Board Meeting Notes — 2/28/17

WESU Board Meeting — 2/28/17

Sexual Harassment Policy:

  • Zazie finalized the policy and added a link to Wesleyan’s One policy. Everyone is fine with the it. Will update as an appendix to the sexual harassment policy.
  • Zazie will go over it at the staff meeting and then send out the policy afterwards.
  • The policy has already been added to the training test. Will be added to the application stating that staff members have read the policy.
  • DC will be at the staff meeting to go over this.

Staff Meeting Agenda:

  • Send out an email making it a point for people to come out to this meeting (Abby will do this).
  • Update on: spring break programming, sexual harassment policy, public affairs guideline, WUC discussion/concerns, events (record fair, LW event), and training.


  • LW is coming to Wesleyan on April 7th, so she will do a talk at 5pm on that day. We are still looking for a space for the talk, perhaps a Wyllys classroom?
  • Wyatt will make a Facebook event pretty soon–the event will be open the public!
  • Will look into food a little bit, says Wyatt.

Spring Break Programming:

  • It’s early, but it’s here! The sign up sheets and the email will be up and ready this Thursday so people can figure out the schedule for spring break.
  • Also, tell people to start thinking about if you want to run for board and if you want someone to take over your show!


  • Julia says it is going well, about 35 people so far. Things are good!

Public Affairs Guideline:

  • Bryan will share it with the entire board.
  • We will read the mission statement of the public affairs programming at the meeting. And then we can share that we are writing guidelines in support of that mission statement right now. Remember to stress that the code is not to cut anyone down but rather to support our programming.

WUC Program:

  • Almost completed doc with evidence. Abby will complete.
  • Still some concerns expressed with the premise of the document since many statements were not made on WESU just by guests who were featured on WESU. Other concerns being that the examples pointed out are not the majority of the show’s content.
  • Counterargument is that the station is still serving as a platform for those views and is legitimizing the guests’ expertise, which people find problematic for the station. The board’s decision does not attempt to vilify the show or the host but rather that it does not meet the mission statement of WESU by providing platforms to these views.
  • People have reached out to the board with complaints, and the board appreciates that and is listening to those arguments. There is still agreement that the board can recognize and appreciate these opinions but do not necessarily need to agree with them, although they do warrant further discussion.
  • Feeling among many that the show is not in the best interest of those who are affected by anti-semitism or who have loved ones in Sandy Hook or the Ukrainian occupation who could be hurt by providing a platform to that rhetoric. Some of the anti-semitic rhetoric is part of a very long and dark history that shouldn’t be ignored.
  • Decision though to honor C’s request for a meeting, hearing her perspective and helping to clear the air. Important too that the board is not at all talking about banning her from the station or telling her that she cannot go through training to become a staff member, too.
  • People also deciding it would be important to bring up at the staff meeting because some DJs may have concerns about the decision. Will leave about 15 minutes at the end of the meeting for discussion. We want to encourage people to let us know their thoughts/concerns, and to encourage people to come to our board hours to talk it over more too.

PSA Updates:

  • Bryan reached out to St. Phillip’s house, and a PSA is up now.
  • Lots of new promos are up, too! Lara is still waiting for the rest of board members to make a promo for their show.

Tech Update:

  • Babe wants to discuss Streamrewind because the CAPTCHA is blocking people from making accounts, and the organization didn’t respond when Babe first reached out.
  • Reminder to Babe to fix the Streamrewind calendar for March. Adam will reach out to him.
  • Babe is on it. Will do it within the next 24 hours.