

-Tune-In: spam email???? We won a prize? (VT doesn’t know how the alphabet works). Avery will call Ben back (she wants that plaque)



– Seems to be lots of participation. (“Never seen these kind of a numbers” –DB)

-Can we hold training at Beckham’ somewhere this weekend? (Adam will book a room in Beckham)

-Ben proposes we bring back an old prerecorded show requirement for training (could also be considered a service hour or just extra super stars!).  This could generate programming could be useful during breaks.  Concern: too many trainees, not enough studio time. Text document to accompany this so could be easily input into Spinitron. (Adam will email about this and say in person)

-everyone involved at the station submit a bio to have on file?

-come up with a “wish list” of shows we wish we had?

-compile a history of the type of shows we’ve had on WESU? Or just tell trainees to make sure that they are planning a show that hasn’t been done before. Our training has worked well in creating unique shows in the past. Can offer this activity as a service hour opportunity. (David Bauer will craft an email and send it to the board)

-every 5 years DJ retest to be on air


-Fall Break: What is policy/expectation  after staff send that email seeking coverage?

-falls back on the program director, what is the protocol (follow-up)?

-needs to be a system in place that works

-say in program application your availability for the breaks?

-have a list of people who will be on campus during breaks

-pre-record your show

-who’s logging spinitron? 

            -CODE O’ CONDUCT! (AT will talk to AD)



-Rec fair:

-How are we doing on street and internet promotions? Unclear. Isabelle will chat with Mickey (version that says “Free Admission”)

-MDs have stuff to donate

-need help with sorting (garbage vs. sellable) (AI will email!)

-How are we set for volunteers before and during the event? MC said it was okay

-LB is willing to load stuff up Saturday but needs volunteers to help…(AT will email Lee, cc AW)

            –Wesleying post/reminder (Saturday afternoon)


-Lecture series:

-DB ticketing (November 1st)? Free tickets-costs a lot more, adds an additional headache. Could have a section roped off (whatever number we request; we can take reservations-people call in ahead of time)

*VT: poster, facebook event (questions on facebook)


-Finding an office for him to use and ok to attend drum class?


-Studio reservations sign up board: 

Any Ideas on how to fix this? It’s a board duty now (make sure the date has been changed) 

Perhaps require that the person signing up for studio space, putting a date beside your sign up, switch color on a weekly basis (Virgil will do this)

Phone is best.

Long run perhaps a digital screen controlled by google doc? (We need to figure out what’s most important; a member’s only section on the website)


Other stuff

-Audio Archiving system:

-BM has order the Static IP address that are necessary, getting the company set up in finance system, will turn over to DN when we get the server.


-WESU Website:

-Need a team to work on updating it: ie: adding pages for music department, training, and events.

-Task force: People who are computer people! (coordinate by email-AT’s on it!!!!)


-Heads up

-KS of The Hear N Now (EO) M&PL piece will need to work in studio C on Thurs at 4 pm as long as a board member is here.


-Need to begin music purchasing for the year:

-MDs should reach out to sub MDs, board members, and other staff for recommendations

-announce at next staff meeting


-Next year’s board? 

Who’s not graduating this year?



BM Vacation next week