Board Notes 3/22/16

— We need more volunteers for the record fair: invite friends on facebook and send out another email to staff/trainees. Ethan H., Ariana, and Hannah will be leading the first round of the flyering brigade this weekend.

— Pledge drive will be on air for the last two weeks of April. To be discussed more next meeting

— Daily logs will be moved to the board room so that board members can check for no-shows during their board hours.

— To be discussed further: reinstate a community volunteer rep on the board?

— R.O. personnel situation: Tess and Ethan will send R.O. update email, to be discussed further next meeting.

— Code of conduct edits: part way approved, to be finished next meeting.

— Ben G. will write press release for record fair.

— Ethan O. is keepingĀ training schedule as it is but adjusting the requirement slightly to account for Easter Sunday.