Board Meeting Notes — 5/2/17

WESU Board Meeting — 5/02/17


  • Pink on pink for the board? YES! Give list of sizes to ben M.

Summer programming:

  • Xandra is going to listen to some Pacifica episodes
  • Ben M. reports someone called about why the second hour of 1A isn’t played?
  • Rearranging some programming but all seems to be in shape!
  • Summer board? Included in email about staff meeting
  • Wesleyan classes who have been producing shows: one class is trying to create website w/ audio files — get those files on the WESU soundcloud account — we need to archive more on the soundcloud!

March for Education email:

  • They want a WESU representative at their meeting
  • Do they want a psa?
  • Response: happy to spread the word.


  • Pledge drive promos!!! Ya’ll gotta do em

MASH sept. 9th

  • Wants us to broadcast live? Not likely -> don’t want to interrupt regular shows
  • Would like to host a spot!
  • HN: work w/ WESU for sponsorship and promotion — mash is in collaboration with bookstore and thinks that WESU would be a great bridge because it is already involved with Wes and community → how to get students to be on campus but connect the community and campus with music
    • Dream would be livestreaming into the bookstore
    • WESU physically w/ bodies or tabling or record sales represented
      • Broadcasting via instagram in the bookstore
      • We can frame ways to promote the event — support of WESU comes from the CFA
      • WESU tabling w/ merch, records, banner


  • Wants to host a WESU benefit event at his banquet / fully catered and staffed space
  • Make sure there is a specific cause
  • Talking to alumni, university people


  • People need to sign up for practicals!

C email:

  • Abby will send out the email about 9/11 WUC tomorrow!

Meeting on Sunday:

  • Send out a reminder via email!
  • Elections — 2 min tops for speeches — Abby will time it
  • We will need ballots — Babe will bring them!
  • paul !!! the ice cream guy will be there!

Potential for WESU vintage t-shirt shop!!!

  • A lot of tshirt design options now
  • Opportunities to do custom stuff
  • They would maintain website and sales and would just send us checks — 50/50 above cost
  • Individual DJs could do shirts! So cool!
  • Ben M. will start planning and start up during the summer
  • There will need to be a launch — but not step on toes of pledge drive