Board Meeting Notes 12/1/15

— Carpet Update: there’s asbestos underneath the carpeting in some of the rooms. This complicates things but it is manageable. It is likely the carpet job is a spring job. Going to need lots of hand on board!

— Grant: unfortunately a no-go. Honestly, makes planning our upgrades a little easier — we can focus on implementing these for winter break….

Program: thanksgiving went pretty well. Hannah should review the logs….

— Winter Break will need to be touched on at the staff meeting this Sunday…

— Need to formalize and enforce an absentee policy: board’s decision: If you miss 1 shows in a season, you have to produce an evergreen show, to “make up” for it. If you miss two shows in a season, your status as DJ will go under review by the board. (Still need to find a time — perhaps early next semester — to truly revise and implement these changes in the code of conduct, more generally, too).

Pledge Drive: getting there! Just over $8K to go. just got ok to participate in Wesleyan giving Tuesday campaign. Ethan/Tess alumni to come by next week, as well as Ben G.’s targeted emails to tix winners and station guests. Ben M will also craft one more (hopefully last) email push reflecting upon 10 years as GM.

Post cards are ready. Ben M will get mailing list ready to start sending them out tomorrow. T-shirts were supposed to be here yesterday. Haven’t seen them yet. Maybe Joe will bring them tonight when they come to station for their show.

— here’s a fun fact: Lara’s promos are getting better and better – super props to her! Check out Price is right and Apollo themed spots!

— Sunday meeting: Staff email reminder needs to go out tonight (Ethan H.)! Also will address at meeting: Pledge update, packets, winter break programming

— Ben M could use some production backup on Friday (in case family situation calls him from work): CT skies interview from 2-3pm (Ethan H. has this covered!)

Purchasing (music and other): Erin and Nick will pick a date to go to redscroll for sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Training: all board members should sign up for slots to administer practical exams, asap!

— Selling T-shirts at usdan next week? Tess will reserve a table, Ethan H. will send out a google sheet sign up for shifts (sign up), will be Monday through Wednesday 11 am-1 pm.

Mission: public affairs talk…to be finished up at board gathering this saturday evening and a plan for addressing it at the upcoming staff meeting will be devised.

— Ad in argus? Ben G. is working on it.

— Wesleying pledge post? – done!

FB posting: keep doing it!