Board Notes 10/10

Board Notes 10/10


Record Fair a success!

-$1500 in merch/record sales

-Thank you Dillon and Jake!


Transmitter Down

-New parts ordered, should be here by the end of the week



-Time to start pulling it together

-Save the date press release/promos

-No alcohol!


-Solidifying acts for the fundraiser


-Let us know if you have any personal items to include

-Trying to book Joy Again for a WESU-sponsored concert!



-Updating the public file

-Ask for any tasks!


-Connecting spinitron accounts with shows in the schedule

-Free to make a snapchat filter!


-Two new albums on the MD blog

-Need to figure out the login info


-Week two of training is over!

-No new people at this point

-Massive amount of trainees on Sundays

-Encouraging people to come in for service hours

-Diversity of tasks? We definitely need to brainstorm some new ideas

-Service hour(s) for attending the fundraiser? Is this okay?


-CFA events: Is there a way to churn out consistent promos on a weekly basis? If so, we might be able to leverage this towards getting on the bill more frequently


-Ready to make consistent promos for shows on campus

-Possible to stream the Fundraiser on the station?

-Potential issues: -Dead air

-Reggae shows with heavy fanbases are on at this time

-Perhaps an Instagram stream?!?

-Pledge drive promos are in the works in batches

-Sending out a request for popular hosts to open their phones for donations during the drive


-Fall Break Coverage

-Email going out this week

-Assuming that students will not be able/willing to host


-Amazing job on the record fair (our words not his, humble man that he is)

-Record (ha) amount of money made


-Also amazing job!!!!!!

-Money came through for Queen of Jeans show in December

-WESU presence at these shows — banner, merch table, name in facebook event, door shifts?

-Need to check with concert committee re:t these guidelines


Pledge Drive is approaching

-New tshirt/bumper sticker design in the works

-Board promo contest!