Board Notes 4/2/15

Training: started last week, moving the Sunday sessions to 2:30.
-getting more board members to help teach the sessions
-lots of people offered to host interns, which is awesome
Low meeting attendance: half of staff wasn’t there.
-email everyone who has missed half or more than half of the meetings warning them that they can’t have a show next fall UNLESS they complete certain criteria (e.g. more service hours + definitely attending the May meeting)
-case-by-case evaluation of the situation
1. telling people that they won’t get a show
2. telling people they probably won’t get a show. (but really strongly worded and taking it seriously internally)
Option 2 wins. Ben G. will send a draft email to the board.
Julie Burstein:
Best way to promote the workshop: Wesleying post has been submitted, Argus Facebook post, Tess will email Rosy C. at Allbritton
-Introducing the talk? Ethan? (Becca will if not Ethan)
-will coordinate soon about dinner plans
-Tess offered to record an interview with her before the workshop
Record Fair: success!
WESU outing with Cmdr Aleon: getting a van together.
-training to drive one of the RIDE vans
Buying music: sometime within the next two weekends. Ethan will let the board know exactly when they’re going.
Explorers’ Hour has to change its time slot (currently 5-6 on Wednesday afternoons, weekly)
-the board will rotate covering this slot for the rest of the season.
A few past CVs want to get back to DJ shows: in order to get a show, they’ll have to retake the written and practical exam. We will resend them the training manual/code of conduct in advance.