Board Meeting Notes–11/29/16

WESU Board Meeting — 11/15/16


  • Fixing the manual outside the studio, working to make it more concise


  • Everyone sign up for practical times!
  • Ben M sent an email out about how to do a practical exam, there are also instructions in the folder
  • Lots of frantic service hour requests–respond to them please!
  • People going to MD service hours most of all!


  • Made the poster for La Boca–will print out so people can start postering
  • Press release written for La Boca and about to get sent out
  • Haven’t gotten to WesCard people yet


  • Hoping to sell T-shirts on Friday 11-1pm–Ben G will try to reserve the table

La Boca:

  • 30 tickets sold so far–no board members! Board members, buy tickets
  • Maybe offering it at the staff meeting to see if people can just hand you $25
  • Less student involvement but hoping to reach the community even more
  • Email needs to go out notifying the public


  • Another review that’s about to go up on the blog!


  • Made an announcement at the town hall but no one has reached out yet
  • Make an announcement at the staff meeting as well
  • Let’s figure out a time to meet and start producing

Pledge Drive:

  • ¾ of the way through the pledge drive! Almost there
  • Made a new promo promo to go out there–can anyone make any new promos? Babe will make one–everyone be cognizant of this
  • It’s #givingtuesday! We should have figured out matching donations earlier–how did Ben M find out? How can we find out about this earlier next time?

Sexual Harassment Policy/Training:

  • What is the timeline for this? Should we meet with CL?
  • We can change one section in our draft for the end of the semester–will do this before next week
  • When do we want this training to be?
    • Should it be a one-time thing or multiple offerings? Maybe a one-time thing but do it in training in the future
    • Should a non-student do the training? Many people leaning towards non-student. We will talk to Debbie about if she or Alysha would be able to do it
    • Doing it February meeting
  • B covering shows in December? No, the board says must wait till next season

CS Sponsorship:

  • Looking for a paid producer, looking for sponsorship?
  • It would be great to have shows with higher production values and support our staff but also we don’t want to compromise our status as a free-form radio station–we also can’t really spend money on just one show
  • What about MO’s show? That show is not underwritten but is part of that show’s community outreach. Could be a good model for CS to pursue
  • There are other great shows that sound very professional as well–we can provide resources within the organization
  • Becomes a difficult precedent when people sponsor their shows individually
  • We want to go to her with suggestions–so what other ways can we help her achieve her goals?
    • Encourage her to meet with other staff members (we could facilitate those interactions–provide her with these resources)
    • Middlesex Community College has a communications program–maybe she could reach out to interns at that organization?
    • Encourage her to help her own production skills–find an audio production skills!
    • Could we find a resource like Lynda to provide the staff with? Students have free access–we could look into a separate possibility
    • Providing a potential Audition workshop?

Board Meeting Notes–11/8/16

WESU Board Meeting — 11/8/16


  • Almost done with pledge drive PR–sending out La Boca press release soon
  • Might do one now and one closer to the date
  • Making a poster this week for La Boca stuff
  • Are tickets being sold at the box office? Slightly confused on this point–Beth will contact Bryan


  • Thing’s are going well–L has been helping out a lot! Other people have been coming to help out
  • Two reviews are up
  • Going to be checking up on new releases starting the end of this week


  • Usdan tabling on Thursday 4-6pm–no volunteers yet
  • Worst case scenario, Wyatt can volunteer but won’t be available for take-down
  • Post on WesAdmits
  • Reserving tables for lunch next week as well


  • Make a pledge drive promo!
  • Staff pledge drive promo competition next semester


  • Might find out which public affairs shows don’t have promos yet
  • Will look at making labels for everyone who won labels for things in the station
  • Hoping to meet with Debbie on Friday morning
  • Mandatory trainings outside of staff meetings next semester? This is up for discussion
    • Should we shoot for doing training the first meeting back next semester? We can have a student lead this specific to us
    • B has met with Debbie too

Ben G:

  • Staff party–let’s schedule this soon–for 12/2 or 12/3–potentially underwater themed
  • Soundcloud to be worked on soon


  • New spinitron requests coming in–yay! Should we make categories for our shows on the spinitron page? This seems maybe unnecessary for a free-form radio station
  • Looking into a free StreamRewind alternative?


  • Training is over! Congratulations Julia!
  • This Sunday is Tips & Tricks–we have one student to volunteer. Lara might also join. The test will be after and two sexual harassment questions have been added
  • OB has been added to the staff list


  • Weekly email announcements–mailchimp or gmail?
    • Might try to move forward with this mailchimp
    • We only have one announcement, Wyatt’s, this week–we will start sending the newsletter next week
  • Pledge drive–what else can we be doing?
    • Shirts! They are $15
    • We should make personal Facebook posts more!
    • Maybe we should change the streaming audio to a pledge drive plea–let’s ask Ben M
    • What about Red & Black or Swings brunch for WESU? Let’s talk to RD–Adam or Abby will reach out to him
    • Postering around Middletown community? And poster for the La Boca dinner?