October 2014 Staff Meeting Notes

Welcome from Ben / General Announcements

-thanks to Dave Bauer for the photo!

-75th commemorative event at next staff meeting: food, video, proclamation from Mayor plus other dignitaries.

-will take place at the Daniel Family Commons (DFC) at Usdan – 45 Wyllys Avenue
-need help finding food donations – looking for 8 restaurants to donate 75 appetizers trade for underwriting announcements.
-coordinating this will earn you service hours.
-we can forward the underwriting form to staff members.
-if you have connections to restaurants, go through Ben or another board member so the details are clear.

-Check out Leith’s display right here at Olin. Many thanks to LJ!

– Still need hosts for November and December 75 Years Of…

-BS is hosting this month’s show: 75 years of LGBTQ artists.
-email BS (djcheshirecat@gmail.com) directly with suggestions.
-get in touch if you want to host! (burn off service hours!)
-suggest a theme!

– Service hours: don’t let them creep up on you. Plenty to do.

– Pledge Drive: will be going hard at it starting in early November for whole month. Need to raise $20K!!

-Some people do an awesome job at raising money. Others haven’t made as much of an effort in the past.

– Working on fine tuning our model to ensure everyone is participating. Thinking of a “Give or Get” policy. Suggestions from staff?

-Ken: maybe ask people at other stations what kinds of models they use.
-BS: making it mandatory for students to generate money when we already ask for money from the WSA isn’t fair. Also not fair to ask community volunteers to come up with the money. Having alternatives for raising money (as noted in last week’s board notes) seems like a stronger, fairer suggestion.
-How do people know how much money they’ve raised personally/how many people have actually donated when asked? – making the “Whose show is this in support of?” field mandatory on the donation form.
-maybe doing a Give or Get without the consequences?
-Karen: based on pledge drives at other stations (like WHUS): having a phone bank, offering premiums, going out to businesses. Every show had a goal.
-that’s basically how we’ve done pledge drives in the past, but it’s turned out inconsistently.
-What if we had more of an online store presence? – the University controls our online portal for donations. We could look into enhancing what we have, but it will be challenging.
-using a portal like eBay for offering premiums, esp. for collectible items.
-BR: maybe we could insert an auction page into our website.
-BR: we have a somewhat limited ability to control how money is coming in. Happy to talk more if people have specific suggestions.
-Ken: utilizing social networks more for pledge drive purposes.


-Fall Break coverage: fall break is just two weeks away! Plan ahead and avoid all-staff emails because they clog the server.

-Don’t step on automated shows! Pull up automation according to the time on the computer clock.

Public Affairs:
-In order to make public affairs more of a presence, we’re making a Public Affairs listserv. If you have any type of show that touches on public affairs stuff and want to be in the know about interview opportunities, other cool things in the public affairs world, email LW (publicaffairs@wesufm.org) and she’ll put you on the list.

-Record Fair is on Sunday, 10/26/14, from 11am to 5pm.

-lots of volunteer opportunities!
-volunteer sign-up sheet & flyers at the door. sign up and put up flyers!
-we need at least 2 people with cars to help bring records to and from the station.
-DJs needed to spin vinyl live.
-email events@wesufm.org if you’re available to get involved.
-definitely work to be done the day before (10/25) to load records, set up, etc.
-plenty of service hour opportunities!

-Dull Tools record label showcase: 10/22/14. Spread the word!

-75th anniversary video: submit photos!
-Also need PROMOS: for shows, 75th anniversary, and pledge drive. Talk to Abby (production@wesufm.org).

-Training info session this Thursday (10/9/14). Spread the word!
-Email personnel@wesufm.org if you want to help out with training.
-We’re especially looking for people involved with Public Affairs shows to talk about their experiences.

Public Relations:
-Social media volunteer opportunities
-Art mafia opportunities: first meeting this week
-Email TA (or talk to her so she can email you) about getting involved with these things: publicrelations@wesufm.org.

Music Directors:
-thanks to the sub-MDs for doing an awesome job.
-reviving our music blog: get in touch if you want to write reviews!
-cataloging our collection
-come by during the MDs’ service hours (Mondays 4:30-6:30) to help out with day-to-day music needs at the station.

General Staff announcements and questions:
-Dry Dock concert on 10/31/14 at 9PM