Staff Meeting Notes 2/4


  • Board Hours: Wednesday 4-6
  • Newsletter after staff meetings coming soon
  • Career Center event
    • Skype-in with 2 Wesleyan Alum from NPR and Panoply Media that we are cosponsoring
    • Feb 16, 12:15pm
  • Transmitter
  • Improved Approach to Training
    • Many new trainees in the fall, fewer in the spring
    • How can we ensure that (new) staff is conforming to our free form ideology?
    • Board hours are a great resource for developing answers to these questions together
  • Board meetings are tuesdays at 5 if you would like to join us
  • Improved Public Affairs Standard
  • New Program/Staff Inflation Accomodations



  • Board Hours: 4-6pm Mondays
  • New Music will be on the shelf tomorrow by 5
  • WE’ve been looking at increasing our digital music library
    • Folder on the desktop in Studio A with new digital acquisitions labeled “new music from MDs”
  • MD blog update coming Monday — top 5 albums sent in this week
    • Helps with charting and access



  • Board Hours: 4-6 Thursday
  • Ways to make training more efficient overall
    • Added technical support
  • Updating staff list (this is why we want your phone numbers — in case of emergency if there is no DJ in the station after you and you can’t recognize them due to their strange DJ name)





  • Friday 4-6
  • New Spring program!!! Thank you for helping with the transition
    • Designed by Ella!
  • Being sent out to printers tomorrow
  • Would love to have DJs talk at staff meetings — 2 minute rundown of their show so we can get to know our community a little better
    • 1 CV, 1 student per meeting ideally
  • Call into shows!
  • Main project this season: Looking for a better way to integrate new shows into the program
    • Twice the amt. Of new student DJs going into half that time
    • Podcasting initiative
    • Waitlist for Djs in Training?
    • Come to the boardroom or send emails if you’d like to further talk about ideas and concerns



  • Board Hours: Monday 4-6
  • Been working on the Spinitron and Streamrewind schedules
  • Ongoing talks with the Wesleyan Consulting Group re: improving our website
    • Would be a free service because the grp. Is student-run


Xandra/Public Affairs:

  • Board Hours: Tuesday (3 or) 4-6
  • Great Public Affairs shows coming out of the station but no real infrastructure in place to ensure guidelines/standards for them



  • Board Hours: Wednesday 4-6
  • A few events coming up, promotion to come as well



  • Board Hours: Wednesday 4-6
  • Spring Record Fair!
    • Some uncertainty re: the venue — Beckham is likely unavailable this year
  • Keep an eye out for emails about upcoming events — great way to fulfill service hour requirements
  • If anyone has ideas for new events, email!



  • Board Hours: Friday 4-6
  • Thank you everyone for working so hard on the pledge drive! We raised more money than usual for the transmitter through phone banks, etc.
  • Upcoming pledge drive video?


Jack/Community Liaison:

  • Board Hours: Monday 730-930
  • Away on business for three weeks starting this week — Jim Z. will be covering



  • New 5000W transmitter soon to be installed! Just waiting on new parts for the installation
  • Exceeded our already-inflated pledge goal — 27 grand!
    • Waiting on reports so everyone can get pledge premiums
    • If you donated and want your premium, you can come get it directly instead of waiting for it in the mail
  • Inherited some equipment (furniture) from Green Street — new chairs and stools!
  • If you use any “advanced” configurations on the board, remember to reset them for everyone else’s use after you are finished
    • White dots next to “Default positions” on each pot
    • Don’t unplug the turntables EVER!
  • Tentative date for the record fair: April 7th
    • Thinking old Broad St. books location for location — meeting with physical plant tomorrow to go over potential restrictions on the space
  • Work Study: You can be payed to work at the station!
  • Programming Decisions dictated by a variety of factors: Meeting attendance, show originality, new/obscure music/content, WEIRD STUFF
    • College radio as a place for content that may not be ~commercially viable~
    • Looking for cooperation in terms of moving forward with programming changes — doesn’t serve anyone’s needs to fight with the board
    • Whittling away at the NPR relationship is a dicey proposition because we run the risk of losing a lot of tech support from WSHU


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