Board Notes 11/5/14

Training: Sundays at 3, Wednesdays at 8
-next time: public affairs
-at least 10 shows offered to host interns so far.
Program: EO will send out an email during board hours tomorrow, and a follow-up with all the open slots.
-Reggae block missed shows – one because of a funeral, the other was away (Donovan). EO will send these DJs an email reminding them of the protocol for missing shows.
Attendance at meetings: we have to be more strict about this. Students especially who have missed too many meetings will have a lower priority on the programming schedule in the spring.
-If you don’t go to the December and haven’t been to any other meetings, you’re not getting a show.
-If you have missed one or two you have lower priority.
-Beginning of next semester: reminder email that attendance will be taken more seriously.
Show evaluation forms: checklist of things that are in the manual, sticking to description, free-form mission.
-splitting up the listening: new shows this semester, older shows next semester.
-35 new shows this semester
-EO will email everyone a list of new shows, board members will sign up to listen to 3 each.
Events: Freakers’ Ball will go until midnight! Woooo!
-opening WESU DJs 9-10, Tubin 10-12
-tshirts are a no-go
-posters will be designed, waiting on figuring out who the DJs will be.
-board/staff members should go through event host training.
-$5 ticket? yes
-manning the doors as a service hour
-invite everyone you know!
Pledge Drive: Abby will make a promo, we will send out the pledge goal Google form ASAP.
Brooklyn concert: waiting on BM’s contacts