Board Notes 9/2/14

Who had a good summer? Nobody? Okay.

Staff meeting: 
-remind staff via email
-include in email a request for program guide designer

Fall Program:
-looks great, thanks Ethan!
-should be out ASAP, ideally within a week of finding a designer

New Meeting Scheme:
-meeting without BM
-holding board members more accountable
-empowering the board to take more action, avoid micromanagement
-preparing the agenda further in advance, and with more insight
-executive committee meeting would filter into a board meeting
-each board member should speak with BM individually to help stay on track

Board Hours:
     -Monday: Zach
     -Tuesday: Becca & Danielle
     -Wednesday: Laura
     -Thursday: Mizael & Ethan
     -Friday: David & Abby
-Emailed remaining board members.

Email account locations
-MR: make sure that’s solidified.

Pledge drive:
-figure out dates ASAP
-start with mailing of our fall program
-we should discuss the strengths and weaknesses of our most recent pledge drives.
-average donation probably $50-100, but that’s really ballpark
-data from surveys about pledge drive: maybe someone on staff can look through/analyze the data. QAC?
-someone should do a thesis on this! Where the math majors at?
-AS: mapping out where listeners live
-30-hour data entry project: Genesis Project

CMJ Reporting:
-DJ Rob has been doing it over the summer.
-he’s going to England for two weeks, so it’s time for the MDs to come in.

WSHU Pledge Drive: 9/10-9/20
-long-term goal: how to interface that better?
-timing of our pledge drives: is it confusing to listeners?

Record donation: stored in the MDs’ office & in the vinyl room at the end of the hall. 
-Question of how we will incorporate it into our collection: developing a system that people can contribute to in service hours.
-donated collection is on a spreadsheet: how can we integrate that into our existing collection (that doesn’t have a spreadsheet)?
-do we want to consider documenting our own collection in a spreadsheet?

ZE: concert series? Which genres?
-didn’t have enough time to promote the doo-wop concert.
-figuring out a different approach
-(show was great overall, though! The Super Girls were awesome.)
-touch base with DW

-maybe have fewer concerts but focus on making them more well-attended.
-try to make concerts as profitable as possible. not worth doing if we’re not going to sell out.
-WESU’s birthday party: get a committee together to organize it. make it a fundraiser.
-speaker series
-events as a great way to find new donors
-putting on the right event with the right goal
-let’s do a WESU concert in Brooklyn and invite all 5 million of the Wes alumni living there!