Board Meeting Notes — 10/3/16

WESU Board Meeting — 10/3/16

Board Meeting:

— could we possibly change the time of the meeting? A doodle/when-to-meet should be sent out by Ben G.! Hadley cannot make the meetings as is on Tuesday evening


— Thanks for coming to individual meetings! For people who didn’t come, could Thursday/Friday work? Email Abby about the meeting times (probably this Friday)

Record Fair:

— We still need volunteers from 11-12pm. Lots of trainees are signing up

— 2-3pm and 3-4pm are slots open for DJs spinning vinyl–reach out to BZ to see if he is interested in spinning vinyl

— Will reach out to individual people that volunteered in the past

— Need cars for set-up 9-10am and breakdown 4-6pm

— Board members signing up for spots! Great

— Must post to Wesleying

— Also table at Usdan is confirmed (11-4pm)–we have a box to put stuff up there

— Always remind people to bring cash


— Posts made it to the Patch

— Aural Wes announce it and putting it on their weekend update

— Make sure it gets on Wesleying

— What about Argus? Beth will confirm with that too

Cromwell Record Fair:

— Wyatt, Adam, and Helly went

— Lots of people already said they were coming, a few people sending it out on their listservs

— Need to re-put up posters

Pledge Drive:

— T-shirt design needs to be finalized–do we like the sentient one vs. the ouija board–maybe should we use Michelle’s record fair poster image? Lara messaging the person who drew it

— Wyatt will ask a friend if they are able to make one this week

— Pledge drive promos at the end of the meeting! Lara will divide them into chunks and release them in intervals

— Mailing and flyers will go out soon


— Training is going well

— Posts for MD blog, how does that work? They should send them to the MDs (also post the charts weekly!)


— Spinitron is pretty locked for the season, but StreamRewind is still being sorted out. If you notice a gap, let Babe know at (he was right about the email!)

— Emailed S about the app a few weeks ago, no response yet. Babe will show up to the WesHack meeting


— Abby and Hadley will catch up later about her position

— Alert people with shows before/after alternating shows (let the staff who is who)

Harassment Policies:

— Zazie, Ben G, and Abby will meet with Debbie from the Office of Equity & Inclusion on Thursday at 9am. Julia will come as well (in North College)

— Anything we want to bring up as a board? We want to talk about an all-staff training, what we will do with B, and what we can write down for our policy (also clarifying our policy vs. Wes policy)

— We didn’t update staff member who formally lodged complaint about the conduct

Staff Meeting Attendance:

— Julia needs to go through emails and staff attendance at her board hours


— Meeting with owner of La Boca on Friday–trying to nail down dates for the fundraiser or will try to find other venues

— Reaching out to various music venues, they promise to get back to Bryan

— Will likely be absent from next week’s board meeting

— We should look into student account donations through WesCards for the pledge drive–Beth will look into this


— JB does Wesleyan Bound with a group of middle schoolers after-school–he wants to bring them to WESU on Friday 3:30-4:45. Business Buzz will be there in both studios. Not this week but potentially next week. Beth, Helly, and Wyatt will be there!

Soundcloud Account:

— It was created over the summer! We can put stuff on it now

— Should we move to instead?

— Wyatt and Ben G. want to work on this

— Featuring public affairs shows

Emmett/Argus Stuff:

— Beth has talked to him and everyone at the Argus is on board

— Beth will meet with him again and fleshing ideas on how to get it happening

— Maybe MJ is interested?

— Maybe what’s it like to have a 3am show?

Promo Contest:

  • At end of meeting: listen to pledge drive promos and vote on the winner!! Lara wins!