Board Notes 11/14

Board Meeting 11/14



  • Bandcamp article answers sent in
  • T-shirt design finalized


Helly and Ruth

  • Going to get the folder setup w/ Ruth
  • Music directors’ blog post this week



  • More fundraiser promos
  • Teaching interns how to use Adobe Audition



  • Talked w/ BM about revamping website
  • Stamped some envelopes



  • Listening to more shows — Reasonably Catholic
  • Conversation with Middlebury Radio representative
    • Collaboration? NESCAC Battle of the Bands?
      • Spring Fundraiser idea, potentially



  • Sent out reprimanding email to DJs who didn’t attend staff meeting
  • Sent out signup sheet for fundraiser volunteers
    • Newly added stagehand section
  • Dates for the practical and written exams BUT will not be able to be there
    • December 3rd for the Written
    • December 8-10th for Practicals
  • Staff List:
    • Google Group needs some maintenance, as does Streamrewind with regards to personnel




  • Mailchimp
  • Posters
  • Sound co-op
  • Live stream
  • Facebook promos
  • Earth House Concert
  • Pledge Drive



  • Budget is in! Time to sit down and mete out the money in the correct places



  • Sound Co-op
    • We need to supply our own amps (they do not)
    • Spotlights?
      • Jake emailed about this but no response
    • There are a few other shows on the 18th so we may not be granted any new requests
  • Noah Baerman supplying own drumset
  • Posters have been going up around campus
  • Dillon trying to organize volunteering — only got a few responses on staffwide email
    • People are signing up for 1-hour shifts
      • Do we need more than 10 at a time?
  • If not a livestream at least some mode of recording
    • Will work on our facebook account, but we need to make sure that the camera is compatible with computers/facebook
    • Meg can supply a camera and tripod!
    • Getting a photographer so that we can make a facebook album
  • Cormac has asked the Argus if we can get a discounted ad in the Friday edition
  • Should be pushing Wesleyan community (friends! Fellow DJs!) to come
    • WesAdmits posts


Pledge Drive

  • Tshirt design finalized!
    • Ben M. ready to put the graphic into the pledge form
  • Connecticut residents flyers will be sent out tomorrow
  • Ben meeting with ITS and finance folks on thursday re: moving forward with credit card donation process
    • Probably more suitable for next pledge season