Board Notes 2/12/15

-Hartford Advocate Readers’ Poll: promo will be made with a follow-up all-staff email to publicize it.
-Renaming the Art Mafia: “think pod”????
…“team” also works.
-zine: once a semester or once a quarter, rather than once a month, to amp up content.
Production group: will function mostly as a workshopping space for producing audio.
Someone from Hermes will be doing a write-up about WESU.
-Intro/welcome meeting for production staff: general station info, they’ll sign contracts. (only about 10 people officially have completed everything, some more are almost done with the requirements)
-separate listserv for production staff.
-what’s required of production staff?
     -service hours (have to be production-based: Abby will come up with a list of possible tasks)
     -staff meeting
-production staff can help out other staff members with producing shows (ask at next staff meeting who might be interested in this)
-testing production staff into being full on-air DJs
-updating the staff list: EO will get the updated list to BG soon.
-security update: MR will ask the staff for help.
-app: ask the people who do the tech competition each semester.
-RSS feed for website: MR will look into a WordPress plugin.
-a few people haven’t logged Spinitron playlists.
     -new board hour task: check Spinitron playlists from the previous day, write down the people who didn’t do it. (Collective Google doc.)
     -what about monitoring new releases? -we have enough new releases playing to make a CMJ list each week, so it’s not a huge issue at the moment. still something to watch out for.
-too much mainstream/Top 40 music playing:
     -Ethan will follow up with the show that has this problem, but we will also bring it up at the next staff meeting.
     -drawing the line at Top 40.
     -people should use their own discretion, but we should remind people of WESU’s identity.
     -conclusion: BE BETTER.
-EO met with the event person from the CFA about Julie Burstein on April 8.
     -recording the event? – we can record it ourselves.
-welcome back, Ethan!
-reaching out to smaller labels
     -more curated stuff to supplement what we’re already getting.
     -if anyone wants to see certain artists/labels represented more, let the MDs know.
-posting CMJ charts to the blog: adds every week. (artist, album name, label.)
     -write a short blurb about their two favorites.
     -still catching up, but will get to that in a few weeks.
-CMJ subscription expired: Ben is getting it back.
Other things:
-College Media Convention! (March 11-14) – people are interested! will look into ticket money.
-grad student who wants to do a bilingual show. save some of the empty spring break slots for him and TA can work with him. TA & EO will coordinate.
-RedFeather: they agreed to let Tess handle the non-music side of their recording stuff.
     -for next week’s agenda: let’s talk specifically about how we want to collaborate with them.
-Method video content: advertisement for WESU?